10NTC: Are Nonprofits the New International Correspondents?

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TechSoup's Carlos Bergfeld was there too, as well as TechSoup forum host Robert Weiner. Roger told us about his job as a writer for Mercy Corps , where he's traveled to places like the Congo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and most recently Haiti, writing about the man-made and natural disasters that have struck those places and the accompanying relief efforts. This evening, I was happy to get away from the hotel for dinner in Atlanta's historic Grant Park neighborhood.

The Future of Fundraising, Part Two

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TechSoup hosted its first ever Nonprofits Live. Globally, 34 percent of people report owning smartphones. Online video consumption rates are now as high as television viewer rates globally. which means "enough," began online and moved offline to solidify a movement to create a better Bosnia and Herzegovina. on the Future of Fundraising back in 2011. The episode examined some of the ways technology and social media can be harnessed to support causes.


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Fighting for Civic Transparency with Technology in the Western Balkans

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The goal was to find the best web or mobile ideas for social projects in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia. Three project winners were chosen from each country: From Bosnia and Herzegovina: Centar 72 aims to solve community problems within 72 hours. TechSoup Global and NetSquared attended hackathons across the country—from Hawaii to Vermont—that tackled local, statewide, and national civic issues.

Hackathons for Good: Techies, Thinkers, and Activists Unite

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Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) is a global-wide community of hackers and social leaders with the common goal of building open technology for a better world. Here are even more hackathon resources from TechSoup and beyond: Want to host your own hackathon? Serbia) in partnership with TechSoup Global and Zasto ne (Bosnia and Herzegovina).