Online BBC World Debate on Global Recession: A Developing World Emergency

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The World Bank and the BBC are running a live debate online and offline tomorrow, April 23 on the global economic recession. A BBC World Debate titled "Global Recession: A Developing World Emergency" will be held on April 23rd at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C. The debate centers on how developing countries are being affected and what steps should be taken to reduce the impact of the global economic downturn on the world's poorest people.

All for Green, and Green for All: An Interview with Van Jones

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He has won many honors, including the 1998 Reebok International Human Rights Award, the International Ashoka Fellowship, selection as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, and the Rockefeller Foundation Next Generation Leadership Fellowship. Van Jones: One of the biggest things happening in the country right now is this sudden passion and concern about global warming and the climate crisis; that and the war are really two of the biggest issues.

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