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Crowdsourcing and the nonprofit community

ASU Lodestar Center

Using crowdsourcing, nonprofits can now broadcast their message to a nearly-infinite audience. Post your idea and get advice from professionals who’ve made similar efforts and can offer you 20/20 hindsight. Get advice and insight from your nonprofit counterparts across town or in the Middle East! Crowdsourcing draws together volunteers, funding and brainpower from international organizations and individuals. posted by Coiya Tompkins , Vice President, Corporate.

If we’d had Twitter on 9/11

Connection Cafe

International phone lines were jammed & I couldn’t reach my husband where he was working in France, to let him know I’d flown to LA, and I’d made it. I bet I would have repeated my coworker’s advice in a tweet: “Get word to your parents if you can. My boss gave maternal advice. It wasn’t yet my turn to drive, and I’d have been broadcasting observations all morning, with nothing better to contribute.