Flags of Freedom: A Spotlight on Global LGBTQ History and Activism


The month of October is recognized both as Global Diversity Awareness Month and as LGBT History Month. These organizations have a shared interest in documenting LGBTQ activism. At TechSoup, we are dedicated to serving diverse civil society organizations around the world.

Connecting with Black History Through Community and Nature

Saleforce Nonprofit

In 2009, Rue Mapp started a blog to share her experience participating in outdoor recreation activities as a Black woman in America. What role does unearthing and celebrating Black history play in Outdoor Afro’s mission and work?


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A History of How Modern ESG Came to Be


The whitepaper will include the following history of ESG, components of ESG programming, an overview of measurement and management, perspectives from CSR leaders, resources to learn more and stay up to date with trends , and more. .

A Short, Recent History of Nonprofit Website Design and Online Fundraising

Nonprofit Tech for Good

That said, that in 2010 the WWF was active on a large number of social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Myspace, Twitter, Change.org, Care2, Social Vibe and LinkedIn) indicating that they understood the importance of being an early adopter. Nonprofit website design and online fundraising have dramatically changed in recent years due to the rapid rise of social media and mobile communications.

Should Your Nonprofit Be Active on the New Myspace?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

For those who don’t know the history, the @ NonprofitOrgs brand launched on Myspace in February 2005. With all the new tools out there to experiment with, why would individuals and brands want to start over on site with a bad brand name and tainted history? Last year when Myspace announced that it would be launching a redesign, I was very intrigued. Even more so when they released a video last September teasing what the new Myspace would look like.

Goodbye Consulting, Hello Museum of Art & History!

Museum 2.0

As of May 2, I will be the executive director of the Museum of Art & History at McPherson Center in Santa Cruz, CA (here's the press release ). Because of the increased workload I expect in the months to come, as well as the likely possibility that we will start a Museum of Art & History blog, I'm lowering my Museum 2.0 And then I started learning about the situation at the Museum of Art & History (MAH) in downtown Santa Cruz. Museum of Art and History

Your Google Search History — The Fun and Creepy Truth

Tech Soup Blog

Last spring, Google made our entire search histories available for download and viewing. Your Google account tracks your search activity across browsers and devices when you're logged in. Because I like to use anonymous non-tracking browsers like Duck Duck Go or StartPage , my Google search history is spotty, but I was surprised at how much I use it anyway. " Steps to View Your Google Search History. Open google.com/history in your browser.

Will Give Local America Be The Largest Crowd Funding Event in History?

Beth Kanter

iGiveLocal will change that by offering a national competition to local donors, incentivizing the activity with fun prizes and small awards for the influencers’ favorite causes. We don’t want nonprofits to miss out on an amazing opportunity to be a part of history, generate new donors, and participate in an exciting new campaign. Nonprofits and communities are activating their social presence in advance of May 5.

Put Down the Clipboard:Visitor Feedback as Participatory Activity

Museum 2.0

Stacey has been collaborating with local artists to produce a series of content-rich events that invite visitors to participate in a range of hands-on activities. Instead, Stacey thought, why not make the feedback experience an activity unto itself? While I'm sure it repelled some introverts, the performative aspect of this activity encouraged many participants to thoughtfully construct and present their thoughts.

Want to Activate Public Space? We're Hiring. And Some Thoughts on Iteration and Temporary Positions

Museum 2.0

For the past two years, I''ve been working on a project to activate the concrete space adjacent to our museum as a vibrant, community plaza. We are hiring a temporary contract curator to activate the plaza this summer with 25+ cultural events. creative placemaking design Museum of Art and History programs public space After years of community town halls, design, and prototyping, we''re finally starting to build our dream. It''s an exciting, intense, educational time.

Four Models for Active User Engagement, by Nina Simon

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Despite its long history, few researchers studied the use and impact of citizen science until the 1980s. Participants feel like part of something bigger than themselves, but they don’t connect to each other personally as community members. • In collaborative projects, users are invited to serve as active partners in the creation of institutional projects that are originated and ultimately controlled by the organization. Source: Share Your Ideas.

Model 81

Developing a Participatory, Provocative History Project at a Small Museum in Minnesota: Interview with Mary Warner

Museum 2.0

I called Mary to learn more about this brilliant example of a small museum thinking in big and courageous ways about community participation in local history. Like most of our projects here, it’s a case of organic development based on our mission, which is Morrison County history. For example, we’re interested in GLBT and Jewish histories in our County – how do we get those stories? How do we get the history of the poor?

Fun and Public Humiliation As A Social Fundraising Strategy: A Brief History

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

So, NTEN has set up a scholarship fund and has been actively fundraising, asking for cash and frequent flyer donations: Give to the Scholarship Fund. Fun and humor, used in the right way and in the appropriate context, can help boost your social fundraising campaign. A personal challenge typically issued as statement like "if we make our goal, I'll do or donate xyz" can also energize your campaign.

Blueprint Book Club Part 1: How Do You Create a Future-Thinking History Museum?

Museum 2.0

Imagine you've just been tasked with developing an innovative, future-thinking national museum for your country's history. Blueprint is the story of a group of people who tried to create a Dutch Museum of National History (INNL). Still seething from the outcome, they didn't mince words; in the foreword, they state that "the rise and fall of the Museum of National History will be recorded as confirmation of a range of Dutch deficiencies."

Spirituality, Religion and Activism: What's the Connection?

Have Fun - Do Good

"No matter how many projects and campaigns and initiatives and alliances we set in motion, we won't find fundamental solutions to societal ills until we learn how to approach this work with greater awareness, compassion, and humility." - Seasons Fund for Social Transformation Lately I've noticed a small, but steady stream of mentions about the connection between spirituality, religion, and activism.

The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The IMPACT Conference is historically the largest national gathering of student leaders, administrators, faculty, and nonprofit staff committed to engaging students in service, activism, politics, advocacy, and other socially responsible work. This event continues and builds on the legacy of the COOL National Conference and the Idealist Campus Conference, spanning an incredible 32+ year history. It's finally here!

The 6 Scariest Monsters Nonprofit Fundraisers Are Facing This Halloween


Donors want to feel that your organization and staff know and care about them, and the best way to do this on a large scale is to maintain accurate and accessible data, so that fundraisers can quickly and easily view relationship history and important details about a donor. This October 31 st , it’s not ghosts and ghouls that most nonprofit fundraisers are worried about.

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Conviction? Check. Money? Check. So What's Keeping the Arts Sector from Embracing Active, Diverse Audience Engagement?

Museum 2.0

If you asked me a month ago what the biggest barrier was to American arts organizations adopting practices that support active engagement in the arts by diverse participants, I would have said two: money and legitimacy. I've always assumed that slow-moving, big, traditional, white- and upper-class-serving arts organizations are buoyed in their practices by funders who tacitly approve of their activities with their donations.

GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising


Also worth considering: your software should provide easily-browsed and highly-sortable donation history for each contact. Use your donor software data to research Vince’s engagement history and determine what types of calls-to-action he’s answered in the past and try to recruit him for similar things in the future. Ultimately, the aim is to have a new, engaged audience to share stories with and activate to give and/or advocate for your cause.

Donor 141

nfp 2.0 » Online activism in a fragmented world

Rebooting Charity

whitewater widgets yak shack January 9th, 2007 Online activism in a fragmented world Just back from Baristas (terrific vanilla latte) where George and the team proudly sport “Make Starbucks History&# t-shirts (as captured by caffeine buddy Ed Mitchell ). Heather noted how activism “splintered&# to pursue different interests during the 1980s and 1990s. The age of connectivity is yet to make a serious mark on local politics and online activism.

Art and Activism: Olivia Greer and Women Center Stage

Have Fun - Do Good

Working with Women Center Stage has helped Greer to connect her interests in art and social justice activism as well. Growing up in a family of activists, she struggled with how to bridge her art and activism. The play "Terrible Virtue" by Jessica Litwak, which looks at the history of reproductive rights and the legal system in the United States, will also show at the festival. art activism women

Faith Ringgold: 30 Years of Art-Making and Activism and Video Clip on Women Artists

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

She spoke about advocating for women artists in the 1970's and the artistic works that emerged from that activism, like the one below, titled For the Woman's House. " (Listen to the interview for the answer to those questions) My favorite group of paintings were the ones she did in Europe copying the masters and integrating African American history, culture, and icons.

This is What the Participatory Museum Sounds Like

Museum 2.0

The activity is clear and well-scaffolded. A personal history. creative placemaking Museum of Art and History participatory museum usercontent visitorsIt's late in the afternoon. I'm cranking away on a grant proposal, when suddenly, a classical rendition of "All the Single Ladies" wafts up the stairs. In the office, colleagues lift their heads. "Is Is that.?" someone asks. Yup," another nods. We grin. This is the magic a piano in the lobby makes.

Sound 31

Which New Audiences? A Great Washington Post Article and its Implications about Age, Income, and Race

Museum 2.0

One that has found remarkable success is California’s Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. This list doesn't include many approaches that I see transforming museum audiences, like political activism, multilingual programming, intergenerational events, or cultural festivals. On the side of practice, there's a much longer history and body of organizations working on audience age and income diversity than on race. inclusion Museum of Art and History visitors

Want to Work at the MAH? Now's Your Chance.

Museum 2.0

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History keeps growing and experimenting in our quest to build a stronger, more connected community. We've built a community-based, collaborative exhibitions strategy , and we're looking for the right person to bring it to life through great writing, project management, partner engagement, activity design, and event production. Museum of Art and History

MAH Theory of Change, Part 2: A Multimedia Walkthrough for Your Feedback

Museum 2.0

Last week, Ian David Moss and I both blogged about the process of developing a theory of change for the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. At the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, one way we''re answering these questions is with a theory of change. It''s a logical flowchart that connects activities to outcomes to impact. Museum of Art and History social bridging

Audio 35

Building Community: Who / How / Why

Museum 2.0

These are the slides and notes for the talk I gave at the American Alliance of Museums conference on Monday, April 27 about the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. When I became the director of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History four years ago, I took this work with me. We invited community members in, to be active contributors, collaborators, and co-creators in our museum space. At the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History, our community starts with geography.

Build 43

Two Opportunities at the MAH: MuseumCamp and an Incredible Job

Museum 2.0

friends, I want to share two great opportunities to get involved at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History in 2017. Each summer, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History hosts MuseumCamp , a professional development experience that is part retreat, part unconference, part adult summer camp. days of fun, fellowship, and active learning. Museum of Art and History professional developmentDear Museum 2.0

How Do You Inspire Visitors to Take Action After They Leave?

Museum 2.0

it uses art, history, artifacts, and storytelling to illuminate a big human story and an urgent social issue. In C3 meetings, we experimented with different activities related to the weaving. design exhibition Museum of Art and History participatory museum social justiceThis month, we opened a new exhibition at the MAH, Lost Childhoods: Voices of Santa Cruz County Foster Youth and Foster Youth Museum (brief video clip from opening night here ).

The Nonprofit Fundraising Strategic Plan Guide


Here's a brief description of the elements to include in your case statement: Mission + History. You may also want to include any notable moments in the nonprofit’s history, changes in mission or vision, strategic partnerships, and other information you consider relevant to the campaign. Where are the milestones in our history that best display our track record of success and/or history of serving our community?

Guide 213

MuseumCamp 2014: Experiments in Social Impact Assessment

Museum 2.0

MuseumCamp is an annual professional development event at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History in which teams of diverse, creative people work on quick and dirty projects on a big theme. Several groups created projects that were somewhere between engagement activity and research activity. My favorite example of this was the One Minute Art Project group, which rebranded a fairly standard sticker survey into a "fast, fun, free and easy" activity. You run a program.

Introducing Abbott Square Part 4: The Most Important Question to Ask in a Capital Campaign

Museum 2.0

This is the fourth in a series of posts on the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH)'s development of Abbott Square , a new creative community plaza in downtown Santa Cruz. We started to pencil out what it would cost to fill the plaza with great events and art activities every week. Abbott Square creative placemaking fundraising Museum of Art and History

Why We Moved the Abbott Square Opening - A Mistake, a Tough Call, & a Pivot: Introducing Abbott Square, Bonus Post

Museum 2.0

This is the eleventh in a series of posts on the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History ( MAH )'s development of Abbott Square , a new creative community plaza in downtown Santa Cruz. It felt like we needed to lock in a date so we could book collaborators, schedule staff, market the activities, and plan everything. Here’s our new strategy: We’ll host an Abbott Square Preview Night on June 2 as part of First Friday activities. Excited to open. but not quite yet.

Brain 31

Great reads from around the web on May 17th

Amy Sample Ward

million grant from the Stanton Foundation to work with academic experts on Wikipedia articles related to public policy, which could include everything from political theory to legislative history and issues such as health reform and science. " Tags: roundup activism bookmarks campaigning education fundraising internet list millennials nonprofits politics postalicious report research resources slacktivism socialmedia strategy twitter wiki

Web 109

What are Your Engagement Goals?

Museum 2.0

Inspired by Stacy, I wanted to share some of the work we are doing at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History to clarify what we mean by engagement. Connected to our core content of contemporary art and regional history. IGNITING : Inspires excitement and curiosity about art and history. talking about the goals and using them whenever we are planning or reviewing engagement activities. evaluation Museum of Art and History

Goal 38

Teenagers, Space-Makers, and Scaling Up to Change the World

Museum 2.0

This week, my colleague Emily Hope Dobkin has a beautiful guest post on the Incluseum blog about the Subjects to Change teen program that Emily runs at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History. While art, history, creativity, and culture are the vehicles for that empowerment, the teens involved spend a lot of their time with activists, civic leaders, and social psychologists. Subjects to Change isn''t an art club or a history group.

Teen 37

From Mine to Ours - Sharing Ownership of Our Expansion: Introducing Abbott Square, Part 8

Museum 2.0

This is the eighth in a series of posts on the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History ( MAH )'s development of Abbott Square , a new creative community plaza in downtown Santa Cruz. We were developing something that departed from our core services, on a site that we didn’t currently activate, with money we didn’t yet have. Abbott Square institutional change Museum of Art and History professional developmentMAH staffer Sandino Gomez extolls the virtues of Abbott Square.

Upcoming Webinar July 24: Kickstarter, Uber, Airbnb, Oh My! What the Sharing Economy Means for Social Good

Tech Soup Blog

What opportunities are there for nonprofits and libraries to LEAD, because of our long history of shared models and community collaboration? online community Collaborative Economy webinars Online Activism Sharing Economy nonprofits tsevent philanthropy event Legal Considerations tsevents community news Uber, Kickstarter, and Airbnb are part of the new "sharing economy" but what about bringing forth social good? Join us this Thursday, July 24 at 11 a.m. Pacific time (2 p.m.

Participatory Moment of Zen: Diverse Visitor Contributions Add Up to Empathy

Museum 2.0

They diversified the voice of immigration in the exhibition and encouraged people to share their own histories verbally. Each of these activities invited contribution on a different level. design exhibition Museum of Art and History participatory museum usercontent Whoever wrote this comment card: thank you. You made my month.

Platform Power: Scaling Impact

Museum 2.0

Our staff could never produce all this activity on our own. And it puts the MAH at the center of the web of activity, as a valued partner and platform provider. design exhibition inclusion institutional change Museum of Art and History participatory museum programs relationshipsLast month, I sat in the back of a meeting room at the MAH and watched something extraordinary happen. Our county board of supervisors had brought their official meeting to the museum.

Memo from the Revolution: Six Things I've Learned from our Institutional Transformation

Museum 2.0

Over the past two years, the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History has undergone a significant transformation of program, audience, and resources. Our revolution is predicated on three big ideas: Art and history are something you do, not just something you learn about. By inviting people to actively participate with us in co-creating programming, we empower them as creative agents, cultural producers, and people for whom the museum is a relevant, compelling partner.

Participation, Contemplation, and the Complexity of "And"

Museum 2.0

And a good thing, too." --Elaine Heumann Gurian, The Importance of "And" Recently, I''ve been embroiled in local and national conversations about the relationship between active participation and quiet contemplation in museums. Our museum''s vision statement begins with the phrase, "The Museum of Art & History is a thriving central gathering place.". This framing suggests a community-centered approach in which the museum brings people together around art and history.

Five Reasons to Come to MuseumCamp 2017

Museum 2.0

Dear friends, We're about a month from the deadline to apply for MuseumCamp 2017 at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH). The central activity of MuseumCamp is a whole-camp project where we work in teams to make something. Museum of Art and History professional developmentHere are five reasons YOU should apply this year. Dive into co-creative project design.