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Empowering Women Citizen Journalists: An Interview with Cristi Hegranes

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It was written in very scribbled Nepali, her literacy skills were incredibly rudimentary, but what she ended up writing was a piece of journalism. I had the feeling that there was something else that I could be doing with my passion for journalism and my knowledge of international reporting. Our office in Rwanda was supposed to be our next office opening anytime now, but because of the war in the Congo, visas and business licenses and things like that have been put on hold.

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Abby Rosenheck, Urban Sprouts, Interview Transcript

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They're learning about health and nutrition; it's actually helping them to develop better eating habits and nutritional choices, and then, it's helping them to actually kind of use their new knowledge to change their behaviors so that they are actually becoming more environmentally responsible in their daily lives, taking it home--choosing to eat more vegetables more often in their lives. License