How To Design a Digital Badge Strategy

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Digital Badges are a part of these changes and are set to make a big impact on education and certification programs in 2017. A flexible, structured Digital Badge Strategy applied to your planned and existing online learning programs will help to validate your badging initiative – ensuring that you meet your learning and organisational goals. Badges can be awarded as a form of micro-credentialing , and can be shared using the Open Badges initiative.

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How to Build an Online Learning Program with a Limited Budget

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However, you don’t have the budget to hire instructional designers to develop courses. Market research will help you design online learning programs as well as other educational content (conference, publications and webinars) that will appeal to your target audiences—individuals and their employers. At the end of a learning pathway, the learner receives a digital badge or certificate. With the learning pathway approach, you don’t have to design a full-blown course.


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2018 eLearning Predictions: Updated Hype Curve

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There are other projects underway to solve it, including the MedBiquitous Activity Report standard and (in a sense) the Mozilla Open Badges project. As Mark Iafrate of Accredible , an evangelist for badges, has suggested, these standards could continue to exist in a layered system that rests atop distributed ledgers. It’s still in the realm of custom content development – not something you can assign to your staff instructional designers – but it’s cheaper to do.

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10 Types of eLearning Assessments for Your Courses

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Measuring this change has benefits for both your members and your learning business alike: For your learning business, understanding this change gives you insight into both the knowledge of your members and the efficacy of your courses to instruct them.

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The State of Association E-Learning: Cloudy with a Chance of Sunshine

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Design and measure the association e-learning experience. Tagoras asks: Do you have a good understanding of adult learning principles and instructional design? If you’re not sure, consider hiring professional instructional designers—only 59% of survey participants do. They’re the high performers—the associations that describe their e-learning programs as successful are more likely to use instructional designers, 77% versus 59%.

Nonprofit Focused Workshops at SXSW Interactive Festival: Join Us!

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I’m honored to be involved with the instructional design and delivery of two workshops specifically for nonprofits. The workshops are included in the price of an Interactive, Gold, or Platinum Badge. The annual SXSW Interactive Festival is a geek home coming for those who work on the web, social media, and gaming. For the last few years, there has been a good nonprofit presence and this year is no exception!

The Many Benefits of Selling Online Education to Corporate Members

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Colleges and universities are designing new programs in partnership with companies. With Coursera for Business, companies can design learning tracks from existing courses or chose a curated “course collection” on topics like digital transformation, data science, diversity & inclusion, and more—what sounds to me like a learning pathway. They can provide feedback on existing programs as well as course, learning path, or digital badge development.

How to Prepare a Business Case for a New LMS

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Maybe it wasn’t designed for associations in the first place. Integration: instructional design, workflow, and data problems. Certification programs and digital badges. Do you feel like giving your learning platform a heave-ho out the door? But you can’t, not yet anyways. As dysfunctional and frustrating as that old learning management system (LMS) is, your association still relies upon it. But, let’s face it, your current LMS is holding you back.

The Future of the LMS


In the Learning and Development world training has migrated from solely instructional and self-taught. Companies are now starting to realize the interrelations of social media platforms and the ability to carry over some of the training and development to after hours, as well as using public badging as a reward, allowing for employees to proudly display some of their accomplishments externally. The Future of the LMS – Where Are We Going?

The Networked NGO in Pakistan

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This blog post includes some reflections on the instructional design, delivery, and insights that I hope will inform the field building discussion taking place over at the Packard OE Program site. Program Design. With facilitator’s guidance, grantees will design and implement a small action learning project. These definitions have informed the curriculum, instructional design, peer learning design, and how we will measure and learn along the way.