Case Study: Community-Based Fundraising


These may be easy to execute, as they don’t require much planning, yet they are far less personal than community-based fundraisers, providing less of an opportunity to increase awareness about your cause. With the numerous online channels available for spreading awareness of your cause, community-based fundraisers are no longer restricted to your local region. By Kari Ann Kiel, Event Marketing Consultant, DoJiggy.

Women Rise Up Against War: Rae Abileah of CODEPINK

Have Fun - Do Good

The phenomenal woman with the giant CODEPINK truck, Sam Zanne Joi, and I traveled through the deep South and Southwest, weaving our way through little towns in the Appalachian mountains with names like War, West Virginia, and Truth and Consequences, Texas. If Congress buys the war again, we must make them aware that now they own it, and all the responsibility that comes with being at the helm of an occupation—the blood will be on their hands.

Iraq 40