Activating the Millennial Generation

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Thankfully, thousands of movements are successfully activating Millennial cause enthusiasts, converting them into donors , volunteers and outspoken advocates for a cause. Consider this: Within the next 10 years, Millennials will be the leaders of your company or organization.

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Going Virtual – An Alternative Volunteer Event Guide

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In light of that trend and all the recent travel upheaval due to COVID – 19, with increasing restrictions being placed on companies and their global workforce, we wanted to address creative alternatives to traditional volunteer events. . Skills-Based Volunteering.

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6 Tips to Retain Volunteers

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Volunteers are superheroes! It’s imperative that you recruit a strong volunteer base and, more importantly, retain their commitment them by valuing their time, effort, and skills. . According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , volunteer rates have been declining over the past decade.

Nurture Online Efforts with Offline Activities

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When we discuss peer-to-peer fundraising our focus often is on the online components; however, the offline activities surrounding our event allow us to improve relationships and connections with our supporters, thus potentially improving our online outcomes.

3 Steps for a Successful Day of Skilled Volunteer Service

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Days of service are one of the most popular corporate volunteer programs. As a complement to hands-on volunteer service, many organizations are now expanding their community and employee engagement programs to include skills-based volunteerism.

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4 Strategies to Increase Volunteer Sign-Up

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While donors are essential for funding your cause, volunteers are essential for supporting its ongoing functions, from day-to-day operations to fundraising event management. Check out the following reliable strategies for increasing volunteer sign-ups: Solidify your mission statement.

Virtual Volunteer Mobilization Strategies That Can Solve Nonprofits’ Challenges During COVID-19

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In-person volunteers are disappearing for key activities (e.g., No way to effectively communicate changes in protocol for key programmatic activities. Nonprofit Nonprofit Management Nonprofit Marketing coronavirus COVID-19 virtual volunteering volunteer engagement

The 6 Hidden Benefits Of Volunteering


As if contributing to a cause that’s bigger than yourself wasn’t reason enough to give your time, volunteering your time to a charitable cause has some hidden benefits, too. If it is so intuitively obvious that volunteering is beneficial to someone, why is volunteering at a 10 year low ?

6 Tips to Know Your Nonprofit Is Ready for Skilled Volunteers

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Engaging skilled volunteers (also known as pro bono service) can be way to solve the capacity challenge. But volunteers aren’t “free” and in order for skilled volunteerism to be effective, your organization must be ready to make the most of this valuable contribution of time and talent.

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Why And How to Manage Your Volunteer Program Professionally

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Volunteers are every nonprofit’s dream. So let’s take it step by step and look at why and how to manage your volunteer program professionally: 1. Volunteer Recruiting. Use volunteer recruitment forms to reach the right people for your project. Volunteer Delegation.

15 Steps to Corporate Volunteering Success

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Do you have a goal to make your company or organization more socially conscious, but are having difficulty motivating employees to participate in volunteer programs? At CSAA Insurance Group, all new hires participate in a volunteer project as part of their on-boarding experience.

Team Building And Volunteering

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If you manage a small business or a department within a large organization, a great way to improve the cohesiveness of your employee team is to engage them in an activity away from the workplace. Engaging in a community service activity is a great example.

From Prospective Student to Active Alumni: Engagement Fosters Lifelong Support

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Faculty engage her both inside and outside the classroom by providing feedback on assignments, encouraging her to step outside her comfort zone to acquire new skills, recommending extracurricular activities , and checking in on the progress she’s making towards her goals.

Creating the Perfect Volunteer Recruitment Page (& Start a Great Relationship)

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When recruiting a new volunteer to your organization, it should begin just like that great first or second date. Rather than dinner at a fancy restaurant or a picnic in the park, that first date with your prospective volunteer is most likely a landing page on your website.

8 Long-Term Health Benefits of Volunteering

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Sponsored by Reward Volunteers. Wherever it occurs, volunteering exists to help others. We did some digging to find out all the reasons why volunteering rocks. Volunteering helps build a strong safety net for when you’re experiencing trying times.

Planning for National Volunteer Week

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This year, National Volunteer Week will be celebrated April 21-27th. Here are some resources to help you plan your volunteer recognition activities. national volunteer week Volunteers

Angels as Assets: The Importance of Volunteer Management Software

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Case in point: one area of data management where many non-profits fall woefully short is in the organization of volunteer assets. And yet a huge majority—93 percent—report that “the most important functionality lets staff track volunteer activities and the number of hours worked.”

3 Volunteer Engagement Lessons Corporations Can Learn from Nonprofits

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But corporations can learn a lot from nonprofits, too, particularly around volunteer engagement. Since nonprofits realize the critical importance of volunteers to help achieve their mission, it’s only natural that they’d have lessons to share about getting the most out of volunteers’ time.

Activating the Generation of Do-Gooders: MCON 2016

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They want different perks from their employers; they donate and volunteer differently from their predecessors; they spend money and get involved and use technology differently than has ever been done before. And the best place to activate this generation of do-gooders is MCON 2016. It’s hard to read a business article or research synopsis today without seeing the word “Millennial” – but why is that?

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3 New Places To Recruit Volunteers


If your nonprofit uses volunteers, which it almost certainly does in some capacity, you’ve undoubtedly at times found it difficult to find volunteers. Sign-Up for Nonprofit Insights for Targeting Volunteers in 2015. Sign-Up for Nonprofit Insights for Targeting Volunteers in 2015.

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5 Ways To Incorporate Mobile Tech Into Your Volunteer Program


Today’s volunteers are tech-savvy, and very busy. So why not engage volunteers where they spend most of their time–on their mobile phone. Check out these 5 tips from , on engaging volunteers and supporters via a mobile device: Text Reminders.

Why Engaging Your Volunteers Will Help Your NPO Thrive

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However, for one volunteer at The HALO Foundation , it is the perfect way to recognize her contributions to the organization. HALO, which works with disadvantaged youth in Missouri and Africa, gives this award as part of a handful of awards at an annual happy hour to honor the volunteers. “We

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How to Motivate Young Employees to Volunteer


From elementary through high school, many students participate in community volunteer projects through their school or extracurricular activities. Generally someone coordinates these activities and students simply show up, are told what to do, and have fun while serving their community.

5 Ways To Manage Volunteers And Get Work Done


A for-profit business with hundreds of paid employees will run differently than a nonprofit business being supported by hundreds of volunteers. Here are a few tips from The Fast Track to help you the next time you’re having trouble getting your volunteers motivated.

Free Expert Webinar: Converting Volunteers From Joiners to Stayers

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Effective volunteer onboarding can lead to more motivated, satisfied volunteers – who not only join, but stay and become actively engaged. Here are details on our upcoming free Expert Webinar about Volunteer Onboarding with Tobi Johnson. webinar Volunteers

How to Motivate Young Employees to Volunteer


From elementary through high school, many students participate in community volunteer projects through their school or extracurricular activities. Generally someone coordinates these activities and students simply show up, are told what to do, and have fun while serving their community.

Tips for Activating a Culture of Wellbeing in the Nonprofit Workplace

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Last month, I was honored to present and facilitate an all-day workshop for nonprofit leaders at the Oregon Nonprofit Leadership Conference on how to activate a culture of well being in the nonprofit workplace, based on my book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout.

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How Small Nonprofits Can Recruit Entrepreneur Volunteers to Their Cause

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He has over a decade of experience directing the financial and planning activities of small nonprofit organizations. _. Your small nonprofit creates new volunteer opportunities. Remember to package your volunteer ask with in-kind donation requests too.

5 Workplace Volunteer Coordination Tips

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I’d like to offer some tips to anyone who is (or could be) organizing group volunteering opportunities in their workplace - be it non-profit or for-profit work environment. Make it Tangible – Look for volunteer opportunities that offer something tangible.

When the F1 Key Doesn’t Work—Attracting and Retaining Volunteers

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Volunteers are as important to nonprofits as technology is to a millennial. So how do you go about attracting and retaining volunteers? Four Volunteer Personalities Your Nonprofit Needs Now. Not one who didn’t want to volunteer and simply got lassoed into it.

Five ways to incentivize volunteers

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One of the greatest challenges facing nonprofit organizations is garnering volunteers and, more importantly, the right kind of individuals. Even though a volunteer may not consider their position that important, it is our job to dissuade such feelings.

Active, Advanced or Averse - Nonprofit Change & Social Media

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The opportunities online are basically free, and if you don't have a ton of volunteers happy to help you, then you're not working on something important enough. with activity over the post. Author: Jordan Viator.

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7 creative ways to say 'Thank You' to your volunteers!


Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings." -- William Arthur Ward Volunteers are the heart of a nonprofit organization. Though they ‘volunteer’ as a selfless activity, one should not forget to appreciate and be grateful for their time and efforts

6 Ways Content Marketing Platforms Can Net Your Nonprofit Volunteers


Chances are good that without volunteers, your nonprofit does not function. The days of the newspaper advertisement, or flyer around town looking for volunteers is over. As a result, nonprofits and volunteers alike are turning to the internet to find, and fill, volunteer opportunities.

CT State Infographic for Volunteering!


Visionlink is proud to provide this volunteer management solution and honored to help empower the time and talents of Connecticut's dedicated volunteers

Happy National Volunteer Week!


This week is National Volunteer Week ! Involving volunteers is a way to reinvest in our Community and strengthen our collective power. NTEN has 11 staff members, but it is the magic and power of Community volunteers that make this organization what it is. Community volunteer

How to Turn Your Volunteers into Fundraisers

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He is an avid volunteer and change-maker. _. Have you ever thought about asking your volunteers to help you fundraise? Volunteers are natural sources of support because they have large networks that can be activated to help grow your nonprofit’s reach. Let’s unpack four strategies you can use to help your volunteers get on track to raise funds and awareness for your organization: Ask Your Volunteers to Engage Their Network in a Fun Competition.

Using Twitter to Build a Community and Recruit Volunteers

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Last week, I had the opportunity to present at the 2011 Volunteer Management for Nonprofits Conference here in New York. Here are my slides from the VMNC: Twitter Basics for Engaging Volunteers.

How to Use Holiday-Season Volunteering to Start a Long-Term Relationship

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For others, when the holiday season begins this year on Thanksgiving, traditions include giving back to their community and volunteering for local nonprofits. You can position your nonprofit to incorporate the giving spirit of people in your community into your volunteer program.

Innovator Spotlight: All Hands Volunteers

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Congrats again to All Hands Volunteers who recently received an Innovator Award for the Best CRM Visionary/Use of Common Ground. The organization is a volunteer-staffed nonprofit that’s dedicated to timely disaster response and relief assistance. Author: Lacey Kruger.

The Break-Up: How to Say No to Volunteers

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Upon hearing her younger sister Primrose selected as tribute, Katniss Everdeen steps forward and volunteers to take her place. Volunteers can also get a similar feeling of devastation when they receive a “Thanks, but no thanks” from an organization they are involved with.

Trends in Volunteering

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Not only is volunteering. valuable skills, older Americans to remain healthy by being active and. There has been an increase in volunteering over the last decade, which may be driven by an increased demand for volunteers from nonprofit organizations. volunteers since 2003.

What's the State of Volunteering at Your Organization?

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The UN's State of the World's Volunteerism Report prompted this post that offers some ideas to consider as you plan volunteer activities for the New Year. volunteer management Micro-volunteering