Book Review: Mindful Social Marketing by @jfouts

Beth Kanter

The holiday break is a great time to read books, both for work and just plan fun. Earlier this week, I read the recently published “ Mindful Social Marketing ” by colleague Janet Fouts. What I love most about this book is the “mindful moment” at the end of each chapter that offers up a zen-like statement about how to approach this particular aspect of social marketing.

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7 Tips To Help You Focus In Age of Distraction: Are You Content Fried!

Beth Kanter

Reading, reviewing, commenting, writing, and editing content. I can’t possibly read everything, but I am using content curation skills to pick out the best stuff to give more attention to. The latter requires a different type of attention and whole new set of information coping skills. What are your tips to help you focus in an age of distraction? Are there tips not on the mind map? Content Housekeeping Mindfulness Organizational Culture


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How do we do make change if we keep doing things the same way?

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

April 7, 2007 I had heard about this new journal a while ago, and it was sitting in some small corner of my brain, waiting for me to pay attention. It’s peer reviewed (good), but it’s got a rather restrictive license, and the content is not freely available. The Public Library of Science is a wonderful example of a reputable, respected peer-reviewed journal where articles are freely available to the public.

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Tech Wellness in the Nonprofit Workplace: Tips for Avoiding Collaborative Overload

Beth Kanter

The potential for being overwhelmed by technology is magnified in the workplace by something called “ Collaborative Overload ” Rob Cross and Adam Grant in a recent Harvard Business Review article. Being Present means paying attention to the people in front of us, focusing on the tasks at hand, and managing our emotions in the moment. ” Conferences Happy Healthy Nonprofit Mindfulness Resilience Tips

One Simple Tip To Increase Your Productivity at Your Nonprofit Job

Beth Kanter

I’ve been enjoying The Cooper Review , the satirical blog of Sarah Cooper that features weekly original articles, videos and cartoons on workplace humor. It isn’t so much about time management perhaps, as energy or attention management and also being able to prioritize what is really important. Capacity Happy Healthy Nonprofit MindfulnessSarah Cooper – 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings.

Happy New Year: What’s Your Theme for the Year?

Beth Kanter

These include a review of the year’s accomplishments and two techniques that help you focus on your goals: Peter Bregman’s theme for the year , and Chris Brogan’s “ My Three Words.” I also throughout the month of January review my work routines and systems and redesign or tweak to improve productivity. Year in Review. I also wrote guest posts for the Harvard Business Review and the LinkedIn Corporate Blog. Housekeeping Mindfulness Self-Directed Learning

Time Management for Nonprofit Social Media Professionals: What’s Your Best Tip?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Then I review the list and pick the three most important things. There is the mind-body connection which boils down to taking care of yourself. The time of the day can also impact your ability to concentrate. Are you better at tasks like writing that require a deeper level of attention and concentration in the morning or afternoon? If morning is your best concentration time, don’t squander it on a task that doesn’t demand focus like answering email.

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Pinterest or Delicious: Social Bookmarking Coming back as Digital Curation

Amy Sample Ward

But, when it comes to Pinterest, a social bookmarking site exploding with attention lately, it doesn’t matter if you have a thousand words or not, without a photo, you can’t save your favorite sites and pages. You look at a board that is filled with wedding dress options, for example, and it’s hard for our minds to sort the maybes from the yes as there’s just so much going on.

How Are You Taking A Summer Break from Your Tech?

Beth Kanter

However, Aliza Sherman and I were reviewing the final round of edits from our copy editor at Wiley for our forthcoming book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit due out in October. Now that task has been checked off my to do list, I am ready to pay attention to technology wellness again. Mindfulness MobileART X SMART by Kim Dong-kyu. Last week was the first day of summer and it got me thinking about doing a digital detox.

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How To Collect Feedback After Your Online Event

Cadmium CD

Keep in mind that although it is beneficial to collect as much data through a form as possible, people get intimidated by long forms.

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3 Tricks to Boost Engagement Before Your Event

Cadmium CD

Let’s look at three tactics you can use to help capture attention and drive attendees to register using an online community pre-event. By encouraging your community to discuss the upcoming event, you keep it fresh in their minds and build excitement and anticipation.

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nfp 2.0 » Not-for-profit’s have the gift of stories

Rebooting Charity

whitewater widgets yak shack January 29th, 2007 Not-for-profit’s have the gift of stories Nancy Schwartz invited me to submit a piece for this week’s Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants theme on “How do Nonprofit Communicators Compete for Audiences’ Attention?&#

The 2018 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The program provides focused attention on key compliance issues for both private foundations and charitable organizations, plus practical walk-throughs of an IRS audit and an Attorney General Investigation. Stanford Social Innovation Review / Stanford, CA / $800. Social Capital 2018 is a content-rich, invitation-only conference bringing together the brightest nonprofit and corporate minds for a candid exchange on growing strategic partnerships. It's finally here!

The 2016 - 2017 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The program provides focused attention on key compliance issues for both private foundations and charitable organizations, plus practical walk-throughs of an IRS audit and an Attorney General Investigation. Social Capital 2017 is a content-rich, invitation-only conference bringing together the brightest nonprofit and corporate minds for a candid exchange on growing strategic partnerships. Stanford Social Innovation Review / Stanford, CA / Not available.

10 Tips That Will Help You Create an Engaged Nonprofit Board


Add an effective, development-minded board of directors to an effective, development-minded CEO or ED, and you’ll find yourself with fundraising that is several times more effective than it would be otherwise. Boosting board member engagement takes constant attention and ongoing focus.

3 Key Compliance Reminders for 2021 and Beyond


With that in mind, now is the perfect time for you and your team to review what’s required to operate in different states. . Here are the big-picture compliance essentials to keep in mind: . Second, pay attention to specific state and local COVID-19 guidelines.

Redefining Leadership: Finding Balance in Recovery and Renewal

VQ Strategies

According to Harvard Business Review ’s “ Leading into the Post-Covid Recovery ” (by Mete Wedell-Wedellsborg). Reopen with attention to the small stuff. How are you balancing the need to pay attention to the small stuff against the opportunity to renew and innovate?

Top 2021 Fundraising Strategies: Mastering Relevant Content Marketing


It’s important to showcase how what you do relates to what’s top of mind for folks. If you have Yelp reviews, look at those too. . Told well, stories will grab people’s attention and compel them to take action. . This is part three in a six-part series.

Solving the Donor Retention Rate Issue: The Case for Creating a Board-level Donor Thank You Committee


As important as it is to pay attention to donor retention, it’s equally important to know how to “move the needle”—and we do. Here are a few things to keep in mind: Its members might include: Current board members , one of whom is the Chair.

How to Write Fundraising Emails That Get Results

Get Fully Funded

How will you grab the attention of your donors when their inbox is already full and they barely have time to read what’s already there? How will you convey your message in as few words as possible so you make the most of every second you have their attention?

Why Commodifying Creativity Hurts Us All

Media Cause

If you’re solely focused on the end game and not paying attention to the journey, you might just miss out on an incredible idea. Sometimes I’ll get deeply focused on problem solving, other times I need to let my mind skip between different sources of inspiration.

6 Fresh Ideas for Your Nonprofit’s “Thank You” Landing Page

Nonprofit Tech for Good

It’s a way to give back, but its also a system used to periodically review how nonprofits are innovating their online giving process. It’s an important page because it is one of the few times you have the hyperfocused attention of your donors as they wait for their credit card payment to be processed and confirmed. Use images to bring attention to calls-to-action.

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6 Reasons SEO Is Important to Nonprofits and Why

Nonprofit Tech for Good

5) SEO can help you get local attention. A Google Business Profile with reviews, a Google map image on your website, and Yelp can boost local rankings. Does your nonprofit do amazing work, yet you don’t get the attention you need or deserve to attract supporters and those much-needed funds? By Maryanne Dersch , a speaker, coach, and creator of the Superstar Fundraising Academy.

4 Reasons to Start Planning Ahead for Giving Tuesday


As you make your way through this guide, keep in mind that your GivingTuesday strategy shouldn’t only focus on the day itself. Start your planning process by reviewing your current fundraising strategy and performance.

Tech Policies for Virtual Teams: A Leader’s Responsibility

Non Profit Quarterly

And as I said, there’ll be formal breaks in the content where we review some of those questions. And so, they did commit to revising and reviewing on a periodical basis to make sure that every staff member felt included in terms of the process.

Go MICRO And Improve Your Response Rates in New Donor Acquisition


With that in mind though, keep in mind that adding selects on to compiled files is still probably not going to get you the response rate you are looking for. . For email, the key metric to review is your Open Rate.

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4 Ways Nonprofits Can Make the Most of WordPress


Keep in mind that while WordPress is brimming with possibilities, all of that potential is only potential until it’s actually put to use. Before downloading a plugin, double check whether the developer is active and makes regular updates, what reviews say, and how many reviews there are.

A Guide to Storytelling for Nonprofits & Digital Marketing

DNL OmniMedia

Because of that, after we cover how to write your nonprofit’s story from start to finish, we’ll discuss a few tips to keep in mind when sharing that story via digital marketing. Stories: Catch your prospects’ attention and draw them in to support your nonprofit initially.

3 Tricks to Boost Engagement Before Your Event


Let’s look at three tactics you can use to help capture attention and drive attendees to register using an online community pre-event. In the months before your event, make posts about it, drawing attention to scheduled speakers, featured exhibitors or sponsors, and scheduled virtual events.

8 Incredible Tips to Ask for Donations in Person


When asking for donations in person, keep these tips in mind: Do research beforehand. And, while this could mean that you are more nervous, it helps to put your potential donor’s mind at ease.

Marketing Your Nonprofit’s App Effectively: 16 Steps

DNL OmniMedia

An in-app feedback channel will help prevent negative user reviews because it gives users an easy alternative to leaving low star ratings out of frustration. During app development, it’s important to focus some attention on extending your network of partners. Previous reviews.

How to Run Facebook Fundraising Ads: 5 Simple Steps

Nonprofit Tech for Good

With this objective in mind, you’ll probably want an absolute minimum of a couple hundred dollars for your budget. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to monitor your campaign’s performance and turn it off at any time if the ROI dips below the threshold you want to hit. Click the “Review” button at the bottom of the page, and if everything looks good, publish away. As you monitor your ad campaign, keep in mind that there’s probably significant room for improvement in the future.

How Nonprofit Staff Training Is Evolving Due to COVID-19

Top Nonprofits

Movie streaming services, family members and pets, and noisy neighbors all add up to one thing— limited time and attention to dedicate to e-learning during COVID-19. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when doing so: Use background scenery and visuals that are reflective of your organization.

Comprehensive Guide To Year-End Giving


Do a review of your annual projections and goals, and look at what you need. Take time to review them and see how you can use #GivingTuesday to your advantage this year. Keep in mind, the average donation during a matching campaign is 51% higher than without!

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Nonprofit hiring: 4 strategies to meet the best candidate


Keep in mind that to even get candidates to apply, you need to build the kind of environment in which your model employees would want to work. If you’re not the strongest writer, have someone with a writing background review your job posting.

6 Strategies to Boost Donation Revenue for Your Nonprofit

Get Fully Funded

As you focus your efforts and attention on growth, be sure to create a fundraising plan to help stay organized. At events, review the supporters (especially major prospects) who will attend beforehand so that you can start conversations with them.

3 Top Tips for Improving Your Nonprofit’s Digital Presence

Volunteer Hub

The challenge now is ensuring your nonprofit stands out in the competition for their limited time and attention. In order to determine if your current tech stack makes the cut, give it a quick review.

Staying in Check: Keeping Up With Important Regular Maintenance Tasks (Part 2)

Byte Technology

And at the risk of being redundant, keep in mind that staying on top of these regular maintenance tasks is the best way to avoid a crash of your site and, if catastrophe does strike, the easiest and most efficient way to get back up and running quickly. This means looking through your content and reviewing what’s working and what isn’t i.e. what are your visitors looking at and what are they ignoring.

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How to Write an Effective Grant Proposal


Pay particular attention to language and materials from past grants you’ve been awarded, and highlight them as best practice templates for future applications. . Make sure to have at least one other person on your team review drafts before they’re sent.

6 Best Event Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Hybrid Event Experiences


When building your event marketing strategy, keep in mind that there are several advantages to hosting an online component at your physical event, including: Greater reach by tapping into potentially global markets. You want your audience to come back from your hybrid event with rave reviews.

Fundraising Planning Guide, Calendar, Worksheet, + Template


And even though it may be more work in the short term, it will save you time in the long run by focusing your attention on the things that matter most. Be mindful of remaining “strategic” (have we used this word enough?), Need to create your 2021 fundraising plan?

Capital Campaigns During COVID-19: 3 Core Considerations


If you ultimately decide to move ahead with a new campaign, keep these additional elements in mind: Your campaign’s feasibility study. Pay extra attention to the benchmarks you set during the campaign planning process.

Fundraising 101: Understand the Basics of Fundraising so You Can Fund Your Dream

Get Fully Funded

And no matter how awesome you think your nonprofit’s mission is, if your cause isn’t one they like, you’re not going to change their mind. Start writing words and phrases that come to mind. Screenshot the Facebook review of your shelter from a person who had nowhere else to go.

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