Why Nonprofits Need to Be Early Explorers of the Metaverse

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In this early stage, the metaverse is being envisioned and portrayed as an online reality that we humans enter and experience as avatars through a VR headset, similar to the Oasis experience in the movie Ready Player One.

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Social Media: Before You Get Started, Get Organized!

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Use a Square Version of Your Organization’s Logo as Your Avatar on Social Media Sites. It’s very important that you invest the time and resources needed to designing a visually distinct, square avatar that matches the overall branding of your nonprofit. Since most nonprofit logos are horizontal, they cannot be used as your avatar on social media sites because they are automatically cropped once they are uploaded.

Five Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Hire a Social Media Manager

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Bless the volunteers and interns, but unless they have experience or training in writing web conent, publishing e-newsletters, and launching and maintaining online fundraising campaigns, then they are not going to understand the bigger picture of the strategy behind utilizing social media. You need a good avatar. My last full-time, Monday-through-Friday job was as an outreach director for a small international development organization in San Francisco.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle

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They turn on the system, choose their avatars, and are suddenly transported into the video game. Once inside the world of Jumanji, the students assume the form of their chosen avatars. Not everything you see is real: You soon see Bethany lying on her bed with a selfie stick snapping pictures. Eventually, she snaps the PERFECT picture. Up on Instagram the picture goes. With the newly obtained knowledge, Martha felt confident she could pull off the task.

Live Blog: Is Technology Really Good for Human Rights

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The access to information drives knowledge. Andrew Keen: The wall in Berlin was open by accident by a guard, so you could argue that the internet is a distribution of knowledge so that would have never happened. So, this organization of knowledge could actually be a good thing for demoralizing government. The more knowledge there is in the world, the easier it is to spy or look into the knowledge. Like Sri Lanka where pictures weren’t getting out.

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111 Low-Cost or Free OnlineTools for Nonprofits

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A website that allows you to create an image with a mosaic of your Twitter Followers’ avatars. Twibbon is a tool that allows your supporters on Twitter and Facebook to add a micro version of your nonprofit’s avatar to their profile pics. Qwiki automatically turns pictures and videos from events you’ve captured on your iPhone into brief movies to share. The number of low-cost or free online resources and tools available to nonprofits today is astounding.

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If we’d had Twitter on 9/11

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And my Mom says she’ll never forget that her first knowledge of the events of the day came through my voice, whole and well, telling her to turn on the television. I’d have taken a picture and figured out TwitPic. I picture Yoda stumbling as he experiences “a disturbance in the force” when an entire, populated planet is destroyed by the Death Star. Pictures. Author: Jennifer Darrouzet.

nfp 2.0 » Camera Rwanda: Storytelling using Flickr

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Skip navigation Recent Posts Natural blog cycle Buzz Director: the spacewalk metaphor Group fundraising primer When pictures speak a thousand words Another shout for a Netsquared Europe Communicating the soul of your non-profit My Fundraising 2.0 To my knowledge, they found me through Flickr – all except Orphans of Rwanda and the Pearl Children Care Centre, whom I contacted myself to share my photographs.