Using Technology to Build a More Accountable Bosnia and Herzegovina

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"), have risen as leaders in grassroots organizing and civic activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). was the pre-election campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2006. Darko Brkan is mobilizing Eastern Europe. The civic movement he started, Dosta! “Enough!”

The Future of Fundraising, Part Two

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which means "enough," began online and moved offline to solidify a movement to create a better Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Restart Romania challenge resulted in citizens proposing technological solutions to a range of real world problems such as corruption in the medical system. Staff from the TechSoup online community and social media team were on hand to record the following presentation by David Boyce, CEO of Fundly.

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Hackathons for Good: Techies, Thinkers, and Activists Unite

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For example, one of the projects presented was called "Netflix at My Library." This wiki can be a first step in providing those developers with information about the problems that can benefit from their support.

Nonprofit Technology News for November 2013

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The tool will allow hackers and coders to get up to speed before the hackathon by reading problem statements written from the perspective of the people who are working to solve social problems on the ground: NGOs and activists.

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