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Watchitoo — The new tool behind the TechSoup NPlive web series offers video from many sources integrated with images, YouTube and social chat, Q&A, and webinar tools including a collaborative whiteboard. ReadyTalk — This standard for webinar production offers integrated slides, screensharing, live moderated chat, and high-quality recorded audio. WebEx and GoToMeeting , available through TechSoup, offer free iPad apps and easy availability on mobile devices.

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App Recommendations from the TechSoup Staff

Tech Soup Blog

WebEx GoToMeeting is also an online conferencing app. It lets you make audio and video calls, run online meetings, check my team’s presence status, and send instant messages. Images: TechSoup Global. We thought it might be fun to share with you some TechSoup staff recommendations for apps beyond the usual suspects : Facebook, Google Maps, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Pandora, iTunes, and Google Play.

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The search for good web conferencing

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

In my searches for tools that would allow me to start this endeavor, I had several things I wanted: Possibility of showing slides and sharing my Linux and Mac Desktop Audio conferencing (two way) Chat capabilities Clean, professional, bug-free interface Low (or no) infrastructure costs or setup Truly cross platform Inexpensive (but not necessarily free.) 15 per person/minute for audio is very tough to swallow. It does, apparently, do audio via VOIP. controlling audio etc).

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