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Crowdsourcing Crisis Information: Tracking the Eastern Congo Conflict / Democratic Republic of Congo


Via GlobalVoices , information about the ongoing crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where some 1 million people have fled the province of North Kivu. Newsfeed here.). An interesting, and hopefully valuable, effort to mitigate the situation is the "Ushahidi" web site for reporting of incidents of violence and abuse.

Announcing… 31 New Favorite Nonprofits for 2013!

Nonprofit Tech for Good

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) :: @ PETA. Each January Nonprofit Tech 2.0 banner. Wildlife SOS :: @ WildlifeSOS.

Citizen Tech: Social Media in Disaster Response

Amy Sample Ward

Social media, like all technology, is developed by people. Response : studies show that people expect a response on social media. Slides.

Arts Activist Naomi Natale and The One Million Bones Project

Have Fun - Do Good

If you have suggestions for people I should interview, please email me at britt AT brittbravo DOT com. Tweet Share. Big Vision Podcast

[Book Interview] Nonprofit Example of Social Media Excellence: Women for Women International

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Organization: Women for Women International. Name: Lauren Shopp || Title: Multimedia/Online Coordinator. That would be me!

Pull up a [virtual] chair for a conversation on health and population issues


Arnold Christianson from the National Health Laboratory Service and University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa will be PRB's guest for the discussion. Combating Malaria: A First-Hand Account From Congo. Consider the topic for tomorrow, 1/22, at 1:00 EST: " Birth Defects: A Hidden Toll for Developing Countries."

Support Women Survivors of War with $27/month

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Through the blistering heat and through rain storms, she walked over 150 miles to Bukavu, a village that had become a haven for people fleeing the war.

Virtual Platforms for Good: Empowering Individuals

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I sent an IM to Jonathan Fanton about an African intitiated Virtual Africa portal to Second Life (see next post!). Photo UgoTrade Blog.

The Right Way to use Social Media for Fundraising: Wildlife Direct

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Paula Kahumbu, Wildlife Direct and PopTech Fellow 09. Last week I wrote about a pair of surveys that looked at social media and nonprofits.

Empowering Refugees: Interview with Kjerstin Erickson of FORGE

Have Fun - Do Good

Kjerstin Erickson is one of those people "shiny" people who lights up a room. He ran into Congo. Right. What's the dark side?

Five Social Media Fundraising Trends for 2009

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Social networks like Twitter connect us with people online who share our interests or passions about making the world a better place.

nfp 2.0 » Camera Rwanda: Storytelling using Flickr

Rebooting Charity

I initially posted my photographs as a way of sharing my summer 2005 trip to Africa with my friends and family. I have. Welcome to. Yes, a few.

The Social Media Response to Disaster in Haiti


Most people are already familiar with the American Red Cross and the speed with which they jumped into action after the January earthquakes.

Empowering Women Citizen Journalists: An Interview with Cristi Hegranes

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We use journalism because it is a very empowering profession, enabling people to become the "question askers" in their societies. CH: Yes.