Favianna Rodriguez: Political Digital Artist and Printmaker

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I think about how hesitant I was to become an artist, because I didn't see role models, and even to this day how hard it is for me sometimes to find peers who are women of color, because of how systematically they are pushed out. Utne Reader named Favianna one of their 2008, 50 Visionaries Who Are Changing Your World , and she recently received a Sisters of Fire Award from the Women of Color Resource Center. I'm an artist and an institution builder.

8 Tried-and-True (Secret) Individual Donor Fundraising Action Tips


Invite them to a volunteer orientation, lunch with some of your leadership, a virtual behind-the-scenes journey, one-to-one with your executive director, a talk by a program director, doctor, scientist, artist, loan recipient, or anything else you can dream up. .

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2021 Funding & Grant Resources For Women’s Empowerment Organizations


Historically for female entrepreneurs, the Amber Grant can now be awarded to female-led nonprofit organizations with vision and passion. This free course will teach you the most efficient way to search for grants and exactly how to identify funders who best align with your own organization.

31 Unique Ideas for Small Church Fundraisers


Or, with renewed interest in old school hobbies like gardening, breadmaking, and woodworking, do you have members who could donate their time to teach these skills? Awards shows. Want to bring your fundraising to the next level? Enlist in Boot Camp.

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Top 21 Virtual Event Ideas for Your Next Online Event


Add an incentive by awarding points for actions taken and a prize for the first one to complete the scavenger hunt. Hire a talented artist to create real-time illustrations in a session.

100+ Fundraising Event Ideas to Try in 2021 and Beyond


The winners are then awarded with their prizes! Depending on your budget, you may be able to get a popular artist, but you can also reach out to local musicians. Talent show – Recruit some passionate supporters to showcase their talent and award the most popular one with a fun prize!

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Lisa Sonora Beam, The Creative Entrepreneur: How I Have Fun, Do Good

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Lisa is the author of The Creative Entrepreneur , an award-winning book on creativity and business for creatives who want to do what they love, and make a difference. She is a lifelong artist, and was a therapist working in psychiatric hospitals before she made the leap into advertising (long story). Lisa Sonora Beam, The Creative Entrepreneur: How I Have Fun, Do Good Buy art from artists. All bought from an artist so grateful to be earning money from their work.

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Meet the 2012 Digital Storytelling Challenge Judges

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While our community is busy from March 6 – 12 picking their favorites for the Audience Choice Awards , our panel of expert judges will be selecting the top digital stories from among hundreds of entries. All winners will be announced on March 28 at an awards ceremony and screening party in San Francisco and on streamed to the web. University, he teaches thousands of marketers, change-makers, and.

Strategies to Tell if Your Nonprofit Content Marketing is Hurting or Helping


Maybe it’s a doctor, lawyer, scientist or researcher on your staff; an artist, writer, performer, curator or animal keeper; or the head of a field operation. A blank or muddled canvas is a bore (okay, not if you’re an artist, but you get the idea.). Nothing comes from nothing.

Mobile Storytelling: An Evolving Story


It’s the news of Beyonce’s pregnancy announced during the MTV Video Awards that takes the honor of #1. Interactive artist, Jonathan Harris is an amazing story teller. " And maybe that can teach us something about ourselves. By Nam-ho Park, Director, Mobile Service, Forum One. With the arrival of smartphones, it’s amazing how much data we are collecting and consuming on our mobile devices.

You Think the Red Button is Better, But How Do You Know?

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Two Beaconfire staffers, Shiloh and Jo, recently won our Leadership & Innovation Award for their work on MVT, and I had the opportunity to sit down with them and find out more about it. MVT is really helpful because design is an artistic process, so it can lead to some guess work about what will really be effective,” Jo remarked. “MVT Answer: Multivariate Testing (or MVT). So what is it?

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Nurturing Inner City Entrepreneurs: Jose Corona of Inner City Advisors

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Kind of like artists, a lot of passion and drive can create great things, but they aren't necessarily sustainable over time. I'm a personal believer that you can't teach someone to be an entrepreneur. I don't think you can teach someone to be an entrepreneur. They're artists so they think big. "One of the things that we make sure that everyone understands from the beginning is that we have a give back clause.

Measuring Your Blog's Outcomes and Use of Other Social Media Tools

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I remember serving as a panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts and had to quantify artistic merit. Well, that award goes to you dear readers who are willing to contribute your thoughts and provide insights. Take for example, I writing this post because I'm trying to teach myself Google Analytics so I can make a screencast for NTEN and I can only learn by first-hand experience -- and to learn I'd be writing about it anyway - but with the blog - other people get to read it.

Solutionary Women: Alli Chagi-Starr, Ilyse Hogue, Melinda Kramer and Reem Rahim

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Does anyone in the room identify as an artist, by any chance? I just want to dispel the myth that we are not activists and that we are not artists. So for me as an artist, I got together with some other activists to figure out how could we build beautiful images that would attract the media, attract other human beings of our same species to care about these things as well, and that was the road to doing Art and Revolution. But you know, it teaches you a lot.