Using the Power of Story to Run a Successful Peer-to-Peer Campaign

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A personal story is an articulation about the values, beliefs, and events in someone’s life that have lead them to give and now fundraise. To articulate this, Ganz developed a storytelling model based on challenge, choice, and outcome.

11 Expert Tips for Nonprofits to Embrace Technology for Even Greater Impact

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” The importance of being able to articulate the need for tech to achieve their mission. Focus the time that you have on the 2-3 channels where your supporters want to engage with you. Go find solutions to fix these problems.

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Tips and Tools to Build Your Organization’s Brand

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” Recognize the Problem. Many times, nonprofits don’t recognize the problems that poor branding is causing. Graham said it’s a problem she has run into numerous times while working with organizations. Many problems are a result of the organization communicating incorrectly with their audience, whether that be volunteers, peers, donors, the community or anyone else your organization interacts with. Articulate Your Message.

After Rebranding Your Nonprofit, Then What?

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The problem with that view, or brand model, is that it’s no longer enough, especially in today’s competitive giving environment. All too often nonprofits begin to second guess their investment of time, money and resources in a rebrand.

Boost Your Innovation Efforts with Lean Startup


Your team builds it, hopefully on time and on budget. Or something you thought was a real problem or need for them turned out not to be. There is: lean startup methodology, as most fully developed and articulated
by Eric Ries in his 2011 book The Lean Startup.

7 Ways to Integrate Stories into Your Nonprofit’s Donor Stewardship Strategy

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Donor retention is an on-going conversation in our sector and any time it comes up, people start to panic. But what are we actually changing in order to fix the problem? That’s a much better way to hook your reader and focus on articulating the impact they are a part of.

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Four Tips to Help Nonprofit Marketing Departments Create a Culture of Philanthropy

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It also creates a problem internally where turf wars and a noncollaborative environment lead to frustration, burnout, and staff turnover. Shifting the organization’s culture is a process, and it takes time.

Realignment #3: Value Propositions Are Not About You


There is a serious, mostly undiagnosed problem here. If an intelligent and strategic CEO cannot identify (not simply guess) in depth what creates value for members at various situations and moments in time, his/her organization is in serious trouble.

Help! My Nonprofit Needs A Data Nerd

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The workshop used design-thinking based on Luma methodology to help participants develop a communications strategy for measuring impact. The process took participants through an assessment of the problems facing them, collective brainstorming, and prototyping.

Creating A Culture of Continuous Improvement Based On Data

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It maps out stages of change, but also recognizes that organizations may be in different stages at the same time: Dormant: At this stage, the organization does not know where to start.

Using Design Thinking to ReThink Our Nonprofit or Community Foundation Work

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I’ve facilitated this exercise many times and it never fails that participants enjoy it. Design thinking methods are great way to identify and articulate some of those first step ideas.

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The 3 Questions To Ask When Selecting A Cloud


The problem is, when nonprofits are preparing to choose a cloud provider , many fall flat. If the provider you are meeting with cannot intelligently articulate to you the security of your network, it might be time to look elsewhere. Image courtesy of SMB Tech Guide.

Using Virtual Reality to Showcase Nonprofit Impact

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I don't think I'll ever forget witnessing the unforgettable moment when Bill and Chelsea attached and switched on hearing aids to the ears of a young Kenyan girl so she could hear for the very first time.

What’s in your social media measurement tool box and why?

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The problem is that data everywhere! I pull in metrics from all over the web to get instant snapshots and create graphs that show changes over time. She checks three times a week.

The Ultimate Checklist to Choose a Web Vendor


Are they able to articulate back to you what you’re after? You want to avoid an agency where every problem looks like the perfect nail for their hammer. What response time do they offer with their support package? Many nonprofits who are going through a website redesign on a tight budget want to know the best ways to find and hire a web vendor, especially ones that will understand their goals and challenges.

Create Core Values

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Thursday, April 29, 2010 Create Core Values Sometimes when you are leading an organization or business and struggling to articulate your core values, it helps to see how others have stated theirs. Dont limit your time for only your direct reports.

How ACLU NJ Defines Social Media Success: The First Important Measurement Step

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While we have articulated our main goal and identified our stakeholders, we are still actively exploring what kind of investment we can make and what various benchmarks mean to us and more importantly what we should do with the numbers we collect. Increase the donations or volunteer time.

Adventures in Artist-Driven Public Engagement: Machine Project at the Hammer Museum

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Artist as Problem Solver vs. Artist as Problem Explorer Mark Allen (director of Machine Project) and I have talked about this issue several times, and Mark articulates it beautifully. The problem is aestheticized, framed, or reconfigured; it is seldom erased or resolved.

How Can Nonprofits Switch to a Data-Driven Culture?

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Not all nonprofits are born with the spreadsheet gene. And it isn’t simply a technical problem that can be solved through training or purchasing analytics software. Does data collection may occur from time-to-time, but not formal reporting.

Guest Post: Creativity – Why do some places have it and others don’t?

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Discussions about what type and level of risk is acceptable and when risk is acceptable (early in the development process, contained to a defined time period or clearly articulated experiment) are useful here.

Does Your Nonprofit Organization Have Measurement Malaise?

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3. Fear: What We Might Learn: What if we discover that our campaign didn’t get the results we thought it would or even worse, that our precious time was wasted. Learning from failure is like compost - while it might stink at first, it gets valuable over time.

Turn Brand Strategy into an Effective Website

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The ideas and narrative are laid out in a well-articulated strategic brief. " If design itself is understood though the lens of design thinking and problem solving, then design strategy is the ultimate strategy.

Can You Experiment Your Way Out of the Filter Bubble?

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She helps us understand exactly what a filter bubble is – and why it is potentially a big problem for activists. Design experiments so they are not a time suck. Articulate learning questions on the front end, identify metrics/data to collect to answer questions.

President’s Update - Spring 2012

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Our team articulately expressed direct, succinct truths that required no editing. We’re not about completing a process, studying a problem, or conducting a pilot project as an end point. Our users depend on us to get things right, whether it’s protecting human rights information from attackers, ensuring a student has an accessible textbook in time for school, or guiding an environmentalist in the best ways to deploy their limited resources.

The Networked NGO in Pakistan

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In addition to the tactical and skills instruction we did with the social media staff on Day 3 and Day 4, we also covered how to manage time and work efficiently – and how to best provide support for the strategies. Day 2: Certificates Awarded To Senior Staff Attendees.

The “Open Source Software is Free” myth

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I seem to spend inordinate amounts of time responding to people (proprietary software vendors, to be specific) harping on the idea that “open source software is free&# is a myth , and blathering on about how it’s not really free, because you have to hire a geek to install it, and maintain it, and blah blah blah. I’ve been caught using the “free as in kittens&# metaphor many more times than once. Problem solved. Thank you for helping me articulate it.

Reflections and Notes from Personal Democracy Forum 2013

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Last week, I went to the Personal Democracy Forum conference for the first time, and I came away brimming with new ideas for my work. Real collaboration takes time, and funding, and a shared vision and putting aside our desire to get all the credit, among other things.

Your 2016 Cause Camp Speaker Lineup Announcement

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On April 8th, online registrants will have access to six presentations in real-time, with the rest being posted online following the conference. Learn how to identify and articulate your “money story”; 5. Practice time to combine/blend your people and money story.

Mission Statement

Zen and the Art of Nonprofit Technology

Not because I don’t want my blog to be better, it’s just that I don’t have the time right now. I figured it was a good time to think about and articulate mine. But my role in that context is much more around helping to solve specific problems, or educate in specific ways about technology options. {

#11NPD: Impact, Brand, and Business Model

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Therefore, nonprofits must have a crisp understanding of the problem they solve and how they solve it. Using the example of a small nonprofit working with school reform, Dean-Coffey illustrated a common problem in approach to impact.

Five Tips for A Successful Open Source CMS Project on a Budget


Articulate a mission for your project. Write it down, and use it as a touchstone every time you make a decision. Keep a wishlist of things you want if and only if there’s extra time and money in the budget. Sometimes it seems like open source CMSs should "just work."

Tag, You're IT! An Introduction for Technical Managers: Mentorship

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People find comfort in talking to others they perceive as "wise" when they are without direction or have lackluster solutions to their problems at hand. Before you seek a mentor, take some time to figure out what it is that you are trying to accomplish. Mentoring takes time. If you can articulate what you can bring to the table in return for the mentor's investment, your chances of getting a larger time investment from the mentor grow substantially.

The Johnny Cash Project: A Participatory Music Video That Sings

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This question is a byproduct of the reality that most participatory projects have poorly articulated value. But the best participatory projects don't suffer from this problem, because they solicit visitors' contributions toward a very specific outcome.

New Benchmarks for Success in the Knowledge Age


While articulate about goals and visions for the future, many of these executives appeared oddly stymied when asked to describe what success might really look and feel like. In a way, they had unconsciously given up on their vision for real transformation even as they articulated it.

How I Got Here

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This seems like an appropriate time to share the story. I'd always joked that my dream job was to design pinball machines--a technical problem wrapped in creativity and pleasure. Every time a kid said, "I never knew science could be like this!"

Research Friday: Leadership Development & Performance Management - Reflections from Daring to Lead 2011

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One-third of executives said that they do not spend enough time managing and developing staff. Problems can become exacerbated if an organization lacks the adequate systems to swiftly and carefully handle personnel issues. posted by. Marla Cornelius , Senior Project Director.

Learn The Art Of Effective Messaging

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At the same time, leaders continue to struggle with one of their toughest jobs, developing and articulating their overall strategy and priorities, especially during times of change." Dont limit your time for only your direct reports.

Mentoring Staff New to Nonprofit Work

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Have them prepare a list of contacts throughout these discussions that they should spend time reaching out to via telephone or, at times, in person, to acquaint themselves with these key people. posted by Sheryl Keeme , Executive Director, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Responsible IT conversations

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In my last post , I was pondering the problems in the communication process between users and technology assitance providers - problems that are so pervasive they have given rise to a whole series of internet jokes.

Reflections: Social Media and NGO/CSR Workshop in India

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Real-time improvisation. Geoff talks about three different approaches used in America (Mission, Problem, and Family). My sense is that most of the CSR practitioners in India use the problem approach. Workshop Ngo Feb 13 View more presentations from Beth Kanter.