Africa Mentoring Project

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Via Joitske , Nancy White , and Britt Bravo , I read about The African Mentoring Project , run by Ore Somolu from Nigeria and who I know from the Global s projects. I saw this while I was busy mentoring for the Young Caucasus Women Blogging Project. The project is about: The African Mentoring Project was created as a way of encouraging and supporting Africans who want to start blogging. Initially there will be a pilot project limited to Nigerian women.

Bloggers Needed for Young Caucasus Women Project

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I met Katy Pearce via the Global s and I'm going to participate in her blog mentoring project and you can too! The project, Young Caucasus Women, is a group blog for young women from the Caucasus region (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia). THAT'S IT - simple, yet a project with a lot of impact. The students participating in this project are high school aged foreign exchange students currently in the US.


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I'm a mentor for the Young Caucasus Women's Project!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I'm mentor for a blog project for young women from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia entitled YoungCaucasusWomen. Here's the project description from the site: Recruited from current FLEX. Through introducing ourselves to other mentors in the this project virtually, Britt and I discovered that we had a lot more in common than nonprofit technology and blogher interests. I hope you'll take some time to follow the project!

Post-conflict Reconstruction: Disarmament, Reconciliation, and Blogging?

Tech Soup Blog

Global Voices blogged yesterday about a project funded by the State Department's Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, DOTCOM , and its recent progress. Reaching out to youths in Armenia and Azerbaijan, DOTCOM. Through alternative forms of media such as blogs, the project aims to move away from perpetuating stereotypes ingrained in traditional media, and help a younger generation build cultural understanding in a safe zone.

Around the TechSoup Global Blogosphere, January 23-29

Tech Soup Blog

Kevin examines the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs' use of new media to empower youths in Armenia and Azerbaijan. From TechSoup Global's grant-funded projects: MaintainIT Project. In case you missed it, here's what we've had to say over the past week. From the TechSoup Community: TechSoup Blog. Jim shows off a few more green gadgets from CES 2009. Elliot offers some ideas on how to respond to criticism and inaccurate information about your nonprofit.

"Books of Conscience" to Read During Genocide Prevention Month

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According to the Genocide Prevention Month's site , the genocide in Bosnia began April 6, in Rwanda April 7, in Cambodia April 17, in Darfur April 19, in Armenia April 24, and the Holocast began April 21st. Did you know that six genocides began in the month of April?

Changing the World: TechSoup's Newest Global Partner

Tech Soup Blog

In addition to Syria and Iraq, these are Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, and the Azerbaijani exclave: Nakhchivan. (If Nonprofits have gravitated from wanting training on the theme du jour from 10 years ago — project cycle management — to wanting training on social media and communications today. Are you sitting down?! We've got some exciting news.

Empowering Women Bloggers

Have Fun - Do Good

Two projects supporting women bloggers launched yesterday, the new Blogher network and the Young Caucasus Women Project. The Young Caucasus Women Project works with young women ages 15-19 from Armenia , Azerbaijan and Georgia who are participating in the Future Leaders Exchange Program. Here are a few excerpts to tempt you over to the site: A young woman from Armenia : I would like to write to Charles Aznavour.

Mentoring Young Women Bloggers

Have Fun - Do Good

They are looking for bloggers from around the world to be blogging mentors for 1 week as part of the Young Caucasus Women project, a group blog for young women from the Caucasus region (Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia). I guess that is what interests me about the Young Caucasus Women project, the opportunity for equal access and training to what I consider to be an artistic opportunity.

nfp 2.0 » What does Second Life success look like for non-profits?

Rebooting Charity

Second Life ‘inhabitants’ can see and interact with some of the gifts in World Vision’s Alternative Catalogue , which this year supports 53 of the charity’s community projects around the world. These include a school building with classroom desk, chair, books and pens, and a tractor (for hire) pledged to a bridge construction project over the River Thondwe in Malawi.