Donor Retention vs. Donor Acquisition: What Research Shows About Overall Online Engagement

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When asked by organizations whether their online fundraising programs should focus on donor acquisition or donor retention, I say, “Yes.”. While a disconcerting drop, this number alone doesn’t speak to retention vs. acquisition efforts.

6 Tactics for Increasing Donor Retention

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donor retention rate in 2017. This unimpressive donor retention rate—one that hasn’t snuck north of 50% in more than a decade—hounds most nonprofits. A weak donor retention rate is an alarm bell, suggesting that your mission isn’t finding enough passionate supporters.

Online Benchmark Reveals Key Insights for Nonprofits in 2017

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It’s a new year and that means a new, comprehensive benchmark report on the performance of nonprofits using Luminate Online. The new Luminate Online Benchmark Report is a powerful asset that studies over 500 organizations and their online marketing and fundraising efforts.

6 Key Insights from the Inaugural donorCentrics Athletics Benchmarking Group

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Last month marked the inaugural meeting of a new benchmarking group created specifically to analyze and discuss trends in athletics giving [1]. However, participants in donorCentrics® benchmarking groups get access to data from each participating school.

What We Learned About Digital Engagement from the 2019 M+R Benchmarks Report

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

Every year, nonprofit consultants M+R release their annual Benchmarks report , which provides an overview of digital trends in the sector. The big sound bite from this year’s Benchmarks Report is that total online revenue grew by only 1% in 2018.

“Donor retention by the numbers”: Q&A with Caity Craver and Gary Carr

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Third Sector Labs recently co-hosted a donor retention webinar with Caity Craver , CEO of DonorTrends. Donor retention by the numbers: you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. QUESTION: Where can I get benchmarks for retention by sector?

Using Online Community to Increase Member Retention

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Using Online Community to Increase Member Retention : Suppose you’re not obsessed with online communities like I am–you might wonder how online community can help increase member retention. To me, it’s just a given–retention is about keeping members engaged with both the association and other members.

Using Online Community to Increase Member Retention


And of course I was excited to get a chance to talk about my favorite subject, online community, with my friend Josh Paul , in the session we presented yesterday, Using Online Community to Increase Member Retention. A few weeks ago I was in Orlando at ASAE’s Great Ideas conference.

5 Ways to Drive Donor Retention


In a benchmarking report conducted by Blackbaud, it shows that 70 percent of first-time donors will not give again. Mielcarek created this guide outlining five effective retention strategies to turn first-time givers into lifetime supporters.

2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report


The 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report provides analysis of 28 major nonprofit organizations and transactions for over 15 million donors and more than $1 billion in revenue. Retention rates for online donors continue to lag offline donor trends.

12 Key Digital Engagement Trends from the 2018 M+R Benchmarks Report


The annual M+R Benchmarks Report has arrived again, shining a light on trends that are shaping nonprofits’ digital programs. Having shared and discussed this year’s Benchmarks Report with many of our partners, here’s twelve key trends that have resonated strongly within the EveryAction community. With using tools like digital ads, it’s important to use these metrics to figure out how these ads play into your acquisition and retention strategies.

Online Fundraising is Growing, but other Key Web Metrics Suffer [INFOGRAPHIC]

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According to the Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits [ Download Now !] 2013 Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits by Blackbaud. Check out the full INFOGRAPHIC based on the Blackbaud Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits [ Download Now !].

New Benchmarks for Success in the Knowledge Age


What if you increase your numbers of new members but your retention rate goes down? New benchmarks and mental pictures must match the new direction to make it real.

50 Fascinating Nonprofit Statistics

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Nonprofit statistics covering fundraising, charitable giving, online giving, social media, mobile, donor retention, email marketing, stewardship, donor research, charitable organizations, donor trends, direct mail, giving, and other key not-for-profit charitable giving metrics and benchmarks.

2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking.

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All Blackbaud Blogs Contact Us About Nonprofit Trends Books Research Reports Speaking 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report Posted by Steve MacLaughlin on May 31st, 2011 Target Analytics, a Blackbaud company, has released the third edition of it’s groundbreaking research into multichannel giving trends among nonprofit organizations. Retention rates for online donors continue to lag offline donor trends.

Counting on Success? Focus on Event Fundraising Analytics

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Over time, we’ve isolated certain benchmarks that provide clues to the health of an event. Common peer-to-peer benchmarks include the following: Repeat attendance. Industry benchmark reports identify how events similar to yours perform in the key performance categories.

4 Things Your Nonprofit Needs to Know About Online Donors

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These organizations participate in a donorCentrics Internet Benchmarking Group. First-year donor retention rates for online only donors are significantly lower than those of offline only donors. Do fragmented online giving experiences result in lower retention rates?

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The 6 Scariest Monsters Nonprofit Fundraisers Are Facing This Halloween

The Science Behind Engaging your Supporters

M+R's 2018 Benchmarks Study reported that, "nonprofit homepages took 3.181 seconds on average to load content visible to the user, while the main donation page on each site loaded in 2.816 seconds," and that even a one-second delay in loading time could lead to an 11% decrease in traffic to the page.

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What Can Our Past Tell Us About Our Future?

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Individual participant and team captain retention rates. Compare your performance to industry benchmarks. This study lets you benchmark your performance against other events in a similar category such as walks, runs, bike, and endurance events.

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How to Get Started Using Event Metrics for Fundraising Success

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Benchmarks let us know how we perform compared to our event fundraising peers. Metrics and benchmarks can be our guides to whether your efforts at creating a great experience for participants are paying off. Retention rate (of participants, team captains, team members).

The Surprising Truth About Online Donors and Offline Fundraising


Yet one of the most striking findings in our 2011 donorCentrics Internet and Multichannel Giving Benchmarking Report was that, in aggregate, online-acquired donors still have much higher cumulative value over the long term than traditional, mail-acquired donors.

Peer to Peer Fundraising: How Do You Measure Up?

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Blackbaud’s 2013 Peer to Peer Fundraising Benchmark report provides information that you can use to not only measure your success but to learn about trends and best practices in event fundraising. What is your retention plan and how is it different than your recruitment plan?

The Sustainer Bump

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So Chas Offut told us back in April when he and Dennis McCarthy presented a sneak peek of the Blackbaud 2013 Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits at NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference. Sustained Giving sustainers benchmarking

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How to Reap the Rewards at the Finish Line

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Blackbaud’s most recent P2P Benchmark reports have proven year over year that returning participants continue to rock. Any tactic that you can use to make them feel special will go a long ways for retention. Recently, my husband received a job offer in Charleston, SC.

Multichannel Givers: The Key to Online Fundraising Success


At the $50 contribution mark and above, the higher retention rates in mail-acquired donors tend to result in higher cumulative revenue per donor than those acquired online. Download the full Multichannel Fundraising Report.

9 Sessions You Can’t Miss at #bbcon 2016!

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Monthly giving still continues to grow and what I love about this session is that it will focus on the growth of existing programs and how organizations should evolve, test and focus on upgrades and retention. 10:30 AM – Metrics Madness: Best of the LO Benchmark Report & P2P Study Every year for forever (ok, it’s been 10), Blackbaud has been publishing the biggest benchmark report on online fundraising and marketing.

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The Secret to Raising $1M During Your First-Year Fundraising Event

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Taking this idea one step further using the metrics available in the P2P Fundraising Benchmark report , I can extrapolate that the average funds raised per participant at $31 will ultimately result in ~$400K. Volunteers lead to retention.

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Fight for Your Right to Keep Your Monthly Donors (…and Party)

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I want to hear more about your monthly donor retention strategies, but my overall sense is that retention has taken a back seat to acquisition. In building your retention strategy, you must first understand why your donors are leaving you.

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The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Things You Won’t Believe, Trendy Communication, and Keys to Do More Good

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In this npEngage post, One Thing Most Nonprofits Stink at (Donor Retention) and How You Can Change It in 2014 , Frank Barry has rallied some of the industry’s brightest minds to weigh-in on the #1 key to a successful donor retention strategy. From big picture goals to hot topics (like Retention), the report offers benchmarks and statistics to help you validate and navigate your nonprofit’s communication in 2014.

Shaping your Fundraising Strategies with the 2018 donorCentrics®Alumni Giving Report

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The FY2018 analysis features median metrics from the over 200 institutions that participate in the annual donorCentrics Collaborative Benchmarking service. . less than the first-year donor retention rate), something is not working.

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Trends in Sustainer Giving – Key Findings from the 2019 donorCentrics Sustainer Summit

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This is the Sustainer Summit, after all, a group of sophisticated nonprofits committed to growing and strengthening their sustaining donor programs and nothing has been proven to improve retention better than that. This will positively impact first year retention.

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5 Troubling Nonprofit Statistics | Nonprofit Trends with Steve.

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All Blackbaud Blogs Contact Us About Nonprofit Trends Books Research Reports Speaking 5 Troubling Nonprofit Statistics Posted by Steve MacLaughlin on October 28th, 2010 I spend a lot of time looking at metrics and benchmarks from across the nonprofit sector. First Year Donor Retention is 29.3% Fundraising Email Response Rate is 0.13% The 2010 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study reports this gem. Recurring Giving Benchmarking Analysis says so.

Multi-Channel Approach is Key to Nonprofit Fundraising


Online donors have slightly lower retention rates overall than traditional donors. Tags: Case Studies Direct Marketing Nonprofit Benchmark Studies Online Fundraising

How to Find Corporate Responsibility Software that Increases Profits


Employee retention? Use Benchmarks to Determine How Effective Your Corporate Responsibility Software Is. This is the benchmark, or starting point, that you’ll compare changes to after you implement new software.

How to Send More Fundraising Emails and Maintain Conversion Rates

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There were a number of interesting findings from the new Luminate Online Benchmark Report , released at BBCON. M+R’s Benchmark Report showed similar conversion rate declines in 2012 and 2013. 9 Underutilized Retention Emails.

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Multi-Channel Fundraising is Key to Nonprofit Fundraising


Online donors have slightly lower retention rates overall than traditional donors. Tags: Case Studies Nonprofit Benchmark Studies Online Fundraising Direct Marketing

Optimize Your Nonprofit Fundraising Team with Human Data

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Nonprofits remain concerned about employee retention and fit. At the same time, 40% of all organizations reported problems with retention. Emphasize benchmarking within each job description. Step 3: Strategize appropriately for retention.

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Three Ingredients for Successful Year-End Fundraising


eNonprofit Benchmark study. First year retention for multichannel donors was 51%. On average fundraising responses rates range from.08% to.13% – eNonprofit Benchmark Study.

Why Advocacy Organizations Must Keep Sustainers Top of Mind During EOY Fundraising

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The culture of End-of-Year (EOY) giving is well ingrained in the American donor’s psyche—December is when many nonprofits raise 80% or more of their total revenue for the year, according to Blackbaud benchmark reports.

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How Do (and Should) Small and Mighty Nonprofits Raise Money?

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These questions and more are the focus of the 2015 Individual Donor Benchmark Report. The average donor retention rate is 60 percent. Understanding Donor Retention. This year, we added a survey question about retention rate. Retention Rate. Retention Rate.

24 Nonprofit Resources for your Mid-Year Check In: A Smart Fundraiser’s Summer Reading Checklist

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While it might seem a little early to start thinking about 2018 to some (hint: it’s not ), it’s the perfect time to benchmark where 2017 has taken you. Want some quick donor retention advice? Read Erica Waasdorp’s 4 Ways to Improve Donor Retention and Recruit Sustainers blog post.

5 Features of Corporate Giving Platforms and How they Affect Business Performance


Use Benchmarking to Measure and Communicate Business Impact. Corporate giving platforms includes tracking and reporting tools to help you quantify your efforts and connect it to business value, but the most compelling business case hinges on benchmarking.

10 Must-Know Stats About Online Fundraising

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Source: Benchmarks. 7) Over the last 10 years, donor retention rates have been consistently weak – averaging below 50%.

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