The 15 Minute AdWords Audit

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So you have inherited an AdWords account and you are tasked to assess the health and efficiency of the account. What does your AdWords account structure look like? The truth is there is no magic bullet to an AdWords account structure; it could vary greatly between a true ecommerce sites vs. a lead generation site. Outside of segmenting your AdWords account to mirror your site, you may want to create specific campaigns special promotions.

Are you getting your $10,000 worth of free advertising each month?


Interactive Online Fundraising Search Engine Optimization Google AdWords Google Analytics Google GrantsDid you know that nonprofits can get $10,000 per month worth of search advertising from Google Grants? Here's what you need to know to get started.


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Make it Rain: Using the Google AdWords Grant to Drive Impact

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Why AdWords? Google has a grant that gives $10,000 per month in free AdWords spending for nonprofits that qualify, and unlike most grants, it has a really simple application process. Apply for the Google AdWords Grant. Once you're registered, you can set up your AdWords account and submit an application through the Google Ad Grants program. Have goals set up in Analytics and AdWords.

How To: Evaluate AdWords Performance


On the Google Grants team, we receive a lot of questions from grantees on how best to evaluate their AdWords performance. In general, you should use the data that flows into your AdWords account to evaluate performance. In addition, consider setting up AdWords Conversion Tracking or better yet, implement Google Analytics with AdWords to understand the entire visitor experience from keyword search to ad click to their ultimate actions on your site. .

Adwords Reporting on Steroids

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The seminar explained how to integrate Google Analytics with Google Grants to achieve better results. Go to the main dashboard of Google Analytics for example and drill down within the visitors tab to the map overlay report. Look at the ones that seem valuable and corporate them into your Adwords campaign to gain even more visitors. To find information about your existing campaigns, again go to traffic sources and click on the Adwords link.

AdWords: the anti-banner | Beaconfire Wire

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Yet for all the different ad blocking software out there, I haven’t seen this kind of zeal for blocking adwords (though if you really want to, here’s a client-side way ). Truth in AdWordtizing Nothing succeeds like success, especially with AdWords Common Adwords Mistakes Adwords Reporting on Steroids Taking advantage of Google Grants Damage control on your AdWords campaign privacy policy | sitemap copyright 2009, beaconfire consulting

Eight Things Nonprofits Should Know About Google AdWords


Well, with Google AdWords you can. However for those organizations wishing to go the extra step, Google AdWords allows you to market your site on a pay per click agreement in areas on the web users are already looking for content related to your's. In AdWords, you submit keyword strings and Google will show your ad, and your site, in specified locations on their network -- most notably at the top of search results when someone searches on a variance of your keyword strings.

Does Playing Video Games Make You Smarter about Google AdWords Campaigns? Yes!

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

If you're using Goolge Analytics goals, you've already thought through some of this. " The Google AdWords software will suggest keywords. If you're already using Google Analytics, running some of the keyword reports will give you an idea of what keywords people are using to find your site. You'll get some bonus information if you have Google Analytics goals set up. Step 4: Set up Your Campaign in Google AdWords. Google AdWords Tips.

Using Analytics for Design Decisions

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Web analytics is usually left to marketers looking to fine-tune shopping carts, hone in on AdWords, track campaigns, and conduct a whole bevy of marketing tasks. But when a site is undergoing a creative or architectural facelift, it is the perfect time to dive into analytics and make the right decisions. Creative Decisions: Analytics packages can tell you a lot about the technology your audience uses. Looking at your analytics may surprise you.

Nothing succeeds like success, especially with AdWords | Beaconfire Wire

Beaconfire Wire

This AdWords help center page gives the details – last year , Google decided to release this information to the public. And once you get a strong set of adwords with a high quality score, you’ll likely see a virtuous cycle of increasing ad position, lower prices, and more clickthroughs.

Leveraging Analytics for Mobile Marketing and Search Advertising

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Curious about how you can use analytics to maximize ROI of your mobile outreach? Here’s a few key takeaways nonprofits can use, along with a link he provided that will create a custom mobile report within your own Google Analytics setup. By taking advantage of the analytics SDKs, you can track whether people follow through to actually download your app, allowing for calculations of advertising conversion rates (and ROI).

How-to: Use Google Analytics to Track Your Online Marketing Campaigns


You may already know you can use Google Analytics to track your Google AdWords campaigns. Find the Data in Google Analytics . Log-in to your Google Analytics account, and find the "Campaigns" header under "Traffic Sources": You'll see something like this: Everything tagged with Google's campaign codes is lumped onto this screen, so you'll have to sort the information to make it useful. Brett Meyer, NTEN.

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Truth in AdWordtizing | Beaconfire Wire

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Consume some RSS » Truth in AdWordtizing Posted Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 at 10:00 am by John Brian (91 posts) It’s 10:00 pm, do you know where your AdWords are (pointing)? No, not another campaign ad, but a question that non-profits should be asking themselves in light of a new Google policy regard AdWords and redirects. With the display URL comprising one quarter of your AdWord, you can’t afford not to have this vital reinforcement of your brand.

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Why (Almost) Every Nonprofit Should Be Using Google Ad Grants

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The Google Ad Grants program is like Google AdWords, but for nonprofits. Learn more about the Google Ad Grants program on our recently-updated Insider’s Guide to Google Ad Grants , including how to structure your Google Ads account and track your ads in Google Analytics. . . How much would $10,000 a month in advertising change the game for your nonprofit? . No, really. What would happen if 100 Benjamin Franklins were pumped into your online presence every month?

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Care and Feeding of your Website: 3 Free Keyword Tools

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Here are a few free tools to help you out: Google Analytics / Webmaster Tools. If you use Google Analytics, check out the following reports: Traffic Sources > Keywords will show you keywords used on external search engines that lead visitors to your site, then show you what happens once they enter your site. In Analytics, you can set up reports to arrive in your email inbox as a reminder to check back periodically. Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

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Content Strategies for Nonprofit Websites


hyperlinks to all these sites) Tools like Google Analytics,, and can help you analyze what is working and what is not. Choose keywords that you can use on ALL pages by testing them out on Google Adwords. Is your nonprofit looking for ways to improve your website and increase traffic?

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Beneblog: Technology Meets Society

We've just put Google Analytics on the site, and are playing with it. Google Grants ( also did a lot of work on our Google Adwords, and searching for "Miradi" on Google brings up our ad, too. We're piloting our new website, which is our environmental project management software.

Five of Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015


Thanks to Google Analytics, its easy for us identify which ones resonated most with our followers. As a part of Google Grants, qualifying nonprofits can earn a free advertising budget of up to $10,000 each month to use on AdWords to help promote their website and cause. Others that do know, don’t understand how easy it is to get and use a Google AdWords Grant. Is Your Nonprofit using Google’s Free AdWords Grant?

Get the Most out of Your Google Grant


You probably already know that Google Grants gives out free AdWords accounts to nonprofits. With an account, if somebody searches for info on, say "polar bears" -- and your organization is trying to ensure there's an ice cap left for them to do polar bear-y things on -- you can use AdWords to try to steer them to your web site. Advanced AdWords Optimization Techniques for Google Grants Accounts (2/5).

Our 5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014


Thanks to Google Analytics, its easy for us identify which ones resonated most with our followers. In Is Your Nonprofit using Google’s Free AdWords Grant? What were the blog posts that were most popular on the BoardAssist blog in 2014? As the advice our guest bloggers offered in 2014 is certainly just as timely as we start 2015, we thought it would be a great idea to thank our guest bloggers again for their wisdom and republish their great advice with you now!

Google Media = Nonprofit Grants, Blogs, Video and Maps Galore

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Google AdWords. Everyone knows what Google Adwords are but what you may not know is that Google offers Google Grants (see previous rants on how great these are here ) of up to $10K per month to nonprofits to create their own ads and keywords and target them to specific users. To give the audience an idea of what ads can be used for, Google shared just a few tactics adwords could help any given org do including: Solicit donors.

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How to Get a Job in SEO – The Career Kickstart Checklist

Confessions of a Non-Profit Executive Director

With the cost of Google AdWords steadily rising year-on-year, businesses are looking for a more cost-effective, scalable, and sustainable way to increase the number of visitors they are getting to their website. Learn Analytics. There are a whole host of paid SEO tools that you will need to learn the further you go down your career path in SEO, however, a great starting point is to become competent with Google Analytics and Google search console.

Telling Your Story: NetSquared #Storymakers2017 Workshops for Nonprofits

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Naples, Florida: Google Analytics: From Setup to Decision-Making Tool. Laredo, Texas: For Nonprofits: Get $10,000 per Month from Google AdWords. O'Fallon, Missouri: Learn How to Apply for a $10,000 per Month Google AdWords Grant. O'Fallon, Missouri: Learn How to Apply for a $10,000 per Month Google AdWords Grant. O'Fallon, Missouri: Learn How to Apply for a $10,000 per Month Google AdWords Grant. Austin, Texas: Google AdWords for Nonprofits.

How To Create Explainer Videos That Donors Will Love

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Use these platform’s analytics to understand your audience better and the topics they care about. Related Articles: Digital Marketing Plan For Nonprofits: The Definitive Guide (2018) Digital Marketing Made Easy: What To Do When You Have No Clue How To Get The Most Out Of Google Adwords Grants For Your Nonprofit SEO For Nonprofits: A Beginners Guide To Digital Marketing Success 15 Online Fundraising Ideas And Strategies (That Will Get Results).

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Time-Saving Tools and Apps for Social Media Management


The tool also integrates detailed posting schedules, advanced analytics including Google Analytics and insights from Facebook. The feature is coupled with robust analytics and the ability to export reports as well. You can schedule posts, monitor SEO links, assign tasks for follow-up of posts, monitor keywords, run analytics and perform a host of other functions using the dashboard. Social media helps you boost traffic to your website (and your physical office!),

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How To Get More Online Donations With Content Marketing

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According to Google Adwords , “ how to donate a car ” shows an estimated 1,000 monthly searches. This data is pulled directly from Google Adwords, so the estimations are based on actual search results. Next, let’s dig into the analytics of one of these sites, , to see what donor intent keywords they rank for. At the very least, your website should be collecting data from Google Analytics and connecting that information to your Google Search Console.

5 Online Donation Tools to Delight Your Donors

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per transaction , if you fit the application requirements, we strongly recommend applying for a Google Grant , which not only waives processing fees but also sets you up with AdWords, also completely free. This donation tool can integrate with other tools including certain CRM, donor management, social media, CMS, analytics and email tools.

The Ultimate Guide to the Google Ad Grant: 2020 Edition

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Have Google Analytics installed on your website (ideally, we recommend installing Google Tag Manage r as well). Have set up one or more “Goals” within Google Analytics for valuable actions that users can perform on your website (we will discuss this further in the “Conversion Tracking” section below) . Smart Campaigns, formerly known as “AdWords Express”, is essentially a baby version of Google Ads and has far less functionality.

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Improve Your Fundraising Approach and Skills at NetSquared Meetups

Tech Soup Blog

O’Fallon, Missouri: Learn How to Apply for a $10,000 per Month Google AdWords Grant. Paris, France: AdWords Express — Grands Débutants. Paris, France: AdWords – Initiation. Paris, France: Analytics — Initiation. Fall has arrived, and with it comes fundraising season.

Google Chrome OS – are operators going to be standing by?

Judi Sohn

Don’t you use AdSense, AdWords, Feedburner, Analytics, gCalendar, and Docs? I’m sitting here on the train to DC, skimming the 1,000 or so posts and analysis about Google Chrome OS. My opinion: This OS may eat into some Linux market share, but Apple and Microsoft have nothing to worry about yet. Because it will not gain mainstream adoption. Why not? Because Google is not taking customer service seriously enough to support a mainstream operating system.

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NetSquared Mid-October Event Preview

Tech Soup Blog

Online: Online class on Google For Non Profits Grants and Adwords Grants. Peterborough, Canada: Analyze This- Making sense of Google Analytics. It’s getting colder out there…winter is coming. Huddle up with your #nptech colleagues at a NetSquared meetup to keep warm and learn about the latest trends in nonprofit technology. October’s NetSquared Events. Find your closest NetSquared group on our global map.

Resources for Small Staff Associations


WEB/ANALYTICS. Google Analytics Academy –learn Google Analytics for free at your own pace, and even get certified if you want (certification costs I think $50). Infographic of Google Analytics –generates a cool infographic of your site’s analytics. 10k a month in AdWords, Google Apps, YouTube donation modules and more. This post originally appeared on Mizz Information. ————-.

NetCentric Advocacy: Nonprfits Buying TV time via Google Ads?

Network-Centric Advocacy

Advertisers can buy TV spots through AdWords by markets, dayparts, specific programs and program content. The interesting component is that they offer analytics through set-top box such as seconds tuned per impression and the number of people who watched the spot from beginning to end. Advertisers can buy TV spots through AdWords by markets, dayparts, specific programs and program content. NetCentric Advocacy Advocacy Strategy for the Age of Connectivity.

NetSquared Volunteers Help Nonprofits Like You Master Technology

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Ottawa, Ontario: FYI: 3rd International Hockey Analytics Conference. Naples, Florida: Google AdWords for Nonprofits — Successes and Failures. Baltimore, Maryland: Google AdWords and Free Tech Help. National Volunteer Week has come and gone, but I ask you to join me every week in celebrating the amazing contributions of TechSoup's NetSquared community.

Technology is all about the Eyeballs


Take Google's AdWords grant program for instance. Anyone who has spent time in AdWords knows it takes time to learn what a Quality Score means and even more time to find the right keyword that is well targeted but yet drives enough traffic to be worthwhile. My eyeball generating and tracking toolbox: Google Analytics for free web traffic analysis. Google AdWords grant for driving web traffic. Jeremy Heffner, Avencia. [Ed.

How to: Develop an Advanced Understanding of Social Media


Learn Analytics. If you have any intentions of being a social media professional – go out and get your: Google Analytics Certification. AdWords Certification /Partners Program. Social media, as a professional endeavor, is still in its youth; has just started to think about the opposite sex, get hair in weird places, and catch wind of the Hunnic acne horde.

Four ways to improve your nonprofit marketing efforts

ASU Lodestar Center

Also take the time to understand your organization’s Google Analytics data to get a better idea about who is visiting your site. Google Ad Grants is the nonprofit edition of AdWords , Google’s online advertising tool. Google provides $10,000 per month in in-kind AdWords advertising to qualified nonprofit organizations. Consider putting aside some money for Google AdWords even if your nonprofit organization doesn’t qualify for an ad grant. posted by Johann Beishline.

Finding a Community of Nonprofit Technology Experts

Tech Soup Blog

Naples, Florida: Google Analytics and #GivingTuesday. Vancouver, British Columbia: Intro to Setting Up Your Free Google AdWords Account. Vancouver, British Columbia: Google AdWords Hands-on Workshop. What if there was a place for your nonprofit to get free technology support from local experts? What if there were regular gatherings where nonprofit techies could come together to learn, laugh, and network with their peers? Well, there are!

Nonprofit Technology Rockstars: Jason Shim

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Sometimes we even get things first like the Google Partners Program for Google adwords. NonprofitMAR Community: Google Analytics basics for nonprofits: Q&A with Jason Shim. After Jason Shim won the 2014 NTEN Award in March, I thought I’d have a look to see why Amy Sample Ward and company thought so highly of him. He is the first Canadian to win the award, and it turns out he's a pretty great choice. First, Jason Shim is not a famous guy.

Igniting the (Beacon)fire at South by Southwest

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Data Data Everywhere: Drowning in a sea of Analytics. But many organizations find themselves getting bogged down in producing graphs every month, obsessing over drops in pageviews, throwing their hands up on the air, and deciding they don’t have enough resources to maintain this kind of analytics analysis. Stop obsessing about the small stuff, and start learning about creating a goal-oriented, actionable analytics plan that can help your Web site thrive.

Listening Literacy Skills: What keywords or phrases have brought you some insights?

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

If you are using an analytics software program like Google Analytics, run a search engine referral report and see what words people are actually typing into search engines to find your site and try using some of these. Or the Goolge Adwords Keyword tool. Flickr Photo by Incurable Hippie I've been writing a lot about listening through social media channels in preparation for a live workshop for WeAreMedia next month in San Francisco.

Nonprofit Technology Rockstars: Jason Shim

Tech Soup Blog

Sometimes we even get things first like the Google Partners Program for Google adwords. NonprofitMAR Community: Google Analytics basics for nonprofits: Q&A with Jason Shim. After Jason Shim won the 2014 NTEN Award in March, I thought I’d have a look to see why Amy Sample Ward and company thought so highly of him. He is the first Canadian to win the award, and it turns out he's a pretty great choice. First, Jason Shim is not a famous guy.

Member Round Up: Summer Learning!


If you're in the New York City area, Lunametrics is offering an in-person Seminar for Success on Google Analytics & Google AdWords July 23-27th. flickr: adwriter Without year-end fundrasing campaigns to plan for (yet), and just after conference season, summer is usually the time when things slow down for all of us. Which means it's the perfect time to invest in your professional development, and seek out opportunities for your organization.

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