Generation Rwanda: Two Stories

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As part of the ACE Leadership Training, we had several site visits to bring some of the real world into our discussions. The group visited the Kigali Genocide Memorial.

Rwanda 110

Upwardly Global: Bridging the Opportunity Gap for Skilled Immigrants

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with training, support, and exposure to companies looking to hire internationally trained talent. Although that plant was considered a model employer for refugees at the time, Jane met employees who included a former engineer from Iraq and a surgeon from Bosnia. Over 1.8

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Interview with Zainab Salbi, Founder of Women for Women International

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She goes through an intensive training program in an educational track, that teaches her about her rights as a woman in health, economy, society, and politics, among other things. We work in countries like Congo, Rwanda, Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, among others.

Support Women Survivors of War with $27/month

Have Fun - Do Good

In the Voices of Genocide Prevention interview , Christine Karumba said that Honorata now works for Women for Women International training other women to, " understand their role in participating in rebuilding of their community.