Analytics: It’s About More Than Just the Data

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As organizations look for more efficient ways to make, keep and grow relationships, bring in more money, measure outcomes and demonstrate impact, analytics become a key enabler. What is “Analytics”? . Analytics can change the way you move forward and improve your results.

3 Analytics Terms for Success

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Predictive analytics has become a hot-button term over the past two years as business intelligence vendors have begun to incorporate simulation and forecasting into their offers. But statistical measures are necessary to interpret the repeatability of the observed result.

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6 Trends That Will Impact the Social Good Sector in 2017

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Here are the top 6 trends that will impact the social good sector in 2017: 1. Democratization of Data: We’ll see the continued convergence of data, insights, and analytics to drive improved decision making in nonprofits. – Steve MacLaughlin, VP of Analytics at Blackbaud.

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5 Foundation Trends That Will Continue in 2018

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Foundations are now utilizing their data to help guide their strategy, increase their impact and continually measure their success and the success of their programs. Data and Analytics. What are the goals of this grant investment and how can I measure to those goals?

Non-Technology Trends for the CIO, 2014 Edition

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Now is the time of year when blog editors worldwide ask their writers for predictions and trends for the coming year. So, I wanted to focus on the market trends and influences that will inform how nonprofits implement and leverage this technology.

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Digital Analytics Basics: Free Online Academy from Google

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

For many nonprofits, Google Analytics is the tool of choice for measuring traffic, reach, engagement, and action primarily because it is free. While it is somewhat easy to use, some of the more valuable features may require a little tutoring to understand and use.

5 Corporate Giving Trends to Watch in 2019


Here are five corporate giving trends to watch in 2019 and how they’ll affect your business, employees, and consumers. In the past, corporate philanthropy was often viewed as a necessary cost center that returned few measurable results. Next year, we expect this trend to continue.

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Nonprofit Web Design Process Part 2a: Analytics Data as User Research

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Most nonprofits already have Google Analytics installed on their website to track online traffic. For some good how-to posts, check out my co-blogger Alissa Ruehl , perhaps starting with her Intro to Google Analytics. To establish benchmarks for measuring success of our design efforts.

Interview with Shonali Burke: Analytics Tell Stories

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Finally, via campaign URLs in Google Analytics, we saw that Twitter was the main driver of traffic (for May 9 – June 20). Describe the Google Analytics Charts – specifically the diagram where you have annotations. Analytics really do tell stories! Measurement

How Nonprofits can Use Analytics with Advocacy

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Analytic Activism is a book about how advocacy organizations can make better decisions in the digital age. And, through analytics and a culture of testing, some of the best advocacy and activist organizations are transforming how they listen to their supporters online. Measuring Along the Ladder of Engagement

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of hearing Chip Giller from give a talk at the Packard Foundation about their social media strategy and how they used measurement. The talk was so insightful that I’m sharing what I learned. What do you measure? Measurement

Interview with a CRM Expert: Business Intelligence

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CRM Emerging Trends Metrics & Measurement Planning Selection Analytics business intelligence fundraising strategy I’m so excited to kick off my “Interview with a CRM Expert Series” and particularly pumped that we get to start with one of my favorite topics: BI, a.k.a.

Top tips for Efficiently Measuring Social Media ROI & Getting Strategic with Your Data

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Measuring the return on investment for any organizational effort is a standard of doing business. While the area of social metrics continues to evolve and grow, there are five main tips all organizations should follow when measuring social media activity for ROI: 1.

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GA, Tell Us What #BirdsTellUs! A Dashboard for Engagement Analytics

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Not only was it exciting to develop a custom web app for such an important cause, this campaign gave us the chance to really leverage the power of Google Analytics (GA) Dashboards in depth. Analytics Marketing Social Media User Experience

The ABCs of Social Media ROI & Measurements

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Earlier this summer I posted on top tips for measuring ROI and getting strategic with data , touching on the idea and importance of actionable data, or rather, data that helps draw meaningful conclusions and future actions to optimize programs. At the Social Summit, I wanted to take this concept further and share memorable, easy suggestions for measuring ROI that were actionable and scalable for any organization – things as easy to remember as your ABCs. Author: Jordan Viator.

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A Fundraiser’s Secret Weapon: Data Analytics

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This post is all about analytics and the vital role it should play in your organization: Let Go of Your Fear – Anyone Can Be Data-Driven. Predictive Analytics: Lighting the Way. Looking for a deeper dive into a particular analytics topic? Lifetime value measurements.

Big Data and Big Benefits for YOU!

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Let’s identify the type of data analytics we discussed & how they can help your organization: How to use your CRM data to analyze trends in gift history, affiliations, connections, etc. Step 1: Find the right suite of data analytics products and services!

Web Metrics: How Do You Measure Up?


So you're tracking your web analytics, and your metrics are going up in all categories. Tags: Influence Performance Measurement Tips & Trends Great! But have you ever wondered how you compare to other organizations?

How Do You Measure Up? [Benchmarks Webinar]


How Do You Measure Up? In this webinar you''ll learn: How you can use the benchmark report findings to measure your success and identify your areas of improvement. At Blackbaud, Dennis has managed the Strategic Services Practice, comprised of consultants in Business Analytics, Design & Information Architecture, Deployment Services and Agency Services. Care2 Webinars Marketing Research Trends To get where you want to be, you need to know where you are today.

Spreadsheet Aerobics: Actionable Measurement for Social Media

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I have been thinking a lot about actionable social media measurement strategies that are fit and trim and light on their feet! Inspired by the Measure Everything: Is Your Nonprofit Facebook Page Worth It? , That in turns drives my measurement strategy.

Fundraising Analytics for Campaign Planning


Join Josh Birkholz, author of the top-selling nonprofit book, Fundraising Analytics: Using Data to Guide Strategy at our upcoming webinar, "Fundraising Analytics for Campaign Planning", for a look at what's possible. Presented by : Josh Birkholz, author of Fundraising Analytics: Using Data to Guide Strategy. Examples of measurements in areas of giving trends, production yields, engagement, and goal forecasting. analytics nptech nten Fundraising

A Few Good Tools for Measuring and Monitoring Social Media


You want to monitor your efforts and measure your results. Measuring them means counting, calculating and quantifying those activities into useful metrics that will inform your actions. It all depends on what you want to track and measure. Twitter is similar—engagement is a more accurate measure of your influence than follower count. Measure engagement against the time you spend on the site to get a sense of the channel’s value. PublishDate: August 2011.

Screencast Treatment: Web Analytics As Simple Gifts To Measure Mission

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I have been knee deep researching and thinking about Web Analytics in general and Google Analytics in particular for a third screencast in a series I'm doing for NTEN. The research has been going slowly -- partly because web analytics is a very complex and geeky topic. " I would appreciate any suggestions, improvements, pointers to other resources or if your organization has a story to tell about web analytics. Analytics This! Act 1: Analytics This!

Three Cheap Tools to Measure Blogs and Social Media


The very first thing that nonprofits should do is setup a tracking system to measure their blogs and social media. Before we dive into specifics, it’s important to recognize that no one product will measure everything you need and they are not 100% accurate. Postrank Analytics. For $9 a month, PostRank will measure how engaging your blog or web content is. Allows you to see engagement trends over time. Metrics Social Networking Technology Trends

How Data Intelligence is Accelerating Innovation for Social Good

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Mobile, social, the cloud and analytics continue to emerge as key themes, but analytics is emerging as the true game changer—catalyzed by advances in open architecture. trends in usage, optimizing electricity consumption, etc.).

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How Nonprofits Can Use Measurement To Adapt to the Facebook Algorithm Change

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

How Nonprofits Can Use Measurement to Adapt to the Facebook Algorithm Change – guest post by Meghan Keaney Anderson, Hubspot. Put your top content through each of the following questions and see where trends emerge.

Tools for Measuring Your Social Media Efforts


But what are the best ways to measure your efforts? The process of measuring your efforts on the big three of social media—Facebook, Twitter and blogs—is constantly evolving. Measuring is meaningless unless you act on what you learn. You should measure only activities and information that will help achieve goals—make sure what you’re listening to and collecting is actionable. In fact, you might already be using tools that are perfectly sufficient for limited measuring.

7 Tips for Measuring the Success of Your Blog

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Avoid Analytophilia Alexandra Samuel coined that phrase in a post on social media analytics and metrics about the greatest peril of social media: analytophilia. She recommends that you don't go into your analytics or stats program without composing a specific question first.

Today’s Marketing Buzzwords: Sizzle or Substance?

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It is a measure of how much, how intensely, and how often your constituents interact with you. In a broad sense, it is a measure of how they respond to your marketing efforts, visit your website for information, attend your events, and lend you their time.

Valuable Fundraising Lessons We Learned in 2017

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The challenge ahead is how to adapt and develop your fundraising practice based on the trends we can see now, and still be agile moving forwards. Many npENGAGE contributors shared about the ever-increasing role of big data and analytics this year.

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Measuring Organizational Influence In Social Media


John Kelly and Ken Deutsch, Morningside Analytics. Morningside Analytics focuses on blogs, a publicly discoverable and vitally important component of social media. The size of the dot is the number of other blogs that link to it, a crucial measure of its prominence.

Power 2020 Higher Ed Planning with these bbcon Insights

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Over 3 ,000 attendees , with almost 1,000 representing higher education institutions, convened to share the latest trends and innovations.? . bbcon provides institutions a great opportunity to network with peers and industry experts while catching up on the latest trends.

Latest Trends in Online Fundraising


The Blackbaud Index of Online Giving was launched this year and measures online giving data from more than 1,700 organizations. The Index looks at trends on a rolling three-month basis to smooth out seasonal or episodic spikes in the data and is the largest and most timely study being done in the industry. . The Index shows that online giving remained positive during most of 2009 and the trends for 2010 have been very encouraging. Steve MacLaughlin, Blackbaud.

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Best Practices to Leverage from BBI’s Human Social Responsibility Report

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Nearly half of the BBI respondents stated they don’t measure volunteering efforts (43%) or grantmaking (41%). In the data and analytics-driven world we now live in, numbers mean everything. Companies Social Good corporate social responsibility CSR trends

Using Google Analytics to Track a Nonprofit Website (Part 1) - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


57) Mobile (15) Nonprofit Benchmark Studies (15) Nonprofit Events (36) nptech (8) Online Advertising (5) Online Advocacy (47) Online Fundraising (97) Online Marketing (59) Online Organizing (32) SEO (3) Social Networking (109) Technology (31) Trends (51) Video (27) Volunteering (2) Web 2.0 (60)

Mid-Level Giving: Stuck in the Middle with Who

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This concept is rooted in one of our core fundamental purposes for using analytics: finding the common threads in data so that we are best able to predict future behavior. I recently released a new whitepaper , Finding Value in the Middle: An Examination of Mid-Level Giving.

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5 Troubling Nonprofit Statistics | Nonprofit Trends with Steve.

NonProfit Trends

All Blackbaud Blogs Contact Us About Nonprofit Trends Books Research Reports Speaking 5 Troubling Nonprofit Statistics Posted by Steve MacLaughlin on October 28th, 2010 I spend a lot of time looking at metrics and benchmarks from across the nonprofit sector. As often as possible I try to talk about positive trends that are happening. The Target Analytics donorCentrics Index of National Fundraising Performance for 2009 reported this trend.

Econ 201: Macro Influences Impacting Micro Fundraising

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The donorCentrics team within Target Analytics recently studied findings from the Giving USA Foundation, publisher of Giving USA reports, and key economic indicators to review which external factors have the highest correlation to, and may help predict, charitable giving. Their findings focus on a few key areas: Income trends, as represented by the Gross Domestic Product. Wealth trends, as represented by the S&P 500 Index.

SXSW: What Social Media Analytics and Data Can’t Tell You

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I’m just back from the SXSW Interactive Festival where I was on a panel called “ What Social Media Analytics Can’t Tell You ” moderated by Alexandra Samuel of Vision Critical , Jeremiah Owyang , Crowd Companies, and Colby Flint, Discovery Channel.

Defining a Nonprofit Websites Google Analytics KPIs (Part 2) - Online Fundraising, Advocacy, and Social Media - frogloop


57) Mobile (15) Nonprofit Benchmark Studies (15) Nonprofit Events (36) nptech (8) Online Advertising (5) Online Advocacy (47) Online Fundraising (97) Online Marketing (59) Online Organizing (32) SEO (3) Social Networking (109) Technology (31) Trends (51) Video (27) Volunteering (2) Web 2.0 (60)

5 Questions: Data Data Everywhere: Drowning in a Sea of Analytics (Part 2)


Session: Data Data Everywhere: Drowning in a sea of Analytics. What's the most important trend in nonprofit technology for 2010? Analytics integration and interpretation. To measure success, you need to see big picture data from every corner of the Internet, and know how to interpret all these numbers, even if they seem all over the map. There is more to analytics than copying and pasting the code at the bottom of the page.

Top Reasons to Opt for Data Driven Decisions in Managing Your Nonprofit

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1. You can get measurable results. Well if in the first place your action was based on reliable data, for sure you can measure the outcome. When launching your marketing campaign you have a segmented audience with clear social and demographic information it would be easy to measure your impact and your strategy would be build based on a specific set on factors. 2. You can easily adapt to healthy trends. By: Laura Iancu, 123ContactForm.

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What are the best metrics to use to measure ROI and improve your blog's content?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Measuring engagement in social media as part of an ROI process is tricky, if not a bit controversial. Read " What Is The ROI for Social Media " by Jason Falls which includes an interview the queen of measurement, KD Paine. Ha, try to measure that or translate into a dollar amount.