Which New Audiences? A Great Washington Post Article and its Implications about Age, Income, and Race

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One that has found remarkable success is California’s Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. We said, if we’re going to make this museum successful, if we’re going to make it meaningful in the community, we’ve got to increase the number of people we’re reaching and we have to diversify who they are,” says Simon, who explores the concept of audience engagement and participation in her books “The Participatory Museum” and “The Art of Relevance,” as well as on her blog, Museum 2.0.

Building Community: Who / How / Why

Museum 2.0

These are the slides and notes for the talk I gave at the American Alliance of Museums conference on Monday, April 27 about the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. When I became the director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History four years ago, I took this work with me. At the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, our community starts with geography. inclusion Museum of Art and History participatory museum social bridging

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Guest Post: Community and Civic Engagement in Museum Programs

Museum 2.0

Writing my masters thesis for Gothenburg University’s International Museum Studies program while also working four days a week as the Director of Community Programs at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History this spring was certainly a challenge but also an incredible opportunity. There were times when coordinating a fire art festival while researching social capital theory made me want to burn my computer. Museum of Art and History Museums Engaging in 2.0

[VIDEO] How to Tap Into Gen Y & Z Donors


And then the other key fact that I want to share about millennials is that 84% of millennial donors have a history of supporting nonprofit causes. So wildlife conservation, they’re also interested in arts and culture, humanities and [inaudible 00:27:21].

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Who Counts? Grappling with Attendance as a Proxy for Impact

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Louis Post-Dispatch published the kind of "how sausage is made" story that rarely gets written about the arts. Summertime concerts at the history museum? Outdoor movies at the art museum? Why do we count participants in an art activity for families at a community center but not members of the Rotary Club to whom I give a presentation about the museum? If someone has an epiphany about art outside the museum, do they count?