How to Start Your Data Analytics Journey

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The team at Association Analytics often hears questions like, What exactly is data analytics? What’s the difference between analytics and reporting? First: Reporting vs. Analytics. The first step in starting your analytics journey is to create a plan.

How to Use Data to Create Relevant Content

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[FREE WEBINAR] How Nonprofits Can Leverage Social Media Data & Analytics to Attract New Donors

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Did you scroll through content on Instagram today? How to leave behind the guessing game and rush to post content day of. Date: Tuesday, August 24, 2021. Time: 1pm EDT / 10am PDT. Presented by: Dana Bakich , Founder of Positive Equation. Cost: Free.

How to Use Data to Drive Your Content Strategy

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Today’s digital world offers tons of channels to share your content, which is great. But it also means tons of content for you to produce and tons of sources to track. Here are some tips for using data to create relevant content for your members and customers.

Setting up Goals in Google Analytics


There is a lot of confusion around goal tracking and funnels in Google … Content Marketing Interactive Online Fundraising Goals Google Analytics

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[ASK AN EXPERT] Should Your Nonprofit Invest in Digital Analytics Tools?


Today’s question comes from a nonprofit employee who wants advice on whether or not it’s worth it to invest in digital analytics tools. . They want us to invest in digital analytics tools to measure our efforts, but I’m not really sure what this will tell us.

5 New Google Analytics Statistics For Nonprofits


Image courtesy of Google User Content. Google Analytics, where would I be without you?”. The website measurement and analytics tool serves as a dipstick into the effectiveness of your current marketing strategies, and into the effectiveness of your website as a whole. Once you’ve quenched your thirst for analytics with the easy stuff, what’s the next step? What more can you learn from Google Analytics?

5 Social Media Analytics Your Nonprofit Should Care About


Here at Tech Impact, we love numbers, analytics, and anything else that shows us exactly how effective our online content is. Being able to prove how much all of you love our content gives us a great feeling! The post 5 Social Media Analytics Your Nonprofit Should Care About appeared first on Tech Impact Blog - Leaders in Non-Profit Technology. Social Tech analytics data database nonprofit technology npTech

Top 2021 Fundraising Strategies: Mastering an Analytical Approach to Strategy and Planning


Mastering relevant content marketing. Mastering an analytic approach to strategy and planning. Master an analytic approach to strategy and planning. That’s why you need an analytic, numbers-based perspective to strategy and planning. This is part five in a six-part series.

Top 2021 Fundraising Strategies: Mastering Relevant Content Marketing


Mastering relevant content marketing. Mastering an analytic approach to strategy and planning. Master relevant content marketing. That means that you must work to make relevant content marketing more readily accessible to your constituents. .

Social Media Analytics: The Basics

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So, you’ve mastered the art of creating effective, engaging social media content. If you really want to get the most out of socials, interpreting your analytics and using them to your advantage is key. . From social media analytics, you can uncover tons of insightful information about your organization’s online presence, from the best time of day to post, to which type of content your audience engages with most, to how much your accounts have grown over time—and so much more.

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Organization’s Web Content

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There is a direct link between the content your constituents are consuming on your website and how they feel about you as an organization. Here are Five Tips for Creating Effective Web Content. Listen to the sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 175: 10 Tips to Supercharge Your Content.

10 Steps to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Content Calendar in 2019

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A new year brings new goals and now is the perfect time to plan your social media content calendar for 2019. A content calendar is the link between posting daily on social media and a social media strategy. It will help you stay organized by planning your content in advance, without being overwhelmed by last-minute deadlines. A social media content calendar will help you to stay on track by planning ahead what you need to post and when.

Nonprofit Website Analytics: Why And What You Should Care About


Because every nonprofit’s mission, size, audience, and the variety of content it posts varies wildly, the traffic and analytics supporting that website are going to be intrinsically different. You might be asking yourself at this point: “But why are analytics important? Analytics are important because they let you know who’s on your site, where they came from, what the looked at when they were there, and where they went after.

Understanding Digital Tracking

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Every cent that you spend will be able to tell you how your site is being used, who is viewing your content, and the types of inquiries you will be receiving via your website. Nearly everything can be traced and tracked, from cell phone records to ATM withdrawals.

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Google Analytics for Nonprofits: The 3 Analytics Goals Every Nonprofit Must Track

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Google Analytics can seem daunting, especially for the smaller marketing team or the marketer with limited digital chops. Or perhaps you’re a seasoned Google Analytics pro who just needs a little validation right now. After all, your website is your biggest body of content.

Content Strategy for Digital Collections: Archives, Libraries, and Museums

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To do this effectively, content strategy for digital collections is a necessary piece that is able to streamline the approach of how these institutions shape and expand their roles as modern resources. Enter content strategist as digital curator. Using data to optimize content.

5 Google Analytics Stats To Track Fundraising Success


Having a tough time tracking the analytic behind your last fundraising campaign? Nonprofits know it’s a good idea to track their analytic, but its the next step they often have trouble with, knowing what to look for in those numbers and how to make sense of them. Have a good tip for tracking your fundraisers success in Google Analytics? Landing pages are located on the left side bar under: Behavior –> Site Content –> Landing Pages.

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Measuring the Success of Your Blog Through Content, Social Media, and Analytics


One way of improving your blog’s content is to look at your existing content to find out what is working well and what is not working well with your blog. One way of improving your blog’s content is to look at your existing content to find out what is working well and what is not working well with your blog. Emily Weinberg. Blogger. Nonprofit Blog Exchange.

Amp Up Your Digital Marketing with Google Analytics

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It’s obvious to any digital marketer—whether they be a nonprofit organization seeking to recruit donations, time and talent or a strictly for-profit concern simply chasing the success that comes with the almighty dollar—that utilizing Google Analytics is a great way to hone your online strategies in order to make the most of your efforts in the virtual world. This will tell you who’s looking at your website and allow you to fine tune content given specific parameters.

Understanding Volunteers and Donors With Analytics

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Your organization can add a field to contact forms, gated content and collateral, and marketing campaigns to identify motivations and then review this information in your CRM system. Google Analytics is free and can provide your nonprofit with a lot of information about how volunteers and donors are interacting with your site. One of the biggest benefits that Google Analytics provides is visibility into how supporters are reaching your nonprofits website.

Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Content Marketing


Bill Gates famously wrote in 1996 that content will be king on the Internet one day. Despite his prophecy, Microsoft today still does not have a juggernaut content department, and is still focused on creating software. Whether his vision for what Internet content would be in 1996 was, we may never know. Marketers initially feared alienating the consumer by engaging them on social media, or by masking their advertorial content in the form of native advertising.

It Slices, It Dices … It’s Google Analytics Advanced Segments!


This post is part of an ongoing series about getting the most out of Google Analytics. If you’d like to start with the basics, read Intro to Google Analytics or Understanding your Audience through Analytics. Or, check out all of My Posts on Google Analytics. Don’t be dismayed by the naming, Google Analytics advanced segments are really easy to use! These are segments that Google Analytics gives you by default that can be applied to different reports.

3 Alarming Stats About Nonprofit Content Marketing


The simple truth is, your nonprofit needs to be engaging in content marketing. Content marketing is for whatever you make it. It all comes down to what content you make public, and what your goals are. 92% of nonprofits use content marketing. Content marketing is broadly defined as the creation of any media with the intention of acquiring customers, donors, or volunteers. 25% of nonprofit professionals have a documented content strategy.

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5 Key Social Media Analytics Your Nonprofit Needs To Track


Google Analytics alone has 9 different categories, with 46 subsections listed underneath them. While across the major social media networks there are a seemingly infinite number of analytics, there is a hierarchy of importance among them. If your nonprofit is struggling with what analytics to start tracking, here are a few, on the most prominent social networking sites, to get you started. Clicks: You think your content is engaging, interesting, and relevant.

Know Your Audience: How to Use Google Analytics With Your WordPress Site

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They know what sorts of content they want to read and explore. By using the absolute go-to tool for digesting feedback: Google Analytics. Therefore, to join the ranks of successful website owners you need to get up and running with Google Analytics. First you’ll need to create a Google Analytics account by visiting the signup page. Next click on the “sign up” box on the “start using Google Analytics” page and choose “website” when asked “what would you like to track?”.

Better donation analytics with eCommerce tracking in Google Analytics

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Web analytics is all about goals, and the all-important goal is donations. If you’re tracking donations as a goal in Google Analytics , you’re already ahead of the curve, gathering great data about these valuable users and how they behave on your site. There’s a serious limitation that comes with Google Analytics goals: they track key actions, but no related information. Then, you’ll submit the transaction to Google Analytics.

Content Strategies for Nonprofit Websites


Tech4Good Denver hosted an excellent and extremely informative group panel who shared true and tested content strategies when designing or managing your nonprofit’s website. hyperlinks to all these sites) Tools like Google Analytics,, and can help you analyze what is working and what is not. Remember, creating the most valuable website content takes time. Is your nonprofit looking for ways to improve your website and increase traffic?

Understanding Conversion Rates in Google Analytics

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Google Analytics, still considered the go-to tool for individuals and companies seeking to understand how effective their websites are to visitors and users, has certainly changed the way websites are designed, redesigned and administered. However, website analytics experts are lamenting the fact that not enough people understand and are truly utilizing the results of one of Google Analytics most misunderstood—and indeed debated—feature: conversions.

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How Do You Measure The Value of Your Association's Products?

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When we refer to products here, we are talking about products, services and content. If you’d like to learn how our data analytics platform, Acumen, can help you easily perform these types of product analyses, don’t hesitate to schedule a demo.

Tracking site search with Google Analytics

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What would you say if I told you that Google Analytics can tell you exactly what visitors on your site are looking for, and whether they’re finding it, and that you can turn on this feature in just 2 minutes, with no technical skills required? The feature is site search tracking, and it’s the easiest, most powerful feature in Google Analytics that you’re probably not using. I’m talking mostly about Google Analytics today. Analytics google analytics

Tips for A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

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You might think that content marketing is based around the blogs, Facebook posts, and web pages that work towards your business goals. Social media marketing, business branding, and high-quality content are essential elements of content marketing, but there’s much more to it. That is, how can users go from your website or your content towards a conversion. It should go without saying that every content marketing strategy needs to have a solid plan.

Why Your Nonprofit Needs A Content Marketing Blog


In recent years, analytics have added an all new dimension to the website. Here are 4 reasons your nonprofit needs a focused content marketing blog sooner rather than later. Website content does not change. Because the content on your nonprofit’s website never changes, those visiting your website never feel the need to return. And your website is not only relevant again, but it is offering website visitors information and content they did not originally have access to.

You have been abandoned


Content Marketing Interactive Mobile Online Fundraising Web Design Donation Forms Google AnalyticsMost nonprofit websites see a donation form abandonment rate of around 50% - 70%. Yes, that’s more than half of the people who have found your website, gotten interested enough to click the “donate now” button and looked at the donation form decide not to make that donation. Here's what you can do to improve this.

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GA, Tell Us What #BirdsTellUs! A Dashboard for Engagement Analytics

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Not only was it exciting to develop a custom web app for such an important cause, this campaign gave us the chance to really leverage the power of Google Analytics (GA) Dashboards in depth. The implementation was done through Google Tag Manager(GTM), to track events and pass engagement tracking data into Google Analytics (GA); goal funnels were also built into GA to measure conversion rates of visitors sharing birds on their social media feeds.

The Value of Knowing Your Website’s Conversion Rate

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Sharing contents to social media platforms. Analytics & Conversions Online Marketing conversion rate ecommerce website conversion minneapolis web design website conversionWebsite Conversions.

Why Higher Education Institutions Need to Leverage Data and Analytics

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Using analytical, data-driven insights enables you to reinvent the way your institution operates. Data analytics and business intelligence tools are no longer nice to have, they’re a prerequisite for success. Data Analytics is Important for Admissions. Data analytics help attract, enroll, and matriculate students through the system. Admissions needs rich, predictive analytics on students to bring them in. Analytics Drives Athletics Fundraising.

NTEN is Hiring a Content Manager


That's only one of the reasons NTEN is excited to announce a new position and open applications for a Content Manager. This Content Manager position offers the right individual the opportunity to play a crucial role in communicating NTEN’s mission, marketing NTEN events and resources, and creating materials to be delivered both on- and offline. content manager hiring nten staffing StaffingCat videos don't make themselves, and once they exist they also don't share themselves.

How To Get More Online Donations With Content Marketing

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It’s no secret that content is king when it comes to engaging and delighting donors and members alike. But did you know that writing content for donor intent can be used to target people ready to donate online content can also be used to target donor intent? In this post, I’m going to show you how to get online donations with content marketing. Thus, you may have an easier time ranking content in search results.

The Tale of Narcissus: Avoiding Vanity Metrics for Content Analytics | MediaShift

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The Tale of Narcissus: Avoiding Vanity Metrics for Content Analytics | MediaShift : 'via Blog this

Google Analytics - Site Search

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Analytics. If you’re not yet familiar with Google Analytics, it’s a free tool from. Read the first post for an overview of the Dashboard and the second and third posts for a tour through some of the most useful reports around visitors & even more exciting reports about visitors and the fourth post on excluding internal traffic from Google Analytics reports. When you think of search engines, you probably think of Google, but maybe not Google Analytics.

Data and Analytics Tweet Chat Recap

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These questions and more were answered in a recent Twitter conversation on data and analytics. However, as Katanick observed during the tweet chat, “analytics matter to nonprofits because they provide a tangible way to demonstrate that an organization is delivering on its mission and goals.” ” TechSoup’s Coleridge likens analytics to a roadmap that guides where an organization wants to go with benchmarks that mark the progression to a goal.

Inferring Gender for Personalized Ads on Social Media

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The assumption was solely based upon how users interacted with various content on the social platform. How Inferred Demographics Can Skew Analytics. As a frequent Salesforce Social Studio user, I often find myself exploring the new avenues that the tool offers.