6 Creative Program Ideas for Arts & Cultural Organizations

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On a recent trip to Chicago, I checked out the Museum of Contemporary Art. As I walked around delighting in the weirdness that is contemporary art, I realized how advantageous it can be to not have any permanent exhibits. That experience got me thinking about other ways arts and cultural organizations are innovating with their programs. From food festivals to light shows to lectures, there’ve never been more options for arts and cultural programming.

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Generational Giving at Arts & Cultural Organizations – A Donor Story

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You gravitated toward the museum, zoo, gallery, symphony, cultural management organization because of your roots. Build a membership program specifically for children. Maybe think about activities you could support that would offer parents a place for their kids to go and learn, like a movie series, art classes, or a small-scale concert. If you can manage two to four activities per year, you’ve provided some value to the parents and involved children at an early age.

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Resources to Guide Arts and Cultural Organizations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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As an arts and cultural organization, you are among the most trusted sources of information in today’s world. By sharing facts about how to lower the risk of contracting or spreading the disease, arts and cultural organizations can help keep their communities healthy and instill a sense of calm. . A rts and cultural organizations rely on people visiting them for much of their income. Arts & Cultural Specific Resources .

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#BBCON 2016| What’s in It for Arts & Cultural Organizations

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Knowing that those three days are so jam-packed with content, I often get asked what bbcon offers for arts administrators, and the answer is…a lot! So I went ahead and picked out some of the top sessions for Arts & Cultural organization to make planning your conference journey just a little bit easier. Nonprofit News #bbcon Arts Arts & Cultural MuseumsOne of my favorite times of year is fast approaching—bbcon.

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Embracing a More Diverse Audience in Arts and Culture

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Sara Woldt is an MBA candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Bolz Center for Arts Administration with career interests in marketing and development. If arts and cultural nonprofits fail to cultivate more diverse audiences, they risk decreased attendance and bankruptcy. Become more involved in civic and cultural issues. Most importantly, these changes will ensure that arts and cultural organizations better serve their communities as they evolve in the future.

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Walk in Your Visitor’s Shoes: How to use the Buyer’s Journey to increase Attendance at your Arts & Cultural Organization

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Arts & c ultural organizations can use this framework to send the right messages to the right people at the right time. . Let’s consider each stage from a n arts & cultural point of view and for our purposes rename this a visitor’s journey. . Look for ways you can get exposure in the media – many local NPR affiliates will cover cultural events, particularly if they involve partnering with another organization or doing community outreach.

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3 Unforgettable Reasons Arts and Cultural Organizations Need Pinterest


Pinterest for Arts and Cultural Organizations, really? So what does all this mean for Arts and Cultural Organizations ? As Arts and Cultural Organizations (museums, zoos, galleries, festivals and foundations), you have so many powerful images to choose from. Hands On Childrens Museum. Laguna Art Museum. And many of the categories are perfect for Arts and Cultural Organizations to showcase their awesomeness!

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What the Association of Children’s Museums InterActivity 2014 Had to Say About Cultivating Donors

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Last week I had the opportunity to attend and present at the Association of Children’s Museums annual conference, #interactivity2014, with Julia Kennard, CFO from EdVenture, Carole Charnow, President and CEO from Boston Children’s Museum and Katie Boehm, Annual Fund & Events Manager from KidsQuest. Stewardship Arts & Cultural donor cultivation fundraising ideas fundraising tips Memberships relationship building

Empowering Young Children through Philanthropy

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One of them was Vincent Law who is doing interesting work with teaching young children about giving and philanthropy. Empower Young Children through Philanthropy – guest blog post by Vincent Law, CEO and Founder at PhilanthroKids Academy. Different culture has different understanding of philanthropy and we use different words to represent various aspects of the concept. In most cultures, philanthropy existed a long time ago. There were a lot of children names.

Breaking down the CARES Act:  How the New Stimulus Bill Could Provide Relief for Social Good Organizations

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Children and Family Services Programs – $1.9 National Endowments for the Arts and Humanities – $75 Million each. Arts & Cultural Faith Communities Foundations Healthcare Higher Education K-12 Schools Nonprofit Nonprofit Management CARES Act coronavirus COVID-19 public policyOn Friday, March 27, the House of Representatives and the President signed into law H.R.

Engagement Strategies to Turn Nonprofit Board Members into Ambassadors for Your Cause

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For example, if the prospect has children and you are touring an aquarium, invite the family to join and provide a once-in-a-life-time experience. Nonprofit Management ambassadors Arts & Cultural Arts & Culture board members board of directors engagement strategies nonprofit board nonprofit board of directorsEngaged board members are instrumental advocates and ambassadors for your nonprofit organization.

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It’s Time to #Showyourculture!

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In January, Blackbaud employees from all ov the world rallied together to celebrate our cultural customers through our #showyourculture initiative. Everyone from engineers to sales representatives to our CEO Mike Gianoni got in on the fun, posting their favorite memories from arts and cultural organizations on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, using #showyourculture in their post so we could all follow along. Pictures drive engagement: Cultural events make for great pictures.

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10 Tips for Using Zoom for Successful Donor Visits

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If you are on your own, set children up in a nearby room with something quiet (like LEGOs) and Netflix. Arts & Cultural Foundations Healthcare Higher Education K-12 Schools Nonprofit Nonprofit Fundraising coronavirus COVID-19 Donor Engagement Major Donor CultivationI feel grateful. Maybe, lucky? I’m not sure which word is more correct for such a tumultuous and devastating situation. Neither seems entirely accurate.

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4 Important Membership Trends Every Museum Needs to Consider

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It’s not too late for museums and cultural organizations, but the longer you wait to introduce digital offerings to your members, the more you stand to lose. Read more about retaining members: 7 Ways for Arts & Cultural Organizations to Retain Members. There is growing competition for attention, dollars, and loyalty from today’s consumer, whether altruistic nonprofit devotee, environmental advocate, culture vulture, or none of the above.

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4 Ways AI is the Next Big Game-Changer in Museum Membership & Attendance

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In 2017, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis implemented one of the most innovative dynamic pricing systems among museums yet. Hear it from the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and their collaborators at their 2017 MCN presentation on the use of dynamic pricing: “Each day at your attraction or museum is a unique day, has different unique demand patterns, and should be priced differently than other days. Source: The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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How KidsQuest Converted Members into Loyal Donors

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As I learned from Katie Boehm at KidsQuest Children’s Museum this week, staying fresh in your fundraising approach is more about the approach and strategy then it is about the channel. Nonprofit Fundraising Arts & Cultural Arts & Culture donor retention Members Museums telefundingDoes telefunding sound like an old-fashioned fundraising approach to you?

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5 Research-Backed Lessons on Major Gifts Fundraising

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I’m sure you’ve heard some of these assumptions: “They have a really nice house in a tony neighborhood so they must have capacity,” to “she’s widowed and doesn’t have children so she’s perfect for Planned Giving,” to “oh, he’s too young to be philanthropic,” to “lawyers make a lot of money so we should try to meet with her.” Having children older than 6 years of age.

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Ancient Greece 2.0: Arts Participation before the Industrial Age

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When we talk about making museums or performing arts organizations more participatory and dynamic, those changes are often seen as threatening to the traditional arts experience. Audience commentary, comfortable spaces for eating and talking, opportunities for amateurs to contribute to professional work: these are often considered intrusions into formal, classical settings for enjoyment of arts. But what if the "traditional" arts experiences is a myth?

Share of the American Wallet: What It Does and Does Not Mean for Your Nonprofit

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Other factors that make a difference include: marital status , number of children in the home, income , and education level. Asking about children can often be an easy win, too. Arts & Cultural Healthcare Higher Education Nonprofit Nonprofit Fundraising Nonprofit News charitable giving discretionary spending donor cultivation donor profiles Share of the American Wallet The Blackbaud Institute

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Foundation Revenue Grows 4.7 Percent

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The new Foundation Index, which tracks revenue from giving to foundations, brings the number of specialty indices up to 11, including: Arts & Culture, Environment & Animal Welfare, Faith-based, Healthcare, Higher Education, Human Services, International Affairs, K-12 Education, Medical Research, Public & Society Benefit. The foundation uses those funds to support over 130 Casa Herbalife nutrition programs in 50 countries that serve over 100,000 children.

Another Case of FOMO? Or Is There Really a Need for MORE Cultivation Events?

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*FOMO = slang for ‘fear of missing out’—and missing out is something we definitely don’t want ANY of our Arts & Cultural patrons to do! As an Arts and Cultural organization, the Annual Gala is your opportunity to celebrate your organization’s past, your current activities and projects, and what is still to come. What about those annual donors who support you every year, or the mother who signs up her children for camp every summer?

The Art of Relevance Sneak Peek: Part Ex-Con, Part Farmer, Part Queen

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For the last time this summer, I'm sharing a chapter from my new book The Art of Relevance to celebrate its release. I firmly believe that all people have something meaningful to contribute to our communities, cultural work, and society at large--including youth. Before their teen years, children are sponges. Book: The Art of RelevanceRead more online and buy your own copy today. This chapter, from the last section of the book, is very personal to me.

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The Fundraising Event Planning Checklist

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Fundraising events can focus on multiple demographics including young professionals, children, parents, seasoned patrons, or the community as a whole. Nonprofit Fundraising Arts & Cultural Fundraising Event Planning fundraising eventsFundraising events are an exciting and useful tool for exposing your mission to the community. Every event serves similar purposes: networking, increasing revenue and generating awareness.

Self Care in the Museum Workplace

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Seema) In some museum work places, the culture of stress is tied to perceived effort, as you mention. For example, when I taught studio classes, ages ago, I often did projects at home, because I wanted my children involved. Each museum staff has its own culture born of the particular challenges of their own work. But as Seema says, wellness is contextual—fit-test these ideas to your culture before you wade in. Arts & Cultural Museums professional burnout self car

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Games and Cultural Spaces: Live Blog Notes from Games for Change

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The speakers for this panel include: Tracy Fullerton – Electronics Arts Game Innovation Lab. My focus is on how children learn science. In painted wood and styrofoam, it was a masterful and whimsical refusal to answer that pesky question of whether games can be art. Tracy : When we speak about cultureal spaces, we are really talking about caging and preserving culture. That’s one of the goals of research institustions and cultureal spaces in general.

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Kid-Tested, Hipster-Approved: How Austin’s Thinkery Curated a Whole New Audience.

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” How is this influx of new people influencing Austin’s Arts & Cultural community? It was a fabulous date night (check out said caricature), and the next day I was telling all of my friends – with and without children – that they had to visit Thinkery. Nonprofit Marketing Arts & Cultural Social Media for Nonprofits TipsOh, Austin, TX.

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Donor Stewardship: Guiding Donors to The Next Level of Support

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Pro Tip: If the donor has children and you are touring an aquarium, invite their family to join and allow them to do special feedings. Nonprofit Fundraising Arts & Culture donor retention Donor Stewardship Donor Stewardship Plan Donor Stewardship PyramidStewardship is defined as the “responsibility of overseeing and protecting something considered worth caring for and preserving.”

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Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Attracting Millennials to Your Organization with Pokémon Go Events

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Trendswatch 2016 predicts that augmented and virtual realities are going to provide arts and cultural organizations with new ways to make exhibits more accessible. We’ll host them in conjunction with children’s events, which are often held on Saturday’s when attendance is higher. Come join the Arts & Cultural conversation in the Altru Community! Chances are you’ve heard of Pokémon Go – maybe you’re even playing it right now!

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Maximizing Your Membership Program: Tips from the Experts

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I had the opportunity to attend the Association of Children’s Museums annual conference: InterActivity 2016. As I sat in a session, Membership from Here to There and Everywhere In Between, I had a realization: No one is better at managing membership programs than children’s museums. Children’s museums have all the challenges that all membership driven organization have… PLUS they have children, and therefore their members, aging out of their institutions every year.

11 Ways Your Museum Should be using Twitter

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The Gibbes Museum of Art , for example, does a great job of using Twitter to share announcements about exhibits, raise awareness for their events, and start conversations with groups scheduled to attend the museum (see below)… However, for every one Gibbes-like Museum that I see using Twitter effectively, I see ten that aren’t getting the most out of the tool. Gull Wings Children’s Museum does a good job of tweeting about their programs.

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Seeking Clarity about the Complementary Nature of Social Work and the Arts

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When we talk about museums or cultural institutions as vehicles of social and civic change, what does that really mean? Meanwhile, arts industry leaders worry about " oversupply " of organizations in the face of dwindling demand. Arts organizations can operate on their own timelines and internal values. This may sound obvious, but the rhetoric about cultural organizations working in the social sphere often ignores our inherent differences.

What do I do with data from my point of sale system?

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There’s no reason that arts and cultural organizations can’t do the same thing. If they dropped their children off at parents-night-out be sure to mention the current promotion on family memberships. Integrated Marketing Arts & Cultural Donor Relations fundraising Point of Sale This is a guest post from Kristen Gastaldo, the Community Manager for Altru.

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Equity in Arts Funding: We're Not There Yet. We're Not Even Close.

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This week, the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy released a new paper by Holly Sidford called Fusing Arts, Culture, and Social Change. Sidford makes a clear, well-researched, and persuasive argument that "current arts grantmaking disregards large segments of cultural practice, and by doing so, it disregards large segments of our society." This has obvious negative implications when it comes to issues of social justice and representation in the arts.

Benchmarking Data You Can Use: Live from #BBCON

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The data discussed in this presentation was pulled from 200 Altru customers, which are organizations in the arts and cultural vertical of the nonprofit market, and is from the last 12 months ending in Q1 2013. Of the data presented, these arts and cultural organizations have 55% of their records with email addresses. Julia Kennard is the CFO at EdVenture Children’s Museum in Columbia, SC.

Ask Britt: How can I combine the creative arts with social impact?

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This week's Ask Britt question, sent in by a reader, is, "How can I combine the creative arts with social impact? The arts are a wonderful way to make a difference in the world because they are fun, engaging, and oftentimes help you to tell stories, all key elements to attracting and keeping people involved in a cause. Here are some examples of ways people have used the arts to create social impact: 50 Crows Social Change Photography "Images inspire people to act.

Send in the Science Clowns: A Frustrated Reaction to a Science Center Demonstration

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I used to perform these kinds of shows at the Capital Children’s Museum, and I was impressed by the whole production. I can’t imagine seeing a show like this in any other cultural context. There’s no art museum where Picasso is portrayed as a boozy goofball on the make. The show was geared solely towards children. But the show would have also confirmed that the science center was for children, not for me. Tags: children's museums programs

Invest in the 3 Cs for Strong Fundraising Results: Capacity, Cultivation and Communication

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Arts and culture – Giving for impact. ” Those outings can include activities for families and children, and can pave the way for additional gifts. Fundraising Industry Trends Research & Trends arts&cultural donations education fundraising Major gifts 2013 was a strong year for fundraising, with charities posting their best increase since before the economy plunged in 2008, according to the 2013 Charitable Giving Report.

Games and Cultural Spaces: Live Blog Notes from Games for Change


The speakers for this panel include: Tracy Fullerton - Electronics Arts Game Innovation Lab Ruth Cohen - American Museum of natural History Elaine Charnov - The NY Public Library Jason Eppink - Museum of the Moving Image Syed Salahuddin - Babycastles Elaine Cohen: The New York Public Library 100 Years of the flagship library in New York. My focus is on how children learn science. That's one of the goals of research institutions and cultural spaces in general.

Faith Ringgold: 30 Years of Art-Making and Activism and Video Clip on Women Artists

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Click here to listen to a very brief interview Over the weekend, I attended the Technology in the Arts Conference in Pittsburgh where artist and activist Faith Ringgold was one of the keynote speakers. She noted, "In the 60's, it was about answering the question "What is black art?" " In the 70s, what is women's art? Why are women so important in visual art?"

The Event-Driven Museum, One Year Later

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Now, a year later, I've seen the beginnings of how that question has borne out at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH) , as well as hearing from folks around the museum industry about the interplay of exhibitions and events at their own institutions. One director of a children's museum even told me that they "eventize" normal operations--calling a Saturday a "family festival" without changing the planned programming--to draw more people.

Alli Chagi-Starr, Art in Action/Ella Baker Center, Podcast Interview Transcription

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Today's Big Vision Podcast transcript is from an interview with arts activist, Alli Chagi-Starr. We'll be taking with arts activist Alli Chagi-Starr, the Cultural Arts Director for the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights ' Reclaim the Future Program. Alli is also the co-founder of Art and Revolution, and founder of Art in Action , Dancers without Borders, and the Radical Performance Fest. Is it children and literature?

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Approach Social Media Like Thomas Edison

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

On Friday, I facilitated the final face-to-face workshop for the Social Media Lab for 25 arts organizations inspired by Thomas Edison’s approach. It was sponsored by the Hewlett Foundation, Wallace Foundation, San Francisco Foundation, Grants for the Arts, and the Koret Foundation. The whole idea got started a year ago when James Leventhal who is Deputy Director for the Contemporary Jewish Museum asked me if I would design some trainings for the local arts community.

How to write a Strong Nonprofit Mission Statement [Template + Examples]

Nonprofit Marketing Insights by GlobalOwls

CoachArt: CoachArt creates a transformative arts and athletics community for families impacted by childhood chronic illness. Invisible Children: To bring a permanent end to LRA atrocities. National Wildlife Federation : Inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future.