#NTCFail: When Things Don't Go as Planned (or Your Plan Stinks)


NTCFail 2: Name Badges. This is the second year in a row that we were missing a bunch of name badges. It's kind of hard to know if you're missing 100 name badges out of 2,000, so we clearly need a new system. In addition, even when we have a name badge for you, sometimes you want to change the information. Next year, we need a system where you can view your badge, make edits, and then get it printed right there on site. We're big on values around here.

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11 Ways to Make Conference Planning Easier


Be helpful to “future you” - Keep a working Google Doc on hand for all conference planners to provide notes and recommendations about what to improve and do differently next year. Are you planning a conference? It seems like nonprofits are perpetually planning conferences.

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Training could also be done virtually with videos or through shared docs on a wiki. VCs could help volunteers share milestones and accomplishments with badges, banners, or widgets that can be shared with the volunteer’s personal network.

2014 NTC Report: The Wins, The Fails, The Ideas for 2015


From the legacy of volunteers who have created a separate note-taking doc for every single session, to those of you who agreed to be on camera in between sessions and say hello to the OnlineNTC participants, to the number of you who gave constructive feedback through our conference and session evaluations (and via phone call.and Facebook thread.and over cotton candy at the Geek Games…), the generosity of NTEN community members is almost overwhelming.

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Resource Roundup 3/14 | Idealware


This has been a popular topic of late - also take a look at the detailed discussions of the pros and cons of blogs vs listserves on the Bamboo Project Blog , Designing for Civil Society , and DoWire.Org Collaborative Writing Tools And Technology: A Mini-Guide ( Kollabora ) Kollabora continues their great mini-guide series - this time covering collaborative writing platforms (like Google Docs and Zoho ), with an overview of the topic and mini-reviews of twelve different online tools.

Case Study: Tools for Community Engagement


According to the Twibbon profile for TMWL, 667 users added the badge to their pictures. When it came to blogger outreach, a Google Doc was the preferred and successful tool. Epic Change used four planning tools, but much of the work was really in just two: a private Facebook group and Google Docs. Some of what they used Google Docs for included: A new form for supporters to sign up for various Missions. By Amy Sample Ward, Membership Director, NTEN.