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Each case study includes background information about the issue and the campaign, key learnings, benchmark numbers, and outcomes. " roundup activism advocacy bookmarks campaigning casestudies collaboration facebook guide howto innovation list net2-recommends postalicious privacy resources technology tutorialI come across so many great conversations, ideas, and resources all over the web every day.

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How Your Nonprofit Can Make the Most of Its LinkedIn Profile

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

See the growth of your follower base and benchmark it against similar brands. Here is a video tutorial LinkedIn released to walk you through the new feature.

Best Tips to Rock your Online Presence


Set benchmarks and specific goals for traffic, engagement, and online giving for the year. Checklists or How-to Tutorial. So you launched your new website and have an online marketing plan in hand to help you reach new audiences.

Things We Like (March 2011)


Fortunately, the NTC made up for the connectivity failures with general fabulousness, including the release of two of our favorite reports each year: The 2011 e-Benchmarks Study from M+R found that a high unsubscribe rate is not necessarily bad , among other things. And the 2011 Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report found that 30% of the organizations that have raised more than $100,000 on Facebook have budgets under $5 million.

112 Nonprofit Blog Posts, Articles, and Stories from 2013 You Can’t Miss.

Connection Cafe

Check out this post: Nonprofit Content Marketing – Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends for 2014 and don’t miss the associated Nonprofit content marketing infographic. Check out some of his blogs from the conference , where he covers benchmarking data, donor ready patrons, and conversion rates. Take a gander at The Huntsinger Tutorials and get insight into everything you need to know about direct mail fundraising. It’s been quite the year.

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