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This blog has a Creative Commons license. Because Creative Commons licenses help creators, sharers, and readers enjoy online content respectfully. So, when I saw that Creative Commons released a version of the licensing and an application for Facebook , I had to check it out! “CC licenses enable anyone to specify to the public how they want their work to be used. CC licenses make it easier to be clear about how you want your content used.

License and Registration, Please


When I got a new Blackberry a year or so ago, I was excited to see an application on it called Password Keeper, which allowed me to keep all of my website registration information in one convenient place – protected by a password, natch. Whether it’s a banking website, a magazine subscription, or just a social networking site like Facebook, it seems as though every website these days allows users to register for a username and password


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Enabling a Participatory Culture using Creative Commons Licenses

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Subsequently, I invited Gautam John who works with Pratham Books to write a guest post about their social publishing strategy where he briefly touched upon their use of Creative Commons licenses. In this post, shares more about how his organization uses Creative Commons licenses and why he thinks it is important for your organization to consider it too. Enabling a Participatory Culture using Creative Commons Licenses by Gautam John.

Major Fundraising Application Canned, What’s Next for Nonprofit Databases


Blackbaud shook the nonprofit tech world last week with its announcement that they were cancelling Common Ground, a popular fundraising application built on and used by small to mid-sized nonprofits. The application was a fee-based, customizable online database for capturing donations and engaging donors. There's even a petition asking Blackbaud to extend Common Ground licenses indefinitely and allow users to migrate on their own time.

How to License Hyper-V on Windows 2008

Tech Soup Blog

Petri IT Knowledge Base, an excellent IT resource from Microsoft MVP in Israel, posted a plain-English post on Windows 2008 licensing concerns when using Hyper-V technology. Tags: GreenTech Server Applications Servers Tech Planning Definitely bookmark-worthy if you are planning on virtualizing in the near future using this technology.

Licorize To-Do Manager for Bookmarks - Free Premium License to Nonprofits

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Tags: Non-profit technology nptech collaboration project management application productivity management web-based software

How To Find CC-Licensed Flickr Photos for Your Blog

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Tags: Non-profit technology nptech Blogging images application Flickr

What A Second Grader Knows About Creative Commons Licensing.

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I wanted him to appreciate Creative Commons and not just think of it as "those t-shirts that mommy makes me wear" So, we sat down tonight and he shared what he learned about the Creative Commons "by" license -- attribution is a big word for an eight-year old. So, here's another application -- as a digital scrapbook to document what your kids learn! Harry is in second grade and he is very much a digital native. He's pretty smart too.

How Use Creative Commons Licensing and Flickr To Find Powerful Visuals for Your Presentations

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

This screencast focuses on how nonprofits can use flickr and creative commons licensing to search for powerful visuals to use in their presentations without violating copyright laws. Flickr is a web application that allows anyone to share and organize photographs online. And, depending on the license, you are free to use many of them. Creative Commons Licenses.

How to Bet 1xBet Wide Line with High Odds

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1xBet is a safe and reliable foreign bookmaker with a regular European license. To bet [link] possible from any mobile device either directly from a browser or having downloaded an application.

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Great reads from around the web on April 2nd

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If you want to use it for a commercial production, that's okay: they have an easy license for that as well ("with any money that's generated being given to the humane society."). " Tags: roundup applications blogging bookmarks citizenjournalism collaboration community free journalism list local music nonprofits postalicious principles resources socialmedia strategy video I come across so many great conversations, ideas, and resources all over the web every day.

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How Nonprofits Can Stay Compliant with Online Fundraising Laws in 2022

Nonprofit Tech for Good

It is simple enough to know where you are soliciting in person, sending a letter, or submitting a grant application. These virtual events may require not just prior state charitable registration but also gaming licenses.

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Event Recap: Apps to Amp Up Your Recruitment and Admissions

Cloud 4 Good

Cloud for Good recently hosted an Application Showcase webinar where we invited Blackthorn Events and Mogli to talk about how their third-party applications work with Salesforce to help universities throughout their recruitment and admission processes. The Application Showcase.

Windows MultiPoint Server Frequently Asked Questions

Tech Soup Blog

Windows MultiPoint Server requires a host computer with 64-bit processor, with sufficient processing power (CPU) and memory capacity to meet the performance demands of the number of simultaneous users and applications used. Windows MultiPoint Server software is ordinarily available through academic or commercial volume licensing. or Premium , and on the license type, either Academic or Commercial. What MultiPoint MultiPoint Server Licensing Do I Need?

Free Webinar on the Microsoft Donation Program: January 27

Tech Soup Blog

Microsoft Donation Program: Licensing and Benefits Thursday, January 27 at 11 a.m. Acquiring Technology E-Learning Legal Considerations Office & Productivity Online Seminar Operating Systems Server Applications Software Tech Planning Windows 7Microsoft donates a broad range of software to nonprofits and libraries through TechSoup, and we want to help you take advantage of these donations. But who has the time to be an expert? We do! TechSoup Talks!

Request Exactly the Number of Symantec Enterprise Products You Need

Tech Soup Blog

In the past, organizations could request multiple licenses of most Symantec Enterprise Products only in bundles of 5, 10, 25, 50, and 75, and each bundle was listed as a different product. This system made it a bit difficult for you to browse the offerings in this category, and you couldn't always get exactly the number of licenses your organization needed. Here's how you request licenses of Symantec Enterprise Products: Add a Symantec Enterprise Product to your cart.

Why Cloud for Good is Excited About Admissions Connect

Cloud 4 Good

Admissions Connect features configurable A pplication Checklist Item s that assist admissions staff in automating application completion and application review processe s. Admissions Connect streamlines the application review process while deepening it as well.

Microsoft Office 2010 Coming Soon to TechSoup

Tech Soup Blog

We'll be discontinuing donations of Office 2003 after the newest version launches, but if you need Office 2003 for compatability with an older system, you may be able to request a downgrade through Volume Licensing. Photo: KirrilyRobert , CC license. Tags: Acquiring Technology Office & Productivity Server Applications Software Tech Planning Web Building You've probably heard the news that Microsoft Office 2010 is launching soon.

Now Available on TechSoup: Small Business Server 2011

Tech Soup Blog

The following servers and licenses are in the Windows Small Business Server 2011 family. Intranets Networks Operating Systems Server Applications Servers Software Tech PlanningWe recently added the updated Windows Small Business Server 2011 products from Microsoft to our donation catalog.

Windows MultiPoint Server Now Available on TechSoup

Tech Soup Blog

As such, it was previously only available through Academic Licensing or from original equipment manufacturers as part of all-in-one solutions that came bundled with specific hardware. Tags: Acquiring Technology Community Tech Centers Community Tech Centers Hardware Networks Operating Systems Running Your Organization Server Applications Servers Servers Services Software Tech Planning Training Training Volunteers

How The James Irvine Foundation Received Microsoft Donations Through TechSoup

Tech Soup Blog

We received our software licenses in two days and installed them right away. This software met our needs, and because we can now afford the purchase of multiple licenses from TechSoup, the decision was easy and very cost-effective. We are also requesting SQL Server licenses to upgrade our existing SQL Server databases after seeing the new upgrade considerably increases database performance.

Microsoft eOpen Explained

Tech Soup Blog

If you've requested Microsoft products through TechSoup Stock before, you may have been referred to the Microsoft eOpen site to get information about the products you received (like licenses and software assurance info). Tags: Software Office & Productivity Server Applications Acquiring Technology

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Why the Most Advanced Disaster Relief Software Saves You Time & Money


See the list now: [link] Saving Time and Money Like No Other We license differently — once a user is licensed, they can use any module at any time. You can launch new applications while paying no more in user licenses.

Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Coghead to make Integration Easy Coghead to make Integration Easy Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 May 2007 10:12 Written by Steve Wednesday, 30 May 2007 10:12 Or at least possible : Integration: Integration to other applications is a key design point in Coghead and one that takes several forms. One capability that will be surfacing soon is what we call “Linked Applications&#.

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Free Tools for Creating iPhone and iTouch Web Apps

Allegiance Group

In my opinion, the iPhone, it’s market of applications, and growing user base is the best way to gain access to and interact with information. I went online on my iPhone, looked up the nearest 24 hour gym in their network, and copied and pasted the address into the Google Maps application. This is all possible and contradictory to popular belief, the functionality that I just described doesn’t have to be developed as an iPhone Application.

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Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Application Features vs. API Application Features vs. API Last Updated on Thursday, 19 January 2006 12:44 Written by Steve Thursday, 19 January 2006 12:25 Interesting article over at Skype Journal talking about the Skype application and how the API stinks. Their main point is that an API can be tacked on to an application, or can be the core on which the application is built.

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Do You Need to Register to Fundraise Online? A Crash Course

Get Fully Funded

This guide will provide an introduction to the basics of online fundraising legal considerations, then walk through potential application routes and more specific legal requirements for your nonprofit to consider: What is online fundraising?

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Online Fundraising: What Your Nonprofit Needs to Do to Be Compliant in 2021

Nonprofit Tech for Good

It is simple enough to know where you are soliciting in person, sending a letter, or submitting a grant application. These virtual events may require not just prior state charitable solicitation registration, but also gaming licenses. By Sharon Cody, J.D.

Operations Coordinator? in the USA or Canada

Cloud 4 Good

Monitor Cloud for Good technology inventory and related supplies; assist with technology, licenses or supply procurement as needed? Cloud for Good complies with applicable state and local laws governing nondiscrimination in employment in every location in which the company operates. Cloud for Good is looking for a dynamic Operations Coordinator for our growing People and Operations Team.

Some good news when looking for a new AMS platform


A lot of times these pain points are related to the following main tenants: Security and application uptime are major concerns, as well as the need for improved reliability and scalable performance.

Tips for CEOs on technology due diligence for acquisition

CEO Tech Tips

What technology in-licenses does the seller have? A typical technology due diligence consist of reviewing seller’s technology organization, application and services management, operation and infrastructure management of it technology systems for business continuity and growth. Now a days it is quite common for companies to buy direct competitors or companies operating in adjacent industries, such that the target company would fit in nicely with the acquirer’s core business.

Salesforce Spring ’22 Release – what’s new


Starting February 1, 2022 all Quip users are required to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) when logging in or accessing the application through single sign on. Community licenses can now support 100+ million site members.

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The Cost of Starting a Nonprofit in Every State

NonProfit Hub

Alaska business license: $50. Arizona state taxes: $12 per license/location. Colorado charitable license: $8. Delaware Combined Registration Application (CRA) form: varies based on applicable licenses and accounts. Florida sales tax license: $5, if applicable. Form BB-1 (basic business application): $20. Form REG-1 (business registration application): varies based on state tax accounts. Nebraska tax application: usually $0.

Open Letter to Salesforce Nonprofit Admins

Judi Sohn

I will keep our installed applications updated, and will read release notes and documentation. We have one client who had to start over in a brand new instance at some expense and downtime because a well-meaning but inexperienced so-called System Administrator turned on Custom Fiscal Years and it broke functionality in other applications. It will even report when it’s an application or automated process that is making the change.

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Finding the Best Consultant for Your Nonprofit: Taking a JEDI Approach


So, to move beyond this idea that there are no diverse qualified applicants available, please consider the sources: where and how you are looking. . Remember that sexual orientation, age, religion, or disability should not exclude any applicant. .

Discover Microsoft's 5 Software Assurance Benefits

Tech Soup Blog

If your nonprofit or public library received donated Microsoft software through TechSoup, you probably used the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) to get your software. In case you're not familiar, the VLSC is an online tool for managing Microsoft Volume Licensing agreements, downloading products, and accessing volume license keys. Microsoft includes two years of Software Assurance with all Volume Licensing products it donates through TechSoup.

Free Webinar on MS Software Assurance: Upgrades & More

Tech Soup Blog

Interested in discovering more about Microsoft's Software Assurance and Volume Licensing Service Center? Pacific time for a webinar designed to help nonprofits and libraries learn about the benefits that come with most of their donated Microsoft applications! Microsoft includes two years of Software Assurance with most Volume Licensing products it donates through TechSoup. Find out more about Volume Licensing Services and Software Assurance benefits on our website.

Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Driving routes out of Salesforce Driving routes out of Salesforce Last Updated on Monday, 14 January 2008 08:28 Written by Steve Saturday, 12 January 2008 08:49 Developer Hero Scott Hemmeter just added some really cool functionality to his already best-of-breed mapping application for Salesforce–driving route generation. WordPress is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL License

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The Salesforce Decision for Association Management

Web Courseworks Associations

In the old days of software selection, the biggest decision was often whether companise were going to buy a packaged solution to deploy or build the application by hiring code talent. Nimble is another popular branded application that works with Salesforce too.

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Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Benioff on HuffPo, Ending Stuff Benioff on HuffPo, Ending Stuff Last Updated on Tuesday, 6 May 2008 08:00 Written by Steve Tuesday, 6 May 2008 08:00 founder Marc Benioff just reposted an April magazine article to Huffington Post : was started with a simple idea to make business applications as easy to use as a simple website. WordPress is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL License

Rumors of Blackbaud 2.0??? | Non-Profit Tech Blog

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

It’s a group dedicated to advocating for open APIs and open standards for non-profit application. Blackbaud’s Raiser Edge is always used as THE example of the application that never wants to share or give away it’s data. Yet, Raiser’s Edge is still one of the most widely adopted applications in our sector. Back to Top ↑ This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0

Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home Appexchange on Hold in February Appexchange on Hold in February Last Updated on Friday, 25 January 2008 08:57 Written by Steve Friday, 25 January 2008 08:57 We always get caught off guard by these Appexchange listing suspensions: …there will be a regularly scheduled temporary suspension of AppExchange registration for new applications from February 8th to February 16th, 2008. WordPress is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL License

Facebook Linked In Twitter Home About Home links for 2006-12-05 links for 2006-12-05 Last Updated on Tuesday, 5 December 2006 08:23 Written by Steve Tuesday, 5 December 2006 08:23 O’Reilly Network — Using the API This is part two in a three-part series on how to build and distribute applications on’s AppExchange. WordPress is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL License