One Mom’s Tips for Arts & Cultural Organizations

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As I think about arts & cultural institutions, I realize that my family is an ideal target for these organizations. What does our consumption of arts & cultural organizations look like? For performing arts, maybe something as simple as adding a reminder to my calendar on the day and time tickets go on sale. Here are some ways that arts & cultural organizations can address the desire for something different.

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Supporting Arts and Cultural Organizations Makes a Big Impact

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Arts and cultural organizations are not exempt from the excitement and are competing with other nonprofits for donor dollars. How do you convince someone to donate to your arts organization? We asked ourselves that question and did some research for you.

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Generational Giving at Arts & Cultural Organizations – A Donor Story

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You gravitated toward the museum, zoo, gallery, symphony, cultural management organization because of your roots. Have you asked yourself similar questions? If you have asked yourself some of these questions, here are some thoughts about how to build lifelong relationships—starting at a very young age. Maybe think about activities you could support that would offer parents a place for their kids to go and learn, like a movie series, art classes, or a small-scale concert.

Inconveniently, Subscriptions Still Sustain the Arts

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This post was originally published on Analysis from TRG Arts. Have you ever wondered why so many arts organizations still sell subscriptions? Many in the arts industry say that the subscription model is dead. Today, many arts organizations believe that they have to change or die.

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The Top 4 Challenges Facing Arts and Cultural Organizations

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Be creative, and visitors will appreciate they were able to arrive without answering awkward questions at the front desk. Integrated Marketing Arts & Cultural Membership online ticketing ticketing Guest post by Jonathon Leeke, Product Manager at Blackbaud. .

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5 Steps to Content Marketing Success for Arts and Cultural Nonprofits

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How can arts and cultural organizations start leveraging content marketing? There are 5 steps to start a content marketing program at your arts and cultural organization. Arts and cultural organizations have an unfair advantage when it comes to content creation.

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Nine Ways to Save More Time at Your Arts & Cultural Organization

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Devandra is a Consultant for Arts and Cultural organizations at Blackbaud and has spent the last 4 years helping nonprofits become more efficient in their operations. Encourage team members to challenge the status quo by asking questions and suggesting new options.

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Personal Stories – Arts Orgs Need Not Apply?

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Working with arts organizations there are often concern that your constituent stories aren’t as impactful. million likes surely someone touting the effect of music and art on their lives can get just as many. If a mother or counselor calls you to express gratitude for that after school program, that summer art camp that kept her child off the streets or the guitar class in the gym on Saturdays, dig in. Annual Fund Fundraising Arts & Cultural museum

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The Diversity Question in the Arts Blogosphere

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But this month, it's as if there was a subliminal email sent to a crew of bloggers in the arts suggesting a salon about audience diversity, and how/why to move in that direction.

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Why You Should Stop Trying to Save the World

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Most of all, take some time to consider these important questions: At the end of your life, what will your impact or legacy be (personally and professionally)? I get it. You’re committed to making a difference in the world. You love you what you do and you’re good at it.

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Creating A Culture of Continuous Improvement Based On Data

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This section of the report covers new ways of thinking about organizational culture based in continuous improvement based on feedback. It speaks to establishing culture norms among staff of curiosity, reflection, and trust. The term means learning culture. Cultural Indicators.

4 Step by Step Engagement Strategies for Nonprofit Websites

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Listen for hot topics or questions. If your content can address some of the common questions being asked, then it will be a useful resource for your audience. Some will question the impact of this type of engagement to your mission, and rightly so. Use polls to ask a question.

Engagement Strategies to Turn Nonprofit Board Members into Ambassadors for Your Cause

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During this meeting, the candidate should be comfortable asking questions and engaging in an informal discussion. In most instances, an hour-long orientation will give the board member enough information, prepare them for community involvement, and allow for questions.

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Building a Culture of Experimentation

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I’m starting to really appreciate the difference between being an individual agent and creating a culture of agency. And increasingly, what I’m trying to enable is a culture of experimentation. We often talk about “change” or “innovation” as the goal for our institutions, but I’d argue that building a culture of experimentation is more important than building a culture of change. What does a culture of experimentation look like?

10 Can’t-Miss Free Social Good Webinars in November 2019

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To help answer these questions, Candid (Foundation Center and GuideStar recently merged to create a new organization) and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) produce the annual Measuring the State of Disaster Philanthropy report.

Top Event Strategies for Major Donor Cultivation

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Develop an elevator pitch that will interest the potential donor and provide ample opportunity for them to ask questions. Major donors should will questions regarding your budget, funding and community impact, so create cheat cards for volunteers who need extra support.

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Art Brings People Together: Measuring the Power of Social Bridging

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Earlier this fall, I read this headline: "Stanford study: Participation in a cultural activity may reduce prejudice." When the music video was not focused on Mexican culture, no such change occurred. Direct questioning.

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The Art of Facilitating Virtual Meetings with Sticky Notes

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

In a face-to-face training, I might do an exercise with sticky notes where I get participants to write down answers to a question or two related to the content on sticky notes. For this meeting, we asked two questions: What makes a meeting a good, productive use of your time?

Are the Arts Habit-Forming?

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Imagine this situation: You go to an arts event, one of a type you rarely or never take part in. This is a question I've been puzzling over now for a few months, both professionally and personally. There's been a lot of innovation in arts programming in the last few years.

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The Art of Relevance Sneak Peek: What IS Relevance?

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This month, I'm sharing a few chapters from my new book The Art of Relevance in advance of its release. Here's the second chapter of the book, which answers a basic question: what IS relevance? Meaning, Effort, Bacon In pop culture-land, relevance is all about now.

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4 Ways AI is the Next Big Game-Changer in Museum Membership & Attendance

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Also known as “conversational AI,” these bots are increasingly sophisticated and are able to handle requests and questions from clients, as well as offer advanced assistance with processing healthcare claims and negotiating mortgage rates. Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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#GivingZOODay Highlights #GivingTuesday for Zoos and Aquariums

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How Zoos and Aquariums Can Get Involved: Start by asking your board, your staff, your supporters—and yourself—a series of questions: What are our biggest needs—for our animals, for our facilities, for our exhibits? After you’ve answered these questions, you can develop your goals.

Stewarding #GivingTuesday: Increase Your Retention Rate

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So, the question is; will the success of #GivingTuesday continue? Arts & Cultural Nonprofit Nonprofit Fundraising Nonprofit Marketing #GivingTuesday Donor Engagement Donor Stewardship giving tuesday sustainer giving

Major Gifts: Defining and Enhancing Your Strategy

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Asking questions like “How large is a major gift at your organization?” The 2017 Major Gifts Fundraising Benchmark Study asked the question of its respondents and found that 26% of organizations say that donations between $1,000 – $2,499 are considered a major gift at their organization.

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New Study Monitors Dramatically Transforming Donor Behavior

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Advocacy Arts & Cultural Foundations Healthcare Higher Education Nonprofit Nonprofit News American Donors baby boomers Donor Marketplace donor retention sector trends The Blackbaud Institute

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6 Tips to Retain Volunteers

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When a volunteer approaches you with an idea, listen and ask questions. Nonprofit Management Arts & Cultural volunteer management Volunteer Program volunteersVolunteers are superheroes! They are your advocates, champions, ambassadors, and worker bees.

5 Research-Backed Lessons on Major Gifts Fundraising

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The question is important, of course, because charity giving for most households is not considered a neccisity, rather it is something that philanthropic individuals want to do to better the communities around them.

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Arts Assessment: Let's Stop "Proving" and Start Improving

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Research and assessment is rare in the arts, and it tends to focus on "proving" our value. Studies of how arts participation affects student test scores. And given what I''ve seen on micro and macro-levels in arts funding and power, I don''t think this strategy is working.

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Share of the American Wallet: What It Does and Does Not Mean for Your Nonprofit

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Start by encouraging everyone who interacts with donors or prospects to ask questions, and input what they learn into your database. The purpose for these questions is ultimately relationship building.

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Building a Pipeline to the Arts, World Cup Style

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And it''s got me thinking about how we build energy and audience for the arts in this country. Barry Hessenius recently wrote a blog post questioning the theory that more art into the school day will increase and bolster future adult audiences for art experiences.

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What's More Inclusive: Food or Art? Introducing Abbott Square, Part 10

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This is the tenth in a series of posts on the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History ( MAH )'s development of Abbott Square , a new creative community plaza in downtown Santa Cruz. Our staff and community saw these questions differently from the start.

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7 Steps for Giving Effective Feedback

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during the Q&A portion of your presentation, you were unable to answer several of the questions asked…. Arts & Cultural Companies Faith Communities Foundations Healthcare Higher Education K-12 Schools Nonprofit Nonprofit Management giving feedback personal developmentFeedback is a gift. Those who know me have heard me utter this phrase a time or two…it might even be my official tagline.

Self Care in the Museum Workplace

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In today’s post, Seema and Elizabeth answer some of the questions during the webinar, and share suggestions contributed by participants. Note, some questions have been edited in the interests of privacy.]. Questions. And a similar question) I often feel that if I’m not stressed, I’m not trying/working hard enough. Seema) In some museum work places, the culture of stress is tied to perceived effort, as you mention. Seema) This is a great question, and a hard one.

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Another Case of FOMO? Or Is There Really a Need for MORE Cultivation Events?

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*FOMO = slang for ‘fear of missing out’—and missing out is something we definitely don’t want ANY of our Arts & Cultural patrons to do! But the question to ask is: are you taking advantage of this time and engagement as an additional cultivation activity?

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Is your Digital Strategy Conservative or Revolutionary?

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As cultural institutions, we are a “field” competing against “industries”—gaming, movie, TV, and amusement—that have the money to spend on weapons of mass audience engagement. As a digital strategy consultant, I work with cultural institutions on defining their digital strategies.

8 Strategy Basics for Nonprofit Organizations

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To begin to assess your nonprofit’s place in the marketplace , ask three questions: Who are my most direct competitors? Nonprofit Management #nptech Arts & Cultural business model data analysis Strategy What comes to mind when you think of nonprofit strategy?

Donor Stewardship: Guiding Donors to The Next Level of Support

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If a donor approaches you directly about an idea, listen to it and ask questions. Nonprofit Fundraising Arts & Culture donor retention Donor Stewardship Donor Stewardship Plan Donor Stewardship Pyramid

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Are Cultural Organizations Built to Fail to Scale?

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One of the biggest questions on my mind as I listen is: why isn’t my industry scaling up the way these businesses do? I can think of many extraordinary innovators in the nonprofit cultural sector--people and organizations creating brilliant programs, site-based experiences, and products.

Collaboration Anti-Culture

Network-Centric Advocacy

Here is a great riff on culture and collaboration that resonates with me. It fits with the seven elements of a healthy network and begs the question…. can you manage “culture”? It is possible to establish and set the culture of a group. There are 3 ways to build culture in an organization or network. Leadership- Leadership in culture is very different from leadership in an executive sense. Language – A culture can not emerge without commonalities.

Telling the story in a new way: Should arts leaders use impact evaluation?

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To borrow from the song: “Art is a many splendored thing.” Art is also very subjective. Again borrowing: “One man’s trash is another man’s art.” So, what is the value of art? Recently, I attended a conference on arts education. Cultural Trends Vol.

The Art of Relevance Sneak Peek: Part Ex-Con, Part Farmer, Part Queen

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For the last time this summer, I'm sharing a chapter from my new book The Art of Relevance to celebrate its release. I firmly believe that all people have something meaningful to contribute to our communities, cultural work, and society at large--including youth.

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15 Most-Read npENGAGE Articles from 2018

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Russell got deep in to the soul, mind and heart of the role and described the three important roles a CFO can take on: the Builder, the Strategic Decision-Maker, and the organization’s Cultural Trendsetter. . .

The Art of Relevance Sneak Peek: Rock and Roll Family Edition

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Yesterday, the local paper in Santa Cruz published a great article about my new book, The Art of Relevance. I've learned so much from my dad about making art, putting on a great show, inviting audience participation , and navigating celebrity. Book: The Art of Relevance

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