How To Think Like A Nonprofit Social Marketing Genius: What's Your Brilliant Thought?

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His quote from Einstein was aha moment for me while I was thinking through some the session design for my NTC session and an upcoming webinar I'll be doing sponsored by NTEN and TechSoup in 2009. I also Flickr as a visual thinking tool and started search with different key words like " Einstein Blackboard." From this, I discovered this image manipulation tool where you can make Einstein write things on his blackboard.

Using Cartoons To Make Sense of Your Data

Beth Kanter

Countless online meme-generating sites can let you whip up a sharable text-on-photo image in seconds; a mobile photo captioning app like Over for iOS lets you do it yourself right on your own device. Or if you want to draw attention to a word or phrase, write it in big letters on a blackboard or a lined flip chart, or draw it on a napkin — whatever context makes sense for the underlying idea.