Ancient Greece 2.0: Arts Participation before the Industrial Age

Museum 2.0

This week, I read a fabulous essay that made me feel a new kinship with the past in the quest to advocate for active audience engagement. They had the freedom--and in some cases, the obligation--to make their own meaning and share their interpretations of art with each other in structured and informal ways. When we talk about making museums or performing arts organizations more participatory and dynamic, those changes are often seen as threatening to the traditional arts experience.

Sheroes You Should Know: Inspiring Stories for #WomensHistoryMonth


While it's infuriating, yet entirely keeping with the times that fellow scientists Francis Crick and James Watson famously took credit for her groundbreaking work on the structure of DNA , what really matters when it comes to Rosalind Franklin is the long line of historic accomplishments in chemistry, lauded research, and contributions to her field that epitomize her lifelong dedication to and love of science. Olivia Bouler's environmental activism started early. she·ro (pl.

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How to Find Your Next Great Board Member

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Consider if your current board, structure, and fundraising mechanisms can help you reach those goals. Not only will your activities change, but also those who carry them out will change, too. The last word comes to us from ancient Greece. Each board is unique, so its members must be too.