iPhone owners: Anyone solved the multi-Mac dilemma?

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Foxmarks to sync bookmarks, and now ReadItLater to sync my reading list. This is something I still miss about the BlackBerry. 10 reasons I still love my Blackberry even though it isn’t an iPhone So if rumors are to be believed, the Blackberry 9000. When I’m home, I sync my iPhone with my iMac, and life is good. But when I’m traveling, I only have my MacBook Pro with me.

10 Essential Tools for the Nonprofit New Media Manager on the Go

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Twitter Apps for Android and Blackberry are also available. Facebook has a mobile site ( m.facebook.com ), a touch site ( touch.facebook.com ), and Apps for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Palm, Sidekick and many more.

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Apps, Unleashed


Popularized on BlackBerries, iPhones and Droids, apps until recently have been creatures tehtered tightly to the smartphone-osphere, but Google seems bent of changing this. In addition to bookmarks , most visited, and recently closed at the top of their new tabs page, users of Google's Chrome web browser might have noticed a new category labeled apps under which appears icons for Entangled , Pogo , and Web Store.

Which is a better investment for your nonprofit – an iPhone App or a mobile website?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Are you going to also create Apps for Palm, Blackberry, Android, etc.? All bookmarked on my iPhone. When I bought my first iPhone in June 2009 I was absolutely blown away. Love my iPhone. What a miraculous little tool of technology. I immediately downloaded the Apps for the social networking sites that I regularly use as well as the few Apps that were available from the nonprofit sector.

Video Conferencing Apps: Take Virtual Meetings on the Road

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Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Phone) is the mobile version of the popular face-to-face video calling service (we use Skype here at TechSoup). Make sure to bookmark this page as we will continue to add new resources and products.

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Bookmark the permalink. In speaking of social media, I was joking with my husband that I had better get a Blackberry or something to be able to tweet during a hurricane! link] I’ll be bookmarking you! Bookmarks for March 8th through March 13th on Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 9:01 am [.] Redesigning Charity for the Digital Age Skip to content Home More about Steve Bridger UK Charities Twitter 100 This was written by. Posted on at. Filed under Uncategorized.

The Philanthropic Web, Questions and Answers

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We started to aggregate the Delicious “take action” bookmark. The iPhone and the Google Android is going to have capacity to do, and then with the new Blackberry Storm that’s going to come out down the road. On October 20, Social Actions hosted a lunch for partners in the Bay Area. Below is the video and transcription of the question and answer session that followed Peter Deitz's presentation.