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We particularly appreciate search bar suggestions, like how Spotify invites users to search not only a song title but an artist or a podcast too. If you’ve ever worked on a single project long enough, you know that elements start to blend together over time.

Accessibility on Social Media


And when shown at low-resolution, they are easier to make out than serif typefaces, which can sometimes blend together. . Additionally, you may see special characters used to create artistic typefaces for profiles on Twitter and Instagram. Read time: 6 minutes.


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Is it OK to Smash That? The Complications of Living Art Museums

Museum 2.0

The man is artist Rocky Lewycky , whose work is part of a group show of visual artists who have won a prestigious regional fellowship. blends sculpture, repetition, and ritual performance in a political statement about the genocide of animals in factory farms. If an artist can come into a museum and smash stuff, what does that tell visitors? If visitors can smash stuff when anointed to do so by an artist, but not otherwise, how do they understand that action?

50 Silent Auction Basket Ideas to Bring In the Big Bids


Coffee lovers will jump at the chance to try new coffee blends or brewing methods for their morning, afternoon, or evening cup of joe. Silent auctions are a great way to fundraise and encourage donors to get involved with nonprofits.

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Designing Transformative Communications Capacity Building Programs for Nonprofits

Beth Kanter

Getting in on the Act: New Report on Participatory Arts Engagement

Museum 2.0

Useful designations of four broad goals for active participation (page 14): Participation in Service of a Community Need or Societal Goal Participation in Support of, or as a Complement to, Artistic Vision Participation in Service of an Artistic Process or Product Participation as the Fundamental Goal What's challenging about the report is how many different frameworks it presents.

Lead or Follow: Arts Administrators Hash it Out

Museum 2.0

Last week, Douglas McLellan of artsJournal ran a multi-vocal forum on the relationship between arts organizations and audiences, asking: In this age of self expression and information overload, do our artists and arts organizations need to lead more or learn to follow their communities more? He made a comment on Michael Kaiser's fairly formulaic "great artists lead the nation" post, laying bare the banality of most of the language used to describe and present art experiences to the public.

Thou Shall Not Paint the Concrete: Guest Revelations by Don Hughes

Museum 2.0

But I reserve for Don Hughes that particular blend of admiration and fear that comes when encountering uncompromised brilliance. He is a genius designer out of central casting: an artist, mercurial, funny, emphatic, honest, unflinching, with a disarming weakness for babies. I started my museum career as an exhibit designer. There are many heroes I look up to in that field.

The 5 Best Social Impact Games of 2010


In the multi-player version, the power of online discussion blends into the gameplay and the virtual Chinatown becomes an interactive 3D town hall meeting - creating a collaborative environment that would not be possible at a traditional venue. # Jeff has been a DJ, music producer, graphic designer, illustrator and consultant to independent artists and small business owners.

Game 70

Think Like a (Real Estate) Developer: Introducing Abbott Square, Part 9

Museum 2.0

Working with creative people taught me to think like an artist: observe, explore, dive in, look out. FLEXIBLE OPTIMISM + HARD CRITERIA Real estate developers blend optimism and flexibility with clear-eyed assessment of what external conditions make a project go. An artist says: “I’ll explore the world, pull ideas from it, and craft a response.”

The World Beach Project: A Creative Contributory Project that Shines

Museum 2.0

The World Beach Project is managed by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London with artist-in-residence Sue Lawty. The artist, Sue Lawty, maintains a blog with her reflections on the project and occasionally celebrates particular contributions, but this blog is fairly contained within the project website and is not a major source of web links. Many museums do not provide participants with clear terms surrounding their submissions, and for savvy people (especially artists!)

Using Social Bridging to Be "For Everyone" in a New Way

Museum 2.0

We''ve seen surprising and powerful results--visitors from different backgrounds getting to know each other, homeless people and museum volunteers working together, artists from different worlds building new collaborative projects. I don''t have the answer to how we can incorporate bridging across the various ways we work with intact and blended communities.

Teen 43

Building Community Bridges: A "So What" Behind Social Participation

Museum 2.0

At the adjacent table, my colleague Stacey Garcia was meeting with a local artist, Kyle Lane-McKinley, to talk about an upcoming project. I don't know what formed the bridge between the artists and the teens in this circumstance. We tailor the programming blend to diverse ages, making sure no activity is just for kids or adults, no matter how much glue or fire is involved. Last Friday, I witnessed something beautiful at my museum.

Hack the Museum Camp Part 2: Making Magic, Reality TV, and Risk as a Red Herring

Museum 2.0

Then, when we put together teams, we again tried to break people up such that every team would have a blend of individuals across several axes. Everyone''s definition of risk is different, and while museum professionals may share a common language around the topic, that commonality breaks down when you involve artists and technologists and game designers and performers. We did it. Last week, my museum hosted Hack the Museum Camp , a 2.5

7 Crowdfunding Tips Demystified


Storytelling isn’t just a creative endeavor reserved only for artists, designers, musicians, and writers. Customize the template for the fundraisers’ page so that it blends in with your organization’s online presence. Have you had a chance to check out the stellar infographic, Cracking the Crowdfunding Code , by the Rad Campaign ? It concludes with seven traits of a successful nonprofit crowdfunding campaign.

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Personal Democracy Unconference URL list | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

link] – Greenpeace advocacy site [link] – Greenpeace blog [link] – Greenpeace on Myspace [link] – PETA on myspace [link] – viral video by Greenpeace [link] – new way to think about politics [link] – artists show how to do Web 2.0

Holly Stevens: Blogging as Storytelling

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The newsletter is one-of-a-kind in its yearning to invite to the table people involved with story and narrative both from the teller end of the continuum (such as professional storytellers, performing artists and librarians) and from the listener end (such as conflict resolution specialists, truth commission workers, therapists and clergy), and I love the synergy that develops from this dialogue.

17 Ways We Made our Exhibition Participatory

Museum 2.0

We experimented with many different forms of visitor participation throughout the building, trying to balance social and individual, text-based and artistic, cerebral and silly. Second Floor and the Main Gallery The main gallery for the exhibition primarily focuses on a blend of traditional exhibition content exploring romantic and platonic love. Going to MAH and seeing the LOVE exhibition on First Friday was a wonderful experience.

Advice: An Exhibition about Talking to Strangers

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Facilitated/Unfacilitated Blend When we started this course, I really pushed the students to think about ways to induce unfacilitated interactions among strangers. In April, I gave 13 UW graduate students a simple challenge: make an exhibit that gets strangers to talk to each other. 10 weeks, $300, and a whole lot of post-it notes later, they succeeded. Last month, student Nicole Robert wrote about the concept for Advice: Give it, Get it, Flip it, Fuck it.