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"), have risen as leaders in grassroots organizing and civic activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). " It was this feeling of disempowerment that brought together several concerned citizens, including Darko, to voice their disapproval in a local online forum. was the pre-election campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2006. was the proud owner of a luxury apartment, which he purchased for a fraction of the market rate thanks to his privileged position.

[Book Interview] Nonprofit Example of Social Media Excellence: Women for Women International

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If anything, I have been encouraged to develop a solid social media strategy with help from our Director of Marketing, as well as continued support from my fellow marketing staff here. Are you currently investing resources in mobile marketing i.e, I feel very lucky to work in a field I enjoy at an organization whose mission I support and who encourages the voices of everyone to be heard—our staff, our supporters and the women in our programs.


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A month ago I listened to Christine Karumba, the Country Director for Women for Women International in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, tell Honorata's story on the Voices on Genocide Prevention podcast. In small groups, the women learned basic business and marketing skills. They enrolled in special job skills classes designed to meet the market needs of their community. And one of their roles is to bring their voice."

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Solutionary Women: Heddy Nam

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Later, they learned that it happened again and again – in the cases of Cambodia, Bosnia and Rwanda - and it was still happening but nobody was doing anything about it. Specifically with Never Again, our challenges stem from the fact that we are the new kid on the block within the US non-profit market. Use your voice!