The Right Way to Wireframe - A New Website for Lend4Health from SXSW

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Tori is currently using a BlogSpot , one page website. Tori knew she needed a more effective website and got paired up with a set of Information Architects/User Experience experts to help come up with ideas and wireframes of a new site for her nonprofit organization. All in all, the main elements the speakers harped on included: Any process always begins with RESEARCH! -->interviews, remote observation. Author: Jordan Viator.

Cupcakes, Veganism and Fundraising: Fat Bottom Bakery and the East Bay Vegan Bake Sale

Have Fun - Do Good

I've posted an edited transcript of my interview with Ashley and Carolynn for the Big Vision Podcast. People have a particular idea of what something is going to taste like if it's vegan. We get to think of the ideas for the recipes. We had the idea of having an animal-based charity and a human charity, and having both represented at each bake sale. We immediately got a blogspot set up for the bakery, and a presence on MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter.

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