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The Truth about Bilingual Interpretation: Guest Post by Steve Yalowitz

Museum 2.0

This qualitative, exploratory study involved tracking and interviewing 32 Spanish-speaking intergenerational groups in fully bilingual exhibits at four different science centers/museums. We observed and audio recorded the groups, and conducted in-depth interviews in Spanish after they went through the exhibit, with a focus on what the bilingual experience was like for the group. You know those research studies that make you want to immediately change your practice in some way?

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Women of Color Resource Center: An Interview with Anisha Desai

Have Fun - Do Good

It is a time where a lot of organizations are going through an intergenerational transfer of leadership, and a lot has been written about what does that mean? I grew up in Florida in a pretty narrow-minded, and very closed South Asian community. It just seems like such a mind-leap for people to make. There is raising awareness, saying, "This is an issue that you are not keeping in mind when you are creating policy," but, then, what is necessary to make that change?

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