Guest Post: Community and Civic Engagement in Museum Programs

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Writing my masters thesis for Gothenburg University’s International Museum Studies program while also working four days a week as the Director of Community Programs at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History this spring was certainly a challenge but also an incredible opportunity. To apply the results of my analysis to produce a community-driven program design specifically for implementation at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (the MAH).

[VIDEO] How to Tap Into Gen Y & Z Donors


And then the other key fact that I want to share about millennials is that 84% of millennial donors have a history of supporting nonprofit causes. It offers an intergenerational experience. Like that seems like the ideal alternative.

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Women of Color Resource Center: An Interview with Anisha Desai

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It is a time where a lot of organizations are going through an intergenerational transfer of leadership, and a lot has been written about what does that mean? The greatest thing that I came away with is that the United States' and the European notions of what African history is all about, are so simplified. It is a much more complex and nuanced history.

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