Multi-Country Rollout of Salesforce to Support Workforce Development in the Middle East and North Africa

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Education For Employment’s (EFE) mission is simple: to create economic opportunities for unemployed youth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), allowing them to create a brighter future for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Blog for water and get to Africa

Amy Sample Ward

A few great things: winner joins a P&G Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program expedition. The contest runs most of this month, so register your blog today and start rallying supporters to help get donated water to those in need, and join the Children’s Safe Drinking Water expedition! Tags: blogging campaigns africa bloggers campaign contest water

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Spotlight on South Africa: Nonprofit Profiles from SANGONeT

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup's partner in Africa, SANGONeT , has compiled case studies and profiles of the South African nonprofits and charities they serve. The goal of these case studies is to raise awareness of the impact these nonprofits are making in South Africa. Children and Education. Kliptown Youth Programme provides after-school activities and educational support to disadvantaged children from the Kliptown area. This township is one of the poorest areas in South Africa.

How America is betraying the hungry children of Africa

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

Steve Cisler heard me mention this book recently and sent me a spot-on article from the Observer, How America is betraying the hungry children of Africa. One of the things I often talk about in my public speaking is the continuum that goes from pure profit orientation to pure charity. Most social entrepreneurs I know operate somewhere in between, and for good reasons. Charity is an important and good thing, but charity can be a powerful negative force when misapplied.

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Empowering Young Children through Philanthropy

Beth Kanter

One of them was Vincent Law who is doing interesting work with teaching young children about giving and philanthropy. Empower Young Children through Philanthropy – guest blog post by Vincent Law, CEO and Founder at PhilanthroKids Academy. Among various kinds of philanthropy, I have a passion for children’s well-being especially the psychological aspects. In our 10th anniversary, CPF collaborates with AFP to develop a philanthropy program for young children aged 3-12.

Daily DoGooder: Help Us Save Lives in the Horn of Africa


Change the world, one video at a time.Help Us Save Lives in the Horn of Africa | :30 UNICEF This new PSA, from UNICEF, is extremely timely and important right NOW! As you can see in the news this last weeks there is a severe hunger crisis facing children and women in the Horn of

Underwear for Africa and Reclaiming A September 11th Birthday

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

More recently, The Sharing Foundation recently ran a successful pajama drive and has over 300 pairs of new pjs for the children at Roteang Orphanage. Mothers for Africa is running an underwear donation drive. Mothers fighting for Others has a goal is to collect new, unopened packs of children???s They will then distribute them throughout Africa. And, while I'm on the topic of creative ways to support projects in the Africa.

nfp 2.0 » Save the Children offers yak a Second Life

Rebooting Charity

whitewater widgets yak shack December 5th, 2006 Save the Children offers yak a Second Life Owen Gibson writes in The Guardian that Save the Children today becomes the first UK charity to participate in Second Life , a virtual world accessible over the web via software installed on your computer. The money is then transferred into a Save the Children account at the current exchange rate of US$3.50

64 Online Stores That Benefit Nonprofits and the Greater Good

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Global Goods Partners have partnered with over 60 artisan groups in more than 20 countries throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas to help bring to market the fair trade, handcrafted products they produce.

So Fast Google Can’t Ignore You: Donations Optimized For SEO


SOS Children’s Villages Canada. Daniel Loftus shares how SOS Children’s Villages Canada put its website back on the SEO map, without adding any new content. SOS Children’s Villages is a large international children’s charity helping orphaned and abandoned children in 133 countries around the world. SOS Children’s Villages Canada’s role is to raise funds in Canada to fund programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Daniel Loftus.

5 Organizations To Support On World Refugee Day


In June of 2018, this mandate feels more pressing than ever, as thousands of families seeking asylum are torn apart and children are held in cages at the U.S. Asylum Access focuses on refugees from Africa, Asia, and Latin America (the areas with most of the world’s refugees), and works to help refugees assert their rights in the present and transform systems for a safer and more just future.

Medical Records for Gitwe

Here’s a quick recap of the project and why I was there: Medical Missions for Children sends doctors to the hospital in a town called Gitwe a couple times a year. Our task on this trip was to install a computerized medical records system that could be used by Medical Missions for Children to record the patients they worked with. Tags: Africa CRM Technology My trip to Rwanda was amazing. This first post is going to be about the volunteer project I was a part of.

2020 Cause Awareness & Giving Day Calendar for Nonprofits

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12: International Day for Street Children — #StreetChildrenDay. 20: World Children’s Day — #WorldChildrensDay. Cause awareness and giving days can be very powerful themes upon which to launch online fundraising campaigns.

25 Global Trends in Giving That Nonprofits Need to Know About

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These donors are most likely to support the causes of children and youth (15%) , health and wellness (11%) , and animals and wildlife (11%). Increased access to online and mobile giving technology in Africa, Asia, and South America will likely grow these numbers significantly in coming years. 9) Religious donors are more likely to give to charitable organizations that provide basic needs and support the causes of children and youth, health and wellness, and hunger and homelessness.

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22 Statistics About #GivingTuesday Donors Worldwide

Nonprofit Tech for Good

By Region: Africa – 12%. Children and youth – 10%. #GivingTuesday 2020 is December 1 and below are important data about GivingTuesday donors to help your nonprofit create a successful campaign.

25 Must-Know Global Trends in Giving

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Across the ideological spectrum, children and youth is the cause most likely to inspire giving while peace and non-violence is the least likely to inspire giving. Africa. 14) 16% of donors in Africa prefer to give through mobile devices which is the highest of any region. In Africa, mobile technology is how most people first get access to the Internet and giving to and engaging with NPOs and NGOs on mobile devices is a fast-growing trend.

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12 Demographic & Technology Trends Changing the Nonprofit Sector Worldwide

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5) Africa’s population will more than double to 2.6 Social good organizations will be crucial in advancing economic development throughout Africa to ensure its rising population has a better life than the generations before. Also, to save Africa’s iconic wildlife from extinction, NGOs will be instrumental in conserving land and defeating wildlife crime. A messaging app revolution is happening throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

Funding & Grant Resources For Nonprofits Focused On Education


Global Fund For Children. Global Fund For Children. The Global Fund For Children believes that educating children and youth is the key to building a more peaceful and just society. Areas served: US, India, South Africa.

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48 Online Stores That Benefit Nonprofits and the Greater Good

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Global Goods Partners have partnered with over 60 artisan groups in more than 20 countries throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas to help bring to market the fair trade, handcrafted products they produce. Jude Children’s Research Hospital continue to treat and defeat childhood cancer and other deadly diseases. Proceeds go to both the talented artisans that create the beautifully crafted products in the UNICEF Market and to help UNICEF save and protect children.

Three emerging trends in European philanthropy


For example, vaccination rates in parts of Africa are barely a few percent, while most EU countries’ rates range from 80-90%. After a sleepless redeye flight earlier this month, I landed in Barcelona to attend the first ever Philea Forum.

Creating Jewish Connection with Harold Grinspoon Foundation + Salesforce

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Among these programs are the PJ Library, which gives away roughly half a million Jewish-themed children’s books around the world each month, and JCamp 180, a program providing free professional consulting services and grant-matching to nonprofit Jewish camps. .

Giving Trends in Kenya: How the Growth of Mobile Payments Are Transforming Community Giving

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Seeing the limitations of microfinance, Matt sought alternative financial solutions to improve financial access across Africa. Matt believes that donations and rewards based crowdfunding platforms are just the starting point for crowdfunding across Africa, he’s also involved in establishing crowdfunding for investment across Africa. An Interview with Matt Roberts-Davies , General Manager of M-Changa – an official partner of the 2018 Global Trends in Giving Report.

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Philanthropy Delivers New Promise of Quality Education for All

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

She noted that each year the Foundation gathers government policymakers from its three target regions (West Africa, East Africa, and India) to discuss best practices in cost-effective interventions in education. Granted, realizing a future of quality education for all children requires a shift from viewing inclusive education as a purely legal or social obligation to embracing its benefits for all.

nfp 2.0 » The Best use of Google Maps, full stop

Rebooting Charity

whitewater widgets yak shack October 13th, 2006 The Best use of Google Maps, full stop The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children ( NSPCC ) has a long history of embracing innovation to raise awareness of its cause. The child protection charity is now using Google Maps in the latest phase of the hugely ambitious Full Stop campaign to end cruelty to children, which it launched in March 1999.

nfp 2.0 » A billboard of protest

Rebooting Charity

whitewater widgets yak shack December 6th, 2006 A billboard of protest As I was posting yesterday about Save the Children’s ‘Yak Shack’ venture into the virtual world, Beth Kanter was writing about awareness raising in Second Life.

Announcing… 31 New Favorite Nonprofits for 2013!

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That said, in 2012 I had the opportunity to travel to Africa and Asia and from those travel experiences three themes emerged that inspired the selection of this year’s nonprofits: 1) Women’s and girls empowerment; 2) Conservation of wildlife and wild lands; and 3) Access to medical care. SOS Children’s Villages International :: @ SOS_Children. Each January Nonprofit Tech 2.0 selects 31 new “ Favorite Nonprofits ” to be featured in the Nonprofit Tech 2.0 banner.

Not Cause Washing: Facebook and Google Donate To Charities In Lieu of Parties and Gifts

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

My twitter friend , Joey Leslie , and I traded some back and forth tweets about Chase Bank and Pepsi 's Crowdsourcing for Social Good efforts. Joey (I think) coined a new term, " cause washing." Joey pointed out that Facebook's donation to Donors Choose in lieu of holiday party and Google's $20 million donation to selected charities in lieu of holiday gifts to Adsense and Adwords products is not cause washing.

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Skype: the Link Between the UK and Uganda

Tech Soup Blog

Alongside Africa is a tiny nonprofit: half a dozen people generally working from their homes in the UK to support an even smaller handful based across Uganda. " Alongside Africa recently received a selection of Skype credit vouchers as a donation via Technology Trust , TechSoup Global's UK partner. "We're setting up a new street children program, and this gets us a little bit closer to being able to start the project," says Lawrance.

Conquering a Cruel Continent for a Cause

Tech Soup Blog

TechSoup Global's vice president for Africa David Barnard did. David Barnard has completed six of these grueling races: The Kalahari Desert in Botswana and South Africa (its name is derived from a Tswana word meaning "the great thirst"). David lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and describes himself as a keen sportsman, but strangely doesn't think of himself as a runner. I dedicated my participation in the Antarctica race to the work of Greenpeace Africa.

Funding & Grant Resources For Nonprofits Focused On The Environment And Conservation Efforts


The Conservation, Food and Health Foundation seeks to protect natural resources, improve the production and distribution of food, and promote public health in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Areas served: Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East.

Weekly update from PND


million for clinical effectiveness research (CER) studies aimed at improving care for adults and children across a range of health conditions. A weekly update with the latest news from PND. Nonprofits focused on diverse talent acquisition in 2022, survey finds. December 9, 2021.

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48 Online Stores That Benefit Nonprofits and the Greater Good

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Global Goods Partners have partnered with over 60 artisan groups in more than 20 countries throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas to help bring to market the fair trade, handcrafted products they produce. Jude Children’s Research Hospital continue to treat and defeat childhood cancer and other deadly diseases. Proceeds go to both the talented artisans that create the beautifully crafted products in the UNICEF Market and to help UNICEF save and protect children.

22 Online Gift Stores That Benefit Nonprofits

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Global Goods Partners is dedicated to alleviating poverty by strengthening women led development initiatives in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. for our children’s future. Jude’s mission is to find cures for children with cancer and other life-threatening diseases through research and treatment. The National Retail Federation predicts that holiday sales this year will increase 4.1 percent to $586.1

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Primer For Nonprofits


SOS Children’s Villages of Illinois ran their annual holiday giving campaign through CauseVox for the first time in 2020. Innovation: Africa has a page that encourages supporters to create their own DIY fundraisers, with information and support to help walk them through the process.

11 Creative Charity Fundraising Event Ideas


Innovation: Africa has an entire page set up encouraging supporters to create their own fundraisers on their own schedule. SOS Children’s Villages Illinois typically hold a holiday toy drive to provide gifts for the children in their villages.

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Martín Burt’s Best Kept Secret

Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

A citizen of Paraguay, he is the founder of Fundación Paraguaya , a financially self-sustaining social enterprise that promotes entrepreneurs in Paraguay and Africa through microcredit and entrepreneurship education. and Africa. Martín Burt is one of the greatest social entrepreneurs I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for many years.

Twitter’s Claire Williams Shares Why Literacy Is Her Cause

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Note from Beth: As a supporter of the work that the Sharing Foundation does for children in Cambodia, I’ve seen first hand the value of literacy programs in developing countries. Our connection to Kenya remains strong; we are also the guardians for one of the children from that orphanage, @sammyikua , who now studies in Maine. They did not want to bring religious materials to Africa. The “missionaries have ruined the Africa” answer is also another easy out.

Show Your Mama Some Love (or Facebook Like)

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

The fundraiser's goal to is to raise money for one amazing Mama who dreams of building a home for children in her village in Africa. The money you donate to this effort will support Mama Lucy Kamptoni, a changemaker in Tanzania who once sold chickens and used her income to build a primary school that now provides a high-quality education to over 400 children in Tanzania.

TechSoup French Partner Leads the Way to Sustainable Tech

Tech Soup Blog

ADB's Clic Vert Program fosters digital inclusion in French West Africa while contributing to a responsible end-of-life of computers and mobile phones. The proceeds of the mobile phone refurbishing and resale program are used to finance ADB's Clic Vert Program and its work to introduce electronics refurbishment and e-waste collection in West Africa. 124 tons of e-waste have been recycled from Africa.

Raise Your Hand for Girls on October 11, 2012

Beth Kanter

October 11 has been declared the “ International Day of the Girl ” and the launch of an international campaign called “ Because I am A Girl ” by the Plan, one of oldest and largest children’s development organizations in the world that works in 50 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas to promote child rights and lift millions of children out of poverty.

How Charities Get Tech Support in Uganda

Tech Soup Blog

Uganda is no different except for one thing: its amazing NetSquared Regional Ambassador for East Africa, Robert Kibaya. Here in Uganda and Africa in general, governments do not provide for elderly people. We also help poor children and poor schools. We help children with school fees, computer training, and many other things. It's tough out there everywhere for NGOs and charities to get help with their technology.

Mapping funding for racial justice: A political imperative


In our past annual research, we have tracked eight population categories : 1) children and youth; 2) human rights defenders; 3) Indigenous peoples; 4) LGBTQI; 5) migrants and refugees; 6) people with disabilities; 7) sex workers; and 8) women and girls.

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A Review of the Guardian ACTIVATE Summit in London

Tech Soup Blog

multilaterals, and high-impact entrepreneurs in the social media space, mostly from the western world and Africa, besides others. “[In Africa] the race is on to find what mobiles can do in areas as disparate as public health, governance and education.” ” Rakesh Rajani, Tweweza, talking about the potential dramatic impact of the mobile phone in Africa in the next five years. development in Africa.