Snapshot of Worldwide Electronics Recycling 2013

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Switzerland was the first country in the world to adopt an electronics recycling system is 1991.Things are actually going pretty well in Europe. On the one hand, three countries have the highest electronics recycling rates in the world. In Taiwan, the recycling rate for IT equipment and appliances combined is 82. South Korea also has a developed electronics recycling system that now recovers and properly processes over 75 percent of discarded electronics.

Provide the Nonprofit Voice to America's Broadband Plan


As the United States continues its fall in international broadband ratings, it is clear that our current system, devoid of competition and consumer choice, is putting private interests above the public good. Consumers in South Korea and Japan can get broadband speeds reaching 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) for less than the monthly price a U.S. Adopt Net Neutrality requirements that go beyond the FCC's current broadband policy statement.