Remove Audience Remove Influence Remove ROI Remove South Korea

How to do social media marketing during the pandemic


This is a good time to experiment, to host conversations about a variety of subjects of interest to your target audiences, and to create valuable evergreen content on your blog to enhance your organization’s SEO. Consider influencer marketing. Focus on the audience.

MCON13 Live Blog: Millennial Giving (Alia McKee, Sea Change Strategies and Justin Wheeler, LINK)


To influence behavior, we need to understand behavior. One of the biggest lessons is that we have something extremely wrong: we think our audience is rational, making their decisions based on facts, like Spock. In order to influence behavior we have to understand behavior. Millennials like instant gratification (in this case a trip to south korea to meet the refugees your funds rescued). If you invest, your ROI will be much more reliable than if you fake it.