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10 New Year’s Resolutions for Nonprofit Social Media Managers

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Ask for your raise first, and then ask for a budget for graphic design work (avatar, Twitter background, YouTube Channel background, Facebook banners, etc.), One of the biggest downsides for me personally from being connected to the Social Web 50-70 hours a week is that my brain has a hard time reading for extended periods of time. 10) Track the growth and ROI of your online communities.

If we’d had Twitter on 9/11

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And my Mom says she’ll never forget that her first knowledge of the events of the day came through my voice, whole and well, telling her to turn on the television. I still hadn’t been able to talk to my husband, but my mother-in-law had gotten word to him that we were headed East on I-10, and he was able to track my progress via our online, real-time credit card statement. Author: Jennifer Darrouzet.

Game Friday: Games that Make You a Better Person (Really!)

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I have a friend with a GPS-enabled running watch that tracks his path, and then shows a little animation of an avatar representing him on his last run to "race" the same trail. You can sign up to track your web travels on Firefox in real time and get rated on different kinds of usage. alpha brain waves game I always see at ASTC. Give people voice recorders and hold a contest to see who gives the most compliments over a weekend.