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Since most educational games struggle to find logical ways to be integrated into a classroom, Ovos took a different approach by creating a game based solely on curriculum-based material. The learning goals in the classroom directly mirror the game’s objectives, creating an experience where both are parallel to one another. In most educational games, a missed opportunity comes from not creating enough, if any, supplemental materials for educators and classrooms.

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NpTech Tag: Stop Cyberbulling Day is Today!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The Getting Attention Blog hosted a Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants on the topic of Professional Development for nonprofit marketers. where you vote for one of the finalists in the NTEN Video Content or watch a machinima about Nonprofits in Second Life. and Classroom 2.0 ) Here's an interview Robert Scoble did with the Gina Bianchini where she demos how to set up your own social network. Today is Stop Cyberbullying Day.

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