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Tracking Social Media Engagements and Conversions for Your Nonprofit


Across platforms, you should be tracking social media engagement rates and conversion rates. By interacting with your content, a segment of the audience shows you they care about what you have to say. Some engagements are more valuable than others because they show a deeper level of audience interaction. Conversion Rate.

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Nonprofit Marketing: 3 Easy Ways To Grow Your Audience

Top Nonprofits

Otherwise, they might take their support to a different organization that better communicates its purpose and inspires its audience to take action. This could easily spark a conversation or inspire others to research your organization on their own and become new supporters. Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Website.


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How Susan G. Komen Engaged New Audiences Using Custom Messaging


Komen partnered with GoodUnited, a provider of social fundraising solutions, to create new, innovative peer-to-peer fundraising challenges and custom, conversational messaging sequences that both raised revenue and built Komen’s relationships with a new audience. We’ll cover the following points: . Let’s get started. .

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5 Social Media Stats That’ll Help Your Nonprofit Understand Audiences


We know our audiences are out there on social media. Marketers from the nonprofit sector and the for-profit sector alike are attempting to harness the power of social media to connect with these audiences. to start engaging with their audience and growing its group of ardent followers.

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Audience Research vs. Usability Testing: Which to Use When

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How can you understand how your audience perceives a digital tool, an online experience, or the world more broadly? The most common approaches are through two research approaches: audience research and usability testing. This is where audience research comes in. Audience research: Forming an understanding.

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The Audiences of a Capital Campaign: Who to Target and When


At each of these phases, understanding exactly who your audience is and how you should connect with them will be essential, especially after a year of pandemic challenges and distractions. Let’s walk through each of these audiences, when you’ll need to connect with them, and a few tips for making those connections as impactfully as possible.

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8 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Conversational Marketing

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Conversational marketing speaks to the growing expectation of a personalized experience and the opportunity to connect and start a one-to-one conversation. . Coined by our partners at Drift , conversational marketing aims to guide users through an engagement funnel more quickly by using real-time conversations.