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What Chat-First Search Means for Organic & Ad Grant Traffic for Nonprofits?

Whole Whale

Avoid flooding your content with generic GPT, Grey Jacket content that looks like everyone else’s, because it will be wiped out and worse decrease audience trust. Note that we don’t think current interactions of GPT LLM models are safe for any user-facing interactions involving sensitive issues. Whole Whale’s

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Fundraising 101: Understand the Basics of Fundraising so You Can Fund Your Dream

Get Fully Funded

When you embrace this donor-based model of thinking about the needs and desires of your donors, fundraising gets easier. Identify a business that shares your audience, and think about ways to support each other. For a self-esteem program for teen girls : Showing every teen girl how awesome she is. You never beg.


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What I Learned From @nancylublin About #dataonpurpose

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Here’s a curated transcript of Tweets from her talk, including the one above that she wanted everyone in the audience to tweet. Here’s what I learned from Nancy’s inspiring talk about data for good: How It Got Started. For example, they ran a campaign for teens to collect food for a Food Banks around the country.

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Meditations on Relevance, Part 3: Who Decides What's Relevant?

Museum 2.0

The curatorial team or a multidisciplinary team who have the audience in mind when decisions are made about the best way to connect visitors to the collection?" Community First Program Design At the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History , we've gravitated towards a "community first" program planning model. My answer: neither.

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Sustaining Innovation Part 3: Interview With Sarah Schultz of the Walker Art Center

Museum 2.0

In the 1990s, we decided we wanted to engage a teen audience. We created a teen arts council, invested in staff, and invested in programming. We discovered that teens felt uncomfortable in the galleries because they had to check their backpacks and they felt the guards were watching them.

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4 bbcon Takeaways for Philanthropic Organizations to Power 2019 Planning

Connection Cafe

At bbcon 2018, Blackbaud announced the cloud solution for each of our main audiences, including the Cloud Solution for Companies and the Cloud Solution for Foundations. Know your audience . If you’re just starting this process, consider the creation of a logic model. Takeaway #1: Think holistically about your program .

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Six Alternative (U.S.) Cultural Venues to Keep an Eye On

Museum 2.0

I'm fascinated by these places because of their ability to attract diverse audiences to idiosyncratic experiences, and I'm curious how they stay afloat. From a museum perspective, I think there's a lot to learn from these venues' business models, approach to collecting and exhibiting work, and connection with their audiences.

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