America’s Fundraising Playbook? [Hint: You’re probably not reaching today’s donors]

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America is in the midst of a dramatic cultural shift.” For nonprofit organizations courageous enough to undertake this difficult journey, Diversity in Giving is essential reading for getting started. – Emmett D.

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Give Local America Disaster Offers Lessons for Next Time

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Also, if you have not read it, Kivi Leroux-Miller has written a stellar piece called “ The Heroes and Villains of Give Local America Story. “ Give Local America Disaster Offers Lessons for Next Time – Guest Post by Peter Panepento.

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Ahead of Give Local America, 7 trends in Giving Days

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

With the clock ticking for Give Local America on May 5, community foundations and others are finalizing plans for this national day of online giving. While many Giving Day organizers have covered processing fees for participating nonprofits, none of the six surveyed did last fall.

How Baltimore Became the Most Generous City in America on Giving Tuesday

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They created the BMore Gives More campaign and set out to become the most generous city in America. If you make a modest goal, it hasn’t really shown your team or organization that together you can do something bigger than you thought you could do.

Will Give Local America Be The Largest Crowd Funding Event in History?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: Give Local America , powered by Kimbia’s technology, is an effort to coordinate giving days on one platform. Last year, Give Local America raised more than $53 million from more than 306,000 gifts in 2014. Give Local America emphasizes small, local nonprofits.

7 Ethical Dilemmas Facing Nonprofit Organizations

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At the AFP Mid-America Conference on Fundraising, Robbe Healey spoke to seven ethical dilemmas nonprofits will face. Let’s take back the trust that good organizations deserve by brushing up on the top ethical dilemmas facing the sector.

5 Instagram Ideas for Nonprofits to Boost Followers and Engagement

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At the Lupus Foundation of America , we’ve been active on Instagram since 2013, though until recently, it was not a central part of our organization’s social media strategy.

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Applying Design Thinking to Your Organization: New CEO Workshop


For many years now, I have focused my consulting work, research and writing on how organizations can shift from inside-out to outside-in—from products to customers and relationships; from efficiency to engagement and innovation. Morgan, FASAE, CAE, CEO, Club Managers Association of America.

How “Give Local America” Raised Over $51 Million In 24 Hours

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Give Local America (Tuesday, May 6, 2014) raised over $51,641,978.98 Give Local America ‘s goals are to generate significant philanthropy outside of the traditional giving season with a focus on supporting local communities and local organizations. First time donors - our experience tells us that up to 60% of the donors in these one day events are first time donors to an organization. What made you decide to create Give Local America?

Unlease Your Organizations Knowledge Sharing Processes

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note From Beth: Many of us don’t value taking the time for intentional learning within our organizations. Being intentional about learning can also help an organization scale effectively. Unlease Your Organizations Knowledge Sharing Processes – Guest Post by Kelcie Tacchi.

Most Generous Cities in America

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Is your organization enjoying a piece of the online giving pie? Author: Cheryl Black. How generous is your city? Check out the cities that made the top 10 for most generous online. Alexandria, VA. Cambridge, MA. Arlington, VA. Seattle, WA. Washington, DC. Berkeley, CA. Louis, MO. San Francisco, CA. Ann Arbor, MI. Minneapolis, MN.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America spread #GoSilent across the web for Memorial Day

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Just before noon, I decided to go online and see what those in my networks were sharing from their own celebrations or reflections, and immediately found the #GoSilent campaign from Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).

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ITWorks & SAP America: Connecting Young Adults To Bright Futures


14 students from the ITWorks program in the Philadelphia area visited SAP America last week for Career Day this year. SAP America, located in Newtown Square, PA, is a subsidiary of SAP AG, a multinational technology company producing enterprise software solutions.

The Top 5 Lean Startup Resources for Social Good Organizations

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

” The Top 5 Lean Startup Resources for Social Good Organizations – Guest Post by By:Leah Neaderthal, Co-Founder, Lean Impact. The Best Quick Videos about Lean for Social Good: Code for America, SamaUSA and Girl Develop It.

Meet Your Local NetSquared Organizer at #17NTC

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More than 20 NetSquared-affiliated organizers will be at the conference — look for the people wearing NetSquared pins. The NetSquared regional ambassadors will also be on-site sharing the joy of being a NetSquared organizer and participating in the fun. Central and South America.

9 Amazing Organizations Share Their Tech Success

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HART for Animals is a one-stop rescue organization for all things pets in rural Maryland. The organization's project on Last Polar Bear reached 26.5 million people through national media outreach, including an appearance on "Good Morning America."

International Organizations and Social Media: News, Engagement, and Social Data for Policy Change

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

While the primary goal is for students to learn about strategic use of networks and social media for international organizations, I will also be covering some practical career skills such as effective networking and self-directed professional learning (also called “Social Learning”).

Funding Rural America: Bridging the Resource Gap

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If your charity or library happens to be located in rural America, it's not your imagination that it is harder to get grant funding in rural locations. While private foundations are clearly more urban-oriented, state and corporate foundation grantmaking now favors rural organizations.

TechSoup's Netsquared Organizers Win 2015 NTENny Awards

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Over the last decade, Eli has been a volunteer manager, an event organizer, a digital campaigner, and a community manager. This means there's no single meeting time that will work for all the NetSquared organizers.

A Project Management Lesson from Captain America


Yes, it's been a year since the movie Captain America: The First Avenger came out, but, just in case you are late watching it, there are spoilers ahead. I was re-watching Captain America recently, and I noticed a great story about good project management. They don't send him to the front lines to win the war or even have scientists examine him, but they instead send Captain America on a tour to sell war bonds.

Social Media: Before You Get Started, Get Organized!

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Social Media: Before You Get Started, Get Organized! For example, the Latin America Work Group’s website is , but when the organization was setting up its profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, “lawg” was not available on all three sites. Use a Square Version of Your Organization’s Logo as Your Avatar on Social Media Sites. Commit to high standards of professionalism when representing the organization online.

Case Study: M+R Walks Us Through Testing an Email Fundraising Campaign from Oxfam America


M+R Strategic Services has been working with Oxfam America, an international relief organization, since 2002. [Editor's note: The following is an excerpt of a case study in the March 2011 issue of NTEN:Change.

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To Strengthen Democracy in America, Think Tech

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democracy, especially compared to other strategies such as coalition building, litigation, grassroots organizing, advocacy, research, and general/unrestricted support.

What Should Happen to Underperforming Nonprofit Organizations?

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I want to kill organizations that aren''t showing their value." --Devon Smith Now that''s the kind of sentence that makes you put down your fork. Last month, I had the good fortune to join a few brilliant people for a " Dinner-vention " about the future of the arts in America. In the course of the conversation, Devon Smith, a social media consultant from Threespot, started talking the problem of arts organizations that are no longer relevant or useful to their communities.

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Working America Drives Local Action with Targeted Text Messages

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Working America is a national organization that represents working families on a wide variety of issues. So Working America uses locally targeted mobile outreach to make sure they’re sending their messages to only the people who care about them. To fight the bill, Working America texted just their Michigan constituents. At a recent pizza party in Denver, Colorado, Working America members got a chance to meet like-minded activists and share ideas.

Which Social Networking Analysis Term Best Describes Virgin America?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I flew back from DC last night on Virgin America. They permitted the use of cell phones, so I tweeted that even if you are delayed, it's a pleasant experience on Virgin America. How would you describe Virgin America in social networking analysis and mapping terminology? .

Cool App Roundup: Arts Organization Edition

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project will focus on apps for arts organizations, with a practical. organizations, but also some insights into the development process and lessons that these organizations learned. Are you an arts organization? your organization?

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Free Office 365 Roadshow Events Are Coming to America

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Office 365 Roadshows Coming to America. Office 365 is of course the new cloud version of Microsoft Office that provides your organization with web-based access to Office applications. If you could get the scoop on Office 365 in a single day, would you be interested?

Help Empower Women Rights Organizations in the Ukraine

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

At the age of 13, my grandfather left his country and ended up as a refugee in America. Despite harsh conditions, he made a new life in a new country, but never forgot his homeland. Local organizations are working to provide support, training and services to these women.

The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Marketing Magic Bullet, Burrito Principle, and npEngage Magazine

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This issue features the ways in which both Wreaths Across America and BuildOn are setting new standards for mission advancement, guidance from Fundraising Coach Marc Pitman on filling the gaps in the nonprofit industry, and advice from Ryan Scapellato on how to gauge constituent loyalty.

YouthBuild Boston: A TechSoup Youth Organization Profile

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Like most of us in in nonprofitland he does several other jobs in addition to taking care of the money at his organization. The organization likes to have two major construction projects going at a time, plus several smaller projects. How TechSoup Donations Help the Organization.

How the Alabama Eye Bank Runs Its Entire Organization on FileMaker

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Most organizations nowadays, TechSoup included, rely on their databases to do their work. that are members of the nonprofit Eye Bank Association of America. The organization has just two IT people to keep its systems running.

Volunteers of America: Getting Results

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While that’s all well and good, there’s nothing like seeing an organization put these tips into practice and learning from their example. In 2009 Volunteers of America looked to get more out of their online fundraising program by tapping into the power of integrated online and offline fundraising. The initial test doubled the number of text gifts to the organization. See more of our work with Volunteers of America Author: Cheryl Black.

VisionLink’s Strategic Advantage Department Produces Complete College America’s National STEM Careers Academy

VisionLink With funding from the Helmsley Charitable Trust, Complete College America (CCA) is working to dramatically increase the number of college students obtaining high-demand STEM degrees (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Support for our fallen is down. I’m not driving a semi, but I’m joining the parade.

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On Saturday, the week-long journey will culminate at Arlington in honor of National Wreaths Across America Day. The Beginning of Wreaths Across America. Wreaths Across America’s Incredible Impact. There are 240,000 headstones at Arlington, each one deserving of a wreath.

Revenue Grows for Faith-based Organizations

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Overall fundraising revenue for 334 churches, synagogues and other faith-based organizations representing nearly $1.2 target="_blank">The Blackbaud Index that tracks fundraising revenue for congregations and other faith-based organizations.

New Intranet for Feeding America | Beaconfire Wire

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Feeding America is the nation’s largest charitable hunger-relief organization. They are a network of more than 200 member food banks and food-rescue organizations, serving all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

February 11 Is National 2-1-1 Day!


3 Today, VisionLink would like to share our gratitude towards all 2-1-1’s across North America and the qualified call specialists, the backbone of 2-1-1. 2-1-1 is confidential and helps people across North America find the local resources they need.

Why Your Organization Needs Telecommuting – When the Commuter Train Shuts Down

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If your organization has flexible work systems in place, then a "carpocalypse" such as this won't have nearly the destructive impact that it otherwise could on your team's productivity. Despite the fact that many knowledge workers could efficiently and effectively do their work from home, most organizations default to a management and evaluation style designed for factory workers. What steps can you take to build a resilient organization?

Nonprofits Using Social Media to Engage and Share, Says Sage North America Survey | SYS-CON INDIA

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PRESS ReleaseNonprofits Using Social Media to Engage and Share, Says Sage North America Survey | SYS-CON INDIA: "AUSTIN, TX -- (Marketwire) -- 10/28/09 -- Sage North America today announced the results of its recently conducted social media survey for nonprofit organizations in the U.S.