The Ice Bucket Challenge Epilogue: Data

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Let me offer one piece of advice: let’s not get distracted by the story and instead focus on the epilogue – the Ice Bucket Epilogue: it’s about the data. It’s true – Mashable reported this amazing data milestone in September. It’s all about the data.

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Data drives better digital marketing for nonprofits

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Using data to drive your digital marketing campaigns is essential. Without the discipline of data, your digital marketing success is based more on hope than strategy and execution. Our corporate marketers understand the criticality of data all too well, especially retailers.

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More fundraising software = more data headaches

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Nowhere is this more true than in the nonprofit sector. Let’s face it … there is a direct relationship between the number of fundraising software systems we are using and the data problems we are creating for ourselves. More fundraising software = more data headaches.

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Does your charity have too much data?

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How do you know when your organization is storing and using too much data? In fact, being in the nonprofit data services business, we get asked lots of questions about how to obtain more donor data, better data, the right data. Too much data vs data hoarding.

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Fundraising data analytics – mining the gold in your own backyard

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Fundraising data analytics is becoming more popular – and more necessary in today’s philanthropy marketplace. Admittedly, for many of us in the sector, the very mention of ‘data analytics’ sounds intimidating. ” What is fundraising data analytics?

Solving the Nonprofit Data Paradox

Connection Cafe

In the Age of Big Data, countless companies are turning their wealth of data into an extremely valuable asset. Unfortunately, the same is not true for many nonprofits and their data. In the book , I explore how nonprofits struggle with maximizing the value in their data.

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Solved! The Nonprofit Data Mystery

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Any discussion about nonprofit data or analytics reminds me of Poe’s “The Purloined Letter” because so many organizations have a very valuable asset left out in plain sight. The data nonprofits have is often overlooked and undervalued by them.

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Using Nonprofit Data to Find Your Next Major Donor

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These insights can be surfaced and used to help your nonprofit make better decisions. The key is moving from simply collecting data to actually leveraging your nonprofit’s data in the right ways. What do first-time $1,000 donors have in common in our data?

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Technology, data and fundraising: is it getting too complicated?

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We have been asking nonprofits a very important fundraising question, and getting some surprising results. What about access to great data that helps us to understand the outcomes being produced by our programs and to know our donors and their interests better? Are you a data hoarder?

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Three Factors to Consider Before Using Big Data Analysis Tools

Exactask Technology

big data nonprofits and big data big data for marketers Technology

It’s that time of year: your 8-step fundraising data checklist

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Have you completed your fundraising data checklist? What are we talking about – a fundraising DATA checklist? But as we have pointed out before via a cataloguing of more than 150 recommendations for improving fundraising appeals , most charities are making the same common fundraising mistake they made last year, and the year before – bad data management. Because data is boring. Fundraising data has many touch-points throughout your organization.

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Data Appends: A Guide for Your Nonprofit

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Data scientists and prospect researchers on the nonprofit payroll are working side by side to mine data within the nonprofit’s information system and create models that predict who is likely to give—and who is not. Top 20 Data Appends for Nonprofits.

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Prescriptive Analytics for Nonprofits—How Data Technology Can Transform the Way We Work

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Data is changing how our world operates. As the collection of data becomes ubiquitous and seamless and the analysis of data more powerful, it is changing every aspect of our lives. Prescriptive analytics can transform the way nonprofits work.

Harnessing Big Data to Sustain Peer-to-Peer Revenue Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic

Connection Cafe

Through the uncertainty, nonprofit staff, volunteers, and fundraisers show signs of being resilient, resourceful, and resolute. Data scientists and epidemiologists are working hard to use a vast amount of data to impact the pandemic. Big data can help sustain P2P revenue.

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How data science is helping charities save lives and their budgets — Tech News and Analysis

AFP Blog

How data science is helping charities save lives and their budgets — Tech News and Analysis : The problem is that many of these efforts have been of the volunteer variety. A meaningful, sustained effort by nonprofit agencies to optimize their operations with data is likely going to require a serious investment in both people and technology.

Nonprofit Marketing Research Made Simple, No Matter Your Budget

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Here’s how your nonprofit can get started conducting research , no matter your size: 1. Cleary defining the research question will keep your research from becoming unfocused, and will increase the decision-making usefulness of the data you obtain.

Attention nonprofits: We don’t know our donor data!

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Understanding data is critically important to success in any business. Unfortunately, data can be boring, even confusing. Many nonprofits don’t know their donor data. If we don’t know our donor data, how can we effectively plan a fundraising appeal? So, how do we know that nonprofits don’t know their donor data? Data degrades. For starters, ALL data degrades over time. But your organization only knows data.

Cheap and Cheerful Audience Analysis for Nonprofits

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Even more importantly, what motivates them. So, was delighted when Darren Barefoot asked if he share a guest post about how to do audience analysis. Cheap and Cheerful Audience Analysis for NGOS by Darren Barefoot. But not all kinds of audience analysis are evil.

Detailed Accurate Data = Strategy

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You can have all the data in the world but if it is not accurate or documented then it can be of very little use to you. For example do you have birth dates or email addresses and if not you may want to consider a data appends for these items.

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8 Strategy Basics for Nonprofit Organizations

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What comes to mind when you think of nonprofit strategy? These “pain points” sometimes discourage nonprofits from dedicating resources to strategic planning. Every nonprofit needs strategy: it’s essential to making mindful choices.

Getting Serious About Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Data with Predictive Analytics

Connection Cafe

If you’re like most peer-to-peer fundraising (P2P) staff, you’re drowning in data. We’re very serious about our data in P2P! Ironically if we consider the use of MORE data – just different data than we’re used to – we can bring our focus back to our constituents.

Big Data and Big Benefits for YOU!

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“Big data” has been a “big topic” for quite some time now. What does big data mean? What are the steps to utilizing big data effectively? Step 1: Find the right suite of data analytics products and services! Step 2: Learn to trust the data results.

Does Rigorous Data Analysis Thwart Effective Storytelling by Non-Profits?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The event also included plenary speakers, including a provocative talk about storytelling with data from Alexandra Samuel. Her most controversial point was: “Rigorous data gathering and analysis can get in the way of effective storytelling by non-profits.”.

Data in the Wind | 4 Options for Fine-Tuning Old Data

Connection Cafe

You probably have data that’s in the same shape as my old guitar. Using that data for an analysis or a campaign is like me trying to play that guitar without fixing her up. I attended several sessions at bbcon 2015 about data-driven decision making.

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Analytics: It’s About More Than Just the Data

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For brevity let’s decide that it is about technology, techniques and processes for understanding what’s in your data and driving your business practices. Analytics can help to determine trends, prescribe actions and responses, and provide a solid foundation for data-driven decision making.

What’s up with consumer data privacy?

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The topic of consumer data privacy is getting more and more attention in the media and on Capitol Hill. The topic of consumer data privacy has had the attention of Capitol Hill for some time. A few months back, we provided an update on steps taken by Senator Rockefeller’s Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation to expand its investigation into the data brokerage industry. More specifically, it’s about consumer data. Is big data bad?

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Nonprofit Marketing Tips: Disadvantages of Data Co-Ops

Exactask Technology

Good analytics can be especially invaluable when it comes to working on development campaigns for nonprofit organizations. data analytics data analysis for nonprofits TechnologyAnalytics are becoming increasingly key to how marketing functions in the digital age. Whether you’re mounting a completely digital campaign or a traditional direct mail effort , ask string analytics are invaluable in terms of gaining insights into donor habits and giving potential.

Fundraising strategy, technology and data Q&A with Chris Goodman and Gary Carr

3rd Sector Labs

The topic – “Drive Your Fundraising Success with Strategy, Smart Technology and Better Data” – focused on the importance of aligning fundraising strategy, technology and a data in order to maximize the efficiencies of all three. Unfortunately, not every fundraising strategy, technology and data question could be answered, and so we wanted to share more of the Q&A here. How do we get “better data”?

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“Donor retention by the numbers”: Q&A with Caity Craver and Gary Carr

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The topic – “Donor Retention by the Numbers: Demystifying the Leaky Bucket” – focused on how to properly measure donor retention and then use that data to drive improved fundraising results. Does data quality really impact the accuracy of growth scores?

Is Your Organization Prepared to Dodge Donor Data Disasters?

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This is where your historical coding and a little extra analysis will help. Divide Your Data – First, pull the episodic donors by the coding parameter used during the event.

A Few Good Statistical Analysis Tools


Whether your organization needs to measure its programmatic success or expand its donor base, statistical analysis software can help nonprofits become more data-driven and accountable. If your software budget is tight and your statistical analysis needs are basic, consider Excel. Windows users can install the built-in Analysis Toolpak, but Excel for the Mac OS now requires a free downloadable add-on, like Statplus: Mac LE.

Tapping Giving USA Data for Year-Round Success

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Each June, nonprofit and philanthropy leaders gather for the unveiling of what’s become an annual report card for charitable giving in America and, by extension, for fundraisers. Read the chapters on how different types of nonprofits fared over the previous year and why.

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Data for Good – from the Nonprofit Blog Carnival

Wild Apricot

Here''s the June Nonprofit Blog Carnival round-up on "Data for Good". Great advice and tips on measurement and data analysis for non-profits. data nonprofit blog carnival

Data Only Helps if You Listen to It

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Data and analytics can play a big role in improving nonprofit strategy. It usually doesn’t though, and that’s because most nonprofits are using their data wrong. Data analytics could be fresh garlic.* As I mentioned in my previous blog post, data is not magic.)

Beyond Dashboards: Business Intelligence Tools for Program Analysis and Reporting


Strategic, mission-critical decisions require a clear understanding of program performance, but for most nonprofits, making decisions on facts rather than gut feelings is easier said than done. More than simply graphically displaying static data, they offer trend analysis, forecasting and drill-down capabilities that can dramatically expand your insight into program performance. Business Intelligence tools have grown in popularity with nonprofits for a number of reasons.

Big Data Means More Than Big Profits

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

This post originally appeared as part of an online debate about How Big Data Can Have a Social Impact, which the Harvard Business Review Blog Network hosted jointly with the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship. Big Data is all the rage in Silicon Valley. But can Big Data also create positive social change? Massive amounts of data are collected on the pollution in our cities and the changes in our climate. Talk about Big Data!

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Tapping Intelligence Tools: Using Big Data for Big Success in the Nonprofit Sector

Byte Technology

It’s been long known to for-profit retailers and marketers across nearly all sectors of our economy that utilizing the power of “big data” is a sure-fire way to optimize business plans and increase profits. What exactly is big data? Digital Resources Industry News Nonprofit Web Design

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Nonprofits and Big Data: An inside look at how the Ad Council is leveraging data for social change


Big data” has been a big buzzword for a while now. But how can nonprofits actually leverage their data (big or not so big)? The Ad Council plans to share our approach at this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference. Big data” has been a big buzzword for a while now. But how can nonprofits actually leverage their data (big or not so big)? The Ad Council plans to share our approach at this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference.

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Guarantee Success for Your Year-End Campaign with Donor Data as Your Guide

Connection Cafe

But the reality is that we sometimes have so much data to analyze and interpret that it can be hard to know where to start. In a 2016 analysis, we determined that 14% of all records in nonprofitCRM systems were “un-mailable.” With 17.4%

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Can Social Network Analysis Improve Your Social Media Strategy?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Networked Nonprofit: Care2 Webinar. Join Allison Fine and me on June 21st at 1-2 PM PST/4-5 PM EST for the launch of The Networked Nonprofit published by Jossey-Bass. The definition of links or how you’re connected is defined however you want in social network analysis.

5 Foundation Trends for 2019: Conquering the Unknown with the Help of Data

Connection Cafe

Here are the five trends I see having the most impact on foundations in this coming year, starting with these new potential partners: Partnerships and Data. A key piece to understanding those root causes as well as coordinating an effective response will be an increased focus on data.

How Marketing Automation Can Help You Better Engage Your Supporters

Connection Cafe

Marketing automation is certainly gaining traction in the nonprofit space, but if your organization is not taking advantage of it yet, or you feel your automated series needs some revamping, I’d like to offer you four core tenants to consider: Goals. Analysis.

Help! My Nonprofit Needs A Data Nerd

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Last week, I facilitated a mini-innovation lab on measuring impact for grantees of the Google Nonprofit program at the Impact Hub. We spent a fair amount of time framing and reframing the problem and ended up with a question that focused on data collection.

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