Give Local America Disaster Offers Lessons for Next Time

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Also, if you have not read it, Kivi Leroux-Miller has written a stellar piece called “ The Heroes and Villains of Give Local America Story. “ Give Local America Disaster Offers Lessons for Next Time – Guest Post by Peter Panepento.

Ahead of Give Local America, 7 trends in Giving Days

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

With the clock ticking for Give Local America on May 5, community foundations and others are finalizing plans for this national day of online giving. Source: GiveMN A school principal rides a zipline as a way to bring attention to Give to the Max Day in Minnesota.

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Staying Nimble in a Time of Change

Connection Cafe

These are unprecedented times. The 2016 Presidential election, and its outcome, signaled a significant shift in America – certain voices became louder and new perspectives came closer to the forefront.

Will Give Local America Be The Largest Crowd Funding Event in History?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: Give Local America , powered by Kimbia’s technology, is an effort to coordinate giving days on one platform. Last year, Give Local America raised more than $53 million from more than 306,000 gifts in 2014. Give Local America emphasizes small, local nonprofits.

[SPECIAL EDITION PODCAST] How America Gives | Ft. Stacy Palmer

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Chronicle just released their 2017 Special Report titled How America Gives. It’s incredibly important to understand the giving trends of your constituency, especially this time of year. We thank our friends at Chronicle for their hard work in compiling this data, and Stacy for taking some time to dig into the numbers a little bit. The post [SPECIAL EDITION PODCAST] How America Gives | Ft.

5 Instagram Ideas for Nonprofits to Boost Followers and Engagement

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At the Lupus Foundation of America , we’ve been active on Instagram since 2013, though until recently, it was not a central part of our organization’s social media strategy. For comparison, during that same time we gained half as many new Twitter followers.

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Public Allies Arizona: Getting Things Done for America

ASU Lodestar Center

The oath reads: I will get things done for America - to make our people safer, smarter, and healthier. With the support of the cohort, program managers and supervisors we have continued through hard times. We’re Public Allies Arizona Class of 2014 and we all are going to keep getting things done for America. posted by Annie Bello Graduate Public Allies Arizona I quickly realized that Public Allies was no cop out when we were sworn in as AmeriCorps members.

How “Give Local America” Raised Over $51 Million In 24 Hours

John Haydon

Give Local America (Tuesday, May 6, 2014) raised over $51,641,978.98 Give Local America ‘s goals are to generate significant philanthropy outside of the traditional giving season with a focus on supporting local communities and local organizations. First time donors - our experience tells us that up to 60% of the donors in these one day events are first time donors to an organization. What’s behind the timing of the event?

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America spread #GoSilent across the web for Memorial Day

Amy Sample Ward

Just before noon, I decided to go online and see what those in my networks were sharing from their own celebrations or reflections, and immediately found the #GoSilent campaign from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).

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The Art of People Powered Storytelling Through Social Media


Petri Darby is the Director of Brand Marketing & Digital Strategy at Make-A-Wish Foundation of America. I had a chance to spend time with Petri at SXSW this year where we talked about how Make-a-Wish Foundation of American is using social media as part of their digital strategy.

New Study: Investing in Facebook is a Waste of Time


According to the New York Times , Facebook has aggressively promoted its advertising products (like pop up ads that appear on users’ mobile phones urging them to install a new app.Facebook Messanger, anyone?).

A Project Management Lesson from Captain America


Yes, it's been a year since the movie Captain America: The First Avenger came out, but, just in case you are late watching it, there are spoilers ahead. I was re-watching Captain America recently, and I noticed a great story about good project management. They don't send him to the front lines to win the war or even have scientists examine him, but they instead send Captain America on a tour to sell war bonds.

Solving homelessness, one tweet at a time


As a documentary filmmaker, I knew that Mark’s story, and the wider story of homelessness in America, needed to be told. Please support this cutting edge online advocacy project , share Mark’s work with your friends, and help tell the story of homelessness in America.

Case Study: M+R Walks Us Through Testing an Email Fundraising Campaign from Oxfam America


M+R Strategic Services has been working with Oxfam America, an international relief organization, since 2002. The difference wasn’t huge, but we’d seen similar results with another client’s test around the same time, so we went with it.

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Give Local America Disaster Offers Lessons for Next Time | Beth’s Blog

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Give Local America Disaster Offers Lessons for Next Time | Beth’s Blog : "Note from Beth: Peter Panepento wrote a thoughtful piece earlier this week about #givedaylessons and gave me permission to republish it here. Also, if you have not read it, Kivi Leroux-Miller has written a stellar piece called “The Heroes and Villains of Give Local America Story.“ Give Local America Disaster Offers Lessons for Next Time – Guest Post by Peter Panepento" 'via Blog this'.

To Strengthen Democracy in America, Think Tech

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At the same time, many other high-profile funders allocate relatively small amounts to tech-related grantmaking. Time for Other Heavy Hitters to Step Up. Editor's note — This blog piece by Micah Sifry touches on the still inadequate state of funding for nonprofit technology.

Which Social Networking Analysis Term Best Describes Virgin America?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I flew back from DC last night on Virgin America. They permitted the use of cell phones, so I tweeted that even if you are delayed, it's a pleasant experience on Virgin America. How would you describe Virgin America in social networking analysis and mapping terminology? .

Free Office 365 Roadshow Events Are Coming to America

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Office 365 Roadshows Coming to America. How the Office 365 implementation process works, including the level of time and effort for your organization, and various implementation options. If you could get the scoop on Office 365 in a single day, would you be interested?

Times are hard. Associations make the world better.


The Association of Equipment Manufacturers Education Foundation is responding to the severe shortage of qualified workers needed to tackle America’s infrastructure problems. Maddie and I attended the ASAE Summit Awards Dinner a few days ago. It’s a beautiful event held annually in Washington, DC. We were at the National Building Museum, with it’s spectacular architecture highlighted with uplights, an understated stage set, and beautiful party decor.

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The NonProfit Times - Small Nonprofits Dominate America's Giving Challenge

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The NonProfit Times - The Leading Business Publication For Nonprofit Management: "Small Nonprofits Dominate America's Giving ChallengeBy Michele DonohueA 30-day online competition showed how social media allows small nonprofits to garner huge support from donors during America’s Giving Challenge, which ended at 3 p.m.

Facebook ROI for Nonprofits: Are You Wasting Your Time?

John Haydon

If a breast Cancer foundation targets all women in north America, they will be wasting money on Facebook ads. Should your nonprofit use Facebook to promote your cause? What’s the ROI? Here’s a point vs. counterpoint with nonprofit marketing expert Nancy Schwartz.

New Customer: Complete College America


We are very pleased to announce another new customer among the VisionLink network, Complete College America. The president of the National Governor''s Association has adopted this as a primary issue for the NGA, and in a very short time, this alliance has grown to more than 25 member states.

The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Marketing Magic Bullet, Burrito Principle, and npEngage Magazine

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This issue features the ways in which both Wreaths Across America and BuildOn are setting new standards for mission advancement, guidance from Fundraising Coach Marc Pitman on filling the gaps in the nonprofit industry, and advice from Ryan Scapellato on how to gauge constituent loyalty.

CWA Uses Text Messages to Rally Their Members with Real-Time Updates

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Communications Workers of America , the largest telecommunications union in the country, is using text messaging to communicate with their members and assemble them at a moment’s notice. Working America Drives Local Action with Targeted Text Messages.


Glitch Torpedoes Give Local AmericaThe NonProfit Times

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Glitch Torpedoes Give Local AmericaThe NonProfit Times : "Technical difficulties brought Give Local America to a screeching halt yesterday, forcing some communities to extend the 24-hour crowdfunding event for at least another day." 'via via Blog this

Support for our fallen is down. I’m not driving a semi, but I’m joining the parade.

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WAA’s wreath-count at the end of the day yesterday was close to 120,000, but there’s still time to contribute. On Saturday, the week-long journey will culminate at Arlington in honor of National Wreaths Across America Day. The Beginning of Wreaths Across America.

The Worst Nonprofit in America

John Haydon

The Tampa Bay Times , Center for Investigative Reporting , and CNN have created a list of the 50 worst nonprofits in America. Kids Wish Network tops the list. Fundraising fundraising research worst charities

New Intranet for Feeding America | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

06/28/2010: User Expectations and Interface Response Times 06/16/2010: Making the most of conference hashtags: A tool for presenters 06/08/2010: Beaconfire Survey: Seductive Interactions 06/08/2010: Emailing with Convio – Testing Conditional Content 06/07/2010: Goin’ Barefoot?

NY Times Article from Last Day of America's Giving Challenge

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I was so busy online working my social media and social networks that I failed to notice the article from the New York Times about the America's Giving Challenge titled "Charities Vie for Prizes in Online Giving Experiment "

Encouraging Generosity On Social Networks: Assessing America's Giving Challenge and Reflections from Craigslist Nonprofit Bootcamp

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Of note, I wanted to let you know that the reflection paper about America's Giving Challenge from the Case Foundation has been published ( Allison Fine and I were the co-authors.) Winners pushed power to the edges through their social networks and were agile, real-time learners.

Why Can’t the Nonprofit and Philanthropic Sector Scale Generosity? #givedaylessons

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

What Happened on Give Local America Day? Early on Give Local America Day , reports of slow page loads and server crashes started to trickle in from a couple of community foundations hosting Giving Days using the Kimbia platform. What Happened on Give Local America Day?

Lame spam of the day: America Airlines ticket order

Robert Weiner

DATE & TIME / NOVEMBER 17, 2011, 11:53 PM. This one caught my eye for a second. I thought, "I don't remember booking anything with American lately." The lazy spammer didn't even bother to include any graphics to make it look official. Sender: American Airlines ( Subject: Your Order##91991988. Text: Dear Customer, FLIGHT NUMBER 984. ELECTRONIC 746879098. ARRIVING / NEW YORK JFK. TOTAL PRICE / 321.56 Please find your ticket attached. You can print your ticket.

How America is betraying the hungry children of Africa

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Steve Cisler heard me mention this book recently and sent me a spot-on article from the Observer, How America is betraying the hungry children of Africa. The article shows how we manage to damage agricultural economies and the sustainability of countries with food aid, this time in Malawi. One of the things I often talk about in my public speaking is the continuum that goes from pure profit orientation to pure charity.

6 Twitter Tactics for Busy Nonprofits

John Haydon

Feeding America uses Twitter to encourage people to act in the fight to end hunger. They’re smart about the tweets they post, they say thanks (a lot), and they spend time network weaving […].

11NTC Preview: Technology in Times of Disaster: The Important Role of Social media in Disaster Response and Awareness


In the aftermath of that quake, as well as flooding in Pakistan, fires in Israel, flooding in South and Central America, and countless other incidents, technology played a critical and often-life-saving role, and remains at the center of the ongoing advocacy and long-term rebuilding work in Haiti.

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5 Questions for Paula Van Ness – Founder of 12by12by12

John Haydon

One thing that unites our divided nation is a concern about America’s future. These are challenging times for thousands of nonprofit organizations across the country protecting our most vulnerable populations. The stakes are high.

Designing for Good #3 – Best of 2016 Nonprofit Storytelling

Connection Cafe

Timely, but why is nonprofit storytelling such a hot topic these days ? A volunteer sharing how investments of time became the fruits of change in their community. 7 Feeding America: “Four faces of Hunger” (website).

[New Report] Giving in an Election Year

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As fundraisers and nonprofit leaders, we’re taught to be careful at these times—that donors who give to political candidates and causes will naturally turn away from charitable causes to focus on the issue in hand. An election year always focuses the mind—on many different things.

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Open Data Tools Let You Peek Behind the Campaign Finance Curtain

Tech Soup Blog

The Sunlight Foundation , a nonpartisan nonprofit, has a Real-Time Federal Campaign Finance page. Code for America infographics civil society volunteers civic technology data visualization campaign finance data databases



The purpose of the meetings was to establish vision and direction and to form a number of workgroups to focus on infrastructure, processes, people, and tools that could improve the timeliness, quality, availability and access of real-time information during and after crisis situations across America.