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How to Export Universal Analytics Data

Whole Whale

As you may know, Google Analytics is deprecating support for the 13+-year-old Universal Analytics. As the clock runs out on the year, consider the types of requests you start getting for historical data from Universal Analytics. More details on this from Google: Export and share reportsAnalytics Help.

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How to Make Analytics a Priority – Finally!

Association Analytics

You probably have a long list of great things you want to accomplish this year…including making analytics a priority. We can help you move analytics to the top of the list by giving you tips to build a business case and how to articulate it to others. Let’s build your business case to make data analytics a top priority: 1.

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6 Annual reports to inspire your organization


Annual reports are a staple of nonprofit life. They’re a powerful tool for communicating your impact, but what makes an annual report effective? Annual report essentials. Before we look at our exemplary annual reports, let’s go over some annual report necessities. Pathfinder International. The Humane Society.

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Who Analyzes the Analytics? (It’s us. We do.)


We hope you like acronyms, because Google is making some big changes — and that means nonprofits will need to understand some important technical details in order to effectively reach, track, and mobilize supporters. Universal Analytics (a.k.a. A strong cup of coffee might not hurt either. Recommended events can be found here.

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Comprehensive Guide to Google Analytics 4 for Nonprofits


Luckily, nonprofit organizations can track website activity to make those essential changes by viewing user data through the use of Google Analytics 4. This blog post will discuss what Google Analytics 4 is, why nonprofits should use Google Analytics 4, and how to get started with Google Analytics 4.

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How to leverage business analytics insights with Association Management Software (AMS)

Nimble AMS

Not every organization that uses business analytics must be a for-profit company. Professional societies, trade associations, and nonprofit groups can all use analytics tools to improve their staff operations, reach more members and non-members, and make meaningful progress toward their mission and goals. .

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Analytics Dashboards: Which tool is Right For Your Nonprofit? 

Whole Whale

There are a lot of different analytics dashboards out there, so it can be tough to know which one is right for your nonprofit. To help you decide, here are four things to look for in an analytics dashboard: . Flexibility : The best dashboards are flexible enough to track the metrics that are most important to your nonprofit.