Cheap and Cheerful Audience Analysis for Nonprofits

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Even more importantly, what motivates them. So, was delighted when Darren Barefoot asked if he share a guest post about how to do audience analysis. Cheap and Cheerful Audience Analysis for NGOS by Darren Barefoot. But not all kinds of audience analysis are evil.

A Few Good Statistical Analysis Tools


Whether your organization needs to measure its programmatic success or expand its donor base, statistical analysis software can help nonprofits become more data-driven and accountable. If your software budget is tight and your statistical analysis needs are basic, consider Excel. Windows users can install the built-in Analysis Toolpak, but Excel for the Mac OS now requires a free downloadable add-on, like Statplus: Mac LE.

The Analysis Exchange


The Analysis Exchange is a first-of-its-kind effort to freely provide analytical insights to nonprofits and non-governmental organizations. Founded by three of the most respected web analytics professionals in the world, Analysis Exchange creates value for nonprofits by connecting them directly with experienced web analysts willing to donate their time to help efforts identify opportunities to increase online donations, engagement, interaction, and list distribution.

You Get More With Facebook Than You Give—Is Your Organization Stepping Up to the Challenge? - Resource Center - AFP

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In that month of analysis, it was discovered that 20 to 30 percent of the survey sample represented power users – people who sent friend requests, added content and liked content of their friends at much higher rates than the rest of the sample You Get More With Facebook Than You Give—Is Your Organization Stepping Up to the Challenge?

Sample 116

DNA Quantification Using Spectrophotometer

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

The spectrometer is a widely used instrument that estimates the quantity of light absorbed by a sample. This equipment functions by letting a beam of light pass through the sample for measuring the sample’s light intensity.


Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

This technology has been proving consistent and reliable when it comes to water analysis. Luminometer is a device that measures the intensity of light or the optical properties of the sample. It is a variation of the typical photometer to measure the illumination of the samples.

DIY Social Media Management

Amy Sample Ward

Supports tracking and analysis for message and call to action response. View more PowerPoint from Amy Sample Ward. Yesterday, I had a lot of fun giving another webinar for Nonprofit Webinars, this time focused on DIY Social Media Management.

8 #GivingTuesday Storytelling Tips for Nonprofits 

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Moreover, your objectives can also guide you in the analysis of your campaign’s performance. You can include a sample of social media posts and graphics and you can encourage them to create their own content.

A Complete Guide to Strategic Web Design for Nonprofits


Audience Analysis. Create Personas and outline tasks: Create a sample person that represents each audience group you serve. What goes into creating and designing a successful nonprofit website that inspires action? That’s a great question.

Guide 258

Benetech’s Daniel Guzmán Publishes Account of Landmark Guatemalan Human Rights Case

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Guzmán’s article, entitled Speaking Stats to Justice: Expert Testimony in a Guatemalan Human Rights Trial Based on Statistical Sampling , appears in the most recent issue of CHANCE, a quarterly journal published by the American Statistical Association. The Guatemalan Attorney General’s office summoned Guzmán to present evidence based on his analysis of random samples drawn from the millions of documents in the Guatemalan National Police Archive.

Testimony From Benetech’s Daniel Guzmán Helps Establish Legal Precedent and Convictions for Forced Disappearance in Guatemala

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The entire staff here at Benetech is extremely proud of Daniel Guzmán and his colleagues at the Benetech Human Rights Program who have spent four years analyzing random samples of the estimated 31.7 Guzmán’s testimony in the García case was based on his analysis of this archive which was discovered in a military munitions storehouse near Guatemala City in 2005. Prosecutors announced that Benetech’s analysis of archive contents will be a key part of future investigations.

Interning in Guatemala on the Archive Project

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A guest Beneblog by Max Schneider People don’t typically associate boisterous merengue music with high-tech statistical analysis.

Guatemalan National Police Archive Goes Online

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The Guatemalan government human rights ombudsman invited the Benetech Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG) to analyze the contents of the estimated 80 million documents in the Guatemalan National Police Historical Archive or the Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional (AHPN). HRDAG designed a process to randomly sample the Archive and the archivists began using Benetech’s Martus software to organize and secure information generated from the samples.

Verdict in Guatemala Disappearance Case!

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Benetech Statistical Expert Testifies in Guatemala Disappearance Case The Benetech Human Rights Program uses cutting edge computing methods and statistical analysis to provide objective evidence of human rights violations. Guzmán’s testimony was based on his analysis of the Guatemalan National Police Archive which was discovered by chance in 2005 in a munitions storehouse in Guatemala City.

Amp Up Your Digital Marketing with Google Analytics

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Here is a sampling of some advanced features and set-up tips that Craft recommends.

How to conduct a T-test to test statistical significance of average gift

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First, you’ll need to install Excel’s data Analysis package. In the Add-Ins available box, select the Analysis ToolPak check box, and then click OK. Under the Data tab click on Data Analysis. Select the t-Test: Two-sample Assuming Unequal Variances.

Test 55

Crowdsourced data is not a substitute for real statistics

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An analysis team from European Commission's Joint Research Center analyzed the text messages gathered through Ushahidi together with data on damaged buildings collected by the World Bank and the UN from satellite images. Guest Beneblog by Patrick Ball, Jeff Klingner, and Kristian Lum After the earthquake in Haiti, Ushahidi organized a centralized text messaging system to allow people to inform others about people trapped under damaged buildings and other humanitarian crises.

How to Measure CRM ROI for Your Nonprofit


Bring in your CFO and accountant (if you have one) to help conduct the analysis and make sure you’re prioritizing the right numbers. Before you make any comparisons, you’ll need to establish a time sample that accurately reflects the impact of CRM adoption.

ROI 128

Guatemalan Police Archive Finds Evidence in Disappearance Case

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A Guest Beneblog by Tamy Guberek (Benetech HRDAG team member from Colombia) There is important news this month from our partners at the Guatemalan National Police Archive, which has worked since 2006 with Benetech’s Human Rights Data Analysis Group (HRDAG).

International Human Rights Day 2011

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Here’s a sample of our accomplishments: Martus , our secure, open-source information management software for human rights defenders continued to empower many human rights groups worldwide to secure thousands of stories of human rights violations and to use this information strategically to advance their causes. HRP members produced scientifically sound analysis that is advancing the process of legal justice in Guatemala.

The Big 3: SEO, Email and Social


First, use the Google AdWords keyword research tool to do some analysis for words and phrases you’d like to rank highly for in search results. Here’s a sample for NetWits that I ran a few months back that will give you an idea of what to expect.

email 256

Strategic Framing of the Red “Equality” Square


I posted a request on Facebook for friends to share their favorite mutations of the Red Square meme and gathered a sampling of images to share here. And because it enables us to see the power of strategic framing and meme analysis in real time.

Meme 65

How to Humanize Your Nonprofit in the Social Media Age


In fact, one of NTEN’s staff members–Amy Sample Ward, Membership Director– will be delivering the webinar with us. Next Tuesday 10/9 Jamie and I will be doing a FREE one-hour webinar in partnership with NTEN , the Nonprofit Technology Network.

What’s the ROI of your culture?


A gap analysis to help you prioritize efforts based on what actually makes you successful. Contact Maddie at to see a sample report and get yours set up. Quick poll: do these statements accurately describe your organization?

ROI 124

DIY Community Engagement Metrics

Amy Sample Ward

Well, from the planning and analysis side, that is. View more presentations from Amy Sample Ward. I had a lot of fun yesterday giving a webinar for the Nonprofit Webinar series ; it was a whole hour discussing community engagement!

48 million Guatemalan Secret Police Documents

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

A volunteer group from the American Statistical Association has provided invaluable guidance on the statistical sampling issues. The analysis could be used to shape institutional reform within the new civilian police and other public security institutions, and it could contribute further to historical clarification in Guatemala On Wednesday, May 10, the Guatemalan National Police Archives Project found a bottle filled with petrol in flames on their premises.

Get New Insights into Your Data with Tableau

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Tableau Desktop Professional is data analysis and visualization software that lets you ask questions of your data and answer them in seconds. The following sample worksheet shows college admissions in various fields of study versus the students' SAT scores.

PDF 87

Strategic Framing of the Red “Equality” Square


I posted a request on Facebook for friends to share their favorite mutations of the Red Square meme and gathered a sampling of images to share here. And because it enables us to see the power of strategic framing and meme analysis in real time.

Meme 130

3 Types of Software Nonprofits Should Be Using


analysis and reports. Many offer free trials, which can be a great way to test out the email and social features on a small sample of your donor database. Guest post by Jenna Puckett. ————-.

Top tips for Efficiently Measuring Social Media ROI & Getting Strategic with Your Data

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This makes measuring less overwhelming and analysis much more realistic. It also ensures that you don’t put yourself into analysis paralysis and increases the likelihood you can realistically keep up with reporting over time. Author: Jordan Viator.

ROI 219

The Mobilisation Journal: A Way To Spread Learning About Social Change Movements Innovative Use of Technology

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Data Analysis and Research :: building a culture of data-driven campaigning, designing tests with campaigns and offices, and setting up controlled experiments to optimize and improve performance. Data and Analytics: This section shares analysis and data from campaigns and how they applied it.

How Does Your Nonprofit Use Data To Improve Results?

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Today, NTEN’s Amy Sample Ward shared this fabulous video on Facebook. Does a lot of &# drive by&# analysis, but no monthly review of trends. Presents a report with quantitative analysis that demonstrates value. Better data analysis, linking it to decisions.

But What Do the Numbers Mean? Free Web Analytics Consulting for Nonprofits


" That's where the Analysis Exchange comes in. Time strapped nonprofits can sign up to receive free web site analysis. Amy Sample, Director of Web Analytics at PBS Interactive, says: "What I love about the Analysis Exchange is the learning is reciprocal. " Now, the Analysis Exchange is open to all nonprofits -- and we think you should check it out. > > Learn more and join the Analysis Exchange today!

What’s in your social media measurement tool box and why?

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Don’t wait to collect a year’s worth of data in a week. Finally, avoid getting into data collection and analysis ruts – and evaluate your approach. KD Paine offers a great framework for matching tools with data collection and analysis tasks.

The Top Data Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

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Lack of Analysis Tools. SurveyMonkey offers a number of solutions, including a sample size calculator to estimate the ideal number of constituent responses for you to record. The process of data collection and analysis is an essential practice that deserves your time and effort. Data is essential for every single organization out there. Fortunately, in today’s vast world of technology, data has become easier than ever to access.

Technology & Community: Strategic Options for Building Movements

Amy Sample Ward

View more presentations from Amy Sample Ward. We also need other organizations to lead by teaching us how to communicate, others to lead by creating models of analysis and measurement, and so on.

Build 234

Embrace the Data, Change the World

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What resonated with the crowd (based on a quick sample of tweets), was the idea of using a failfest to share what didn’t work and look at ways to improve results. @ kdpaine gets her hands on the book right before #emetrics keynote p/QTTfRJlZjl/.

Data 120

Pinterest Nonprofit Benchmarking with Pinerly

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The board topics with the most followers from this sample of seven early adopters include: Photography. This summary did take some time to generate the data , and to analyze — so wanted to limit the sample.

What are the nonprofit management implications of Pay for Success programs?

ASU Lodestar Center

Despite this small sample size and lack of evidence for success, the concept has captivated politicians and Wall Street alike. The Philanthropic Consequence of Government Grants to Nonprofit Organizations: A Meta-Analysis.”

Metrics for Building, Scaling, and Funding Social Movements

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The report lays out some new metrics for movement building – that are paths to the more easily counted tangible results and where the unit of analysis is the movement or network, not an organization. Research and policy analysis.

Introducing a New NTEN Workbook: Getting Started With Data-Driven Decision Making


In 2012, NTEN was able to survey a sample of US nonprofits to find out how they were doing when it comes to being data-driven: were they collecting data and tracking metrics?

Data 95

Apps and Tools to Energize your Base


Download the e-benchmarks study for all the analysis. This is the thing about online apps and mobile: they are the next big thing for nonprofits today.

Tools 82

Measuring Engagement Value with Sitecore 8: A Brief Overview

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See below a sample profile: Example of an Experience Profile from Sitecore’s documents website. Here’s a more in-depth analysis of the Experience Profile. Sitecore’s newest offering is Sitecore 8, what it calls an Experience Platform.