U.N. SDGs: Choosing the Right Goals for Your Organization

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In 2015 all the United Nations member states adopted the impact measurement framework which consists of 17 broad goals, 169 targets and, currently, 232 indicators. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are “the world’s best plan to build a better world for people and our planet by 2030” according to the United Nations. When examining the list of the SDGs you find that eight goals could possibly be a good fit.

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How Small & Medium Enterprises Can Support the Sustainable Development Goals

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In 2015, 193 world leaders came together at the United Nations to launch the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) , a universal call to action adopted by all nations to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people can enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030. The goal isn’t just to execute a successful event in Boston, but to develop a cross-company, city-wide model for skilled service in support of the SDGs that can be replicated in other cities across the country.

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17 Goals in 14 Years—This is Impact 2030. Let’s Build a Better World.

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This week is the first anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals —a set of 17 goals and 169 targets to save millions of lives, to protect our planet, and to stop a large range of injustices. Yes, each of us must be willing to accept the role we play in both the problems and the solutions, because activating change is going to take a village. . The Global Goals are for all us: They’re for our neighbors.

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The Future of Sustainable Business: Making the Global Goals Local Business

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A specific focus of the organization is the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Below are a few takeaways I’d encourage you to consider as inspiration for what can be achieved when your organization not only links your current activities to achieving these global goals, but actively maps future activities to these goals, as well. Yet we’re still in danger of not achieving our goals, which would have devastating results.

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Nurture Online Efforts with Offline Activities

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When we discuss peer-to-peer fundraising our focus often is on the online components; however, the offline activities surrounding our event allow us to improve relationships and connections with our supporters, thus potentially improving our online outcomes. Below are some ideas on how your organization can engage your supporters by paralleling some offline activities with those online.

Google Analytics for Nonprofits: The 3 Analytics Goals Every Nonprofit Must Track

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Regardless, setting up the right goals in your Google Analytics account will give you insight into your audiences, and your nonprofit website performance. If you haven’t identified these website goals and tracked them in Google Analytics to determine when, where, and how often they’re occurring, you’ll never know how your website is truly performing. What are Google Analytics goals? For nonprofits, the most important and popular goals include: Donations.

Is Your Nonprofit Half Way to Your 2020 Fundraising Goal$?

Nonprofit Tech for Good

Creating measurable goals with actionable items is vital to a fundraising strategy, and just as important is checking in to see how you’re doing. When using this report though, make sure you identify the status of the pledges to make sure they are all actively being paid.

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Making Small Changes To Reach Big Goals

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“Making small changes to reach big goals is the answer,” says entrepreneur and bestselling author Michael Alden in his book, 5 % MORE: Making Small Changes To Achieve Extraordinary Results. “If If you just put 5% more effort into any aspect of your life, you will not only achieve your goals, you will surpass them,” he explains. Far too often, people become paralyzed when they want to improve their lives, because the effort to reach their goals seems overwhelming,” adds Alden. “Or

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Create the Right Goals for Your Website


Pageviews aren’t the goal. Your goal is the goal. You have to set the right goals for your website. If its goals are focused on increasing revenue, then that’s what you are focused on. Do you want members to buy things from you would your rather have them get value from the products and services you provide so that they’ll become active members? I’ll let you decide what your organization is striving for when it comes to business goals.

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Goal Setting for Your Nonprofit

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If Skip the resolutions and let’s talk about goal setting for your nonprofit. July 1 represents a new fiscal year for many nonprofits, a time to review programs and previous goals to be sure they’re aligned with the mission and to establish new benchmarks. Review the mission statement - cure cancer, end homelessness, provide affordable housing for working families - whatever it is, ask yourself if the programs from last year helped the organization reach its goals.

Goal 54

What are Your Engagement Goals?

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There are many different forms of engagement with many different outcomes depending on your goals, your project, or your institution." In early 2014, we developed a set of five engagement goals: Relevant, Sustainable, Bridging, Participatory, Igniting. We use these goals to evaluate our current engagement strategies, assess new proposed strategies, and guide productive discussions about how to improve our work. We developed these goals through a series of all-staff workshops.

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How Social Media Influencers Fuel your Fundraising Goals


If they know you and care about you, they will help you achieve your goals. Multi-channel Consumers : Active on at least two social network sites, these people make up about 39 percent of all social media users. While they read and watch updates rather than create new content or make comments, they are influenced by their more socially active friends and family.

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Resolve to Improve – 7 Goals for Being Better in 2014

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Over the past eight years, Michael has been specifically focused on the Arts and Cultural marketplace and is an active participant in delivering speaking engagements and contributing to trade publication articles. . However, in thinking about our business of Arts and Culture, can we confidently say we put the same rigor towards our organizational goals and objectives? Successful organizations are using the following themes to set up their goals: 1.

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The 2019 Best Nonprofit Conferences Calendar


The IMPACT Conference is historically the largest national gathering of student leaders, administrators, faculty, and nonprofit staff committed to engaging students in service, activism, politics, advocacy, and other socially responsible work. And paired with accounting, audit, tax, and regulatory and compliance updates from standard setters, the knowledge from this conference will shed new light on how to reach your organization’s goals. It's finally here!

How To Get Started With Mobile Giving To Reach Fundraising Goals

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In this article, we’re going to share: Why nonprofits are investing in mobile giving to reach their fundraising goals. It’s no secret then that nonprofits are shifting their fundraising strategies towards online campaigns to meet their financial and marketing goals. In the next two sections, we’re going to show real use cases of how nonprofits are levering mobile giving to reach their fundraising goals.

Current Online Activities in Asia-Pacific Nonprofits


43% rated their website as very effective in meeting their strategic internet goals. 64% of organisations actively raise funds online. Consider your key online goals and make sure that your website reflects these. Blackbaud has just released the 2010 State of the Not-for-Profit Industry Survey results for the Asia Pacific.

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EveryAction Acquires ActionKit


The team, led by CEO Patrick Kane, is widely respected as one of the smartest software teams serving nonprofits, with deep understanding of the key outcomes for its client, and with passionate commitment to helping nonprofits achieve their goals. EveryAction will continue to be active with acquisitions moving forward. “We Innovative Talent and Digital Product Add to EveryAction’s Rapid Growth. Washington, D.C.,

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2018's Best Giving Tuesday Campaigns


With Giving Tuesday behind us, it's time to highlight just a few of the organizations who ran stellar campaigns, activated supporters, and beat their fundraising goals. Their header clearly states and quantifies the impact that Giving Tuesday donations will have, and a goal thermometer displayed underneath allows donors to see how their participation will bolster the campaign’s progress.

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Make A Plan As Part Of Your Goal Setting

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As you establish goals for your team this year, be sure to include making a plan as part of your five-step process. Keep in mind that those five steps of goal setting are: Set goal Make plan Get to work Stick to it Reach goal Often, too many managers simply tell their team the goal, but fail to map out the specific steps of the plan to reach that goal. Don't let other activities and/or projects derail your progress.

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Mixing Film and Activism

See What's Out There

You’ll get a close look at how these films supported the social change goals of their partner organizations and how they were tied to urgent actions. The great people at Working Films and The Fledgling Fund just announced IMPACT , a new series of videos that discuss how film campaigns can ignite social change. They ask the question we always grapple with: How do social issue documentary films do more than just raise awareness?

GUIDE: Using Donor Personas to Maximize Your Nonprofit Fundraising


Once you’ve done t his, you can then organize your outreach campaign plan, prioritize your resource allocation, and set smarter goals. Ultimately, the aim is to have a new, engaged audience to share stories with and activate to give and/or advocate for your cause. Luna needs some extra nurturing to return to active status and your donor management software offers the most efficient means of winning her back.

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The Happy Healthy Nonprofit Book: Upcoming Activities and Early Reviews

Beth Kanter

Our biggest goal for the book was to raise the conversation about why the nonprofit work ethic is outdated and needs to change and provide some frameworks and tips for change. Credit: Rob Cottingham.

7 Tips to Make Sure That Your Nonprofit Fundraising Event Doesn't Flop


By being well-organized in advance and assembling a well-connected host committee, you can meet your fundraising goals and make your attendees eager to return to next year’s event. Set a Fundraising Goal. Set a goal that is ambitious, yet achievable. Connect the fundraising goal of the event to the real needs of your organization — donors appreciate knowing how their dollars might be spent. Work backward from your fundraising goal to create your budget.

Tips for Activating a Culture of Wellbeing in the Nonprofit Workplace

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Last month, I was honored to present and facilitate an all-day workshop for nonprofit leaders at the Oregon Nonprofit Leadership Conference on how to activate a culture of well being in the nonprofit workplace, based on my book, The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout. This means activating a culture of well being in the nonprofit workplace is even more important to avoid turnover and attract top talent.

Trainer’s Notebook: Integrating Thinking and Feedback Activities

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While I did a pretty thorough participant assessment survey before finalizing the content, the instructional design and creating materials, I always like to get a group understanding of the learning goals and get people ready to learn. This was the first 90 minutes of the workshop, and while content and interaction kept in active learning mode — the next step was a synthesis.

Four Models for Active User Engagement, by Nina Simon

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Participants feel like part of something bigger than themselves, but they don’t connect to each other personally as community members. • In collaborative projects, users are invited to serve as active partners in the creation of institutional projects that are originated and ultimately controlled by the organization. Participatory projects are most successful when you can find the right model for your staff culture, your users, and your goals. Source: Share Your Ideas.

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Making Small Changes To Reach Big Goals

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“Making small changes to reach big goals is the answer,” says entrepreneur and bestselling author Michael Alden in his book, 5 % MORE: Making Small Changes To Achieve Extraordinary Results. “If If you just put 5% more effort into any aspect of your life, you will not only achieve your goals, you will surpass them,” he explains. Far too often, people become paralyzed when they want to improve their lives, because the effort to reach their goals seems overwhelming,” adds Alden. “Or

Goal 20

Our EveryAction Hero: St. John's Hospital Foundation


We have a very active St. As of now, we’re well underway with the campaigns to the point that we’ve raised the goal we set for ourselves from $9 million to $15million and the extra $6 million will help us build not only a larger facility but a better facility. John's Hospital Foundation has been working since 1999 to support St. John's Medical Center.

6 Steps to a SMART New Year

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This year, we’re setting ourselves up for success with a monthly goal. For example, January’s goal is cutting out processed foods. February’s goal is giving up simple carbs. March’s goal is eliminating wheat. By planning a goal for each month and healthy activities for each week, we are much more likely to succeed. Have you set yourself up for a successful new year with your personal goals? What about goals that impact your job?

Achieving Engagement Goals with Email Automation


Automation covers a wide spectrum of possible activities. Most organizations are good at list building and donation solicitation activities (the bottom of the pyramid) and close contact with their most valuable supporters (the top) but the middle is trickier. You know you've heard the rhetoric before: right message, right time.

Goal 39

How Does the Hashtag Fit into your Strategy?

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Where the Ice Bucket Challenge caught attentions with people participating in a fun activity and one upping their friends, current hashtag campaigns take a step back and are reaching broader, beyond a single organization or activity. Susan McPherson, CEO and Founder of McPherson Strategies, joins Blackbaud’s own Rachel Hutchisson in the most recent episode of the sgENGAGE Podcast: A Recipe for Hashtag Activism. Make sure your goal is clear internally.

Mapping Your Online/Offline Activism: Surfrider Foundation

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

One of the slides that struck me was a map that look at the full range of their activities offline and online (including social media) using two data points (numbers of people and ladder of engagement ). The levels of engagement included: stranger, friend, supporter, member, activist and leader. It's a very tangible measure and they have a goal for victories. . How do you analyze the use of social networks/social media in the context of online/offline activism?

Twitter for Activism Tool VS Strategy Debate and A New Twitter Activism Guide

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

There is an inherent tension between strategy and tactical implementation of using social media to support a campaign's objectives or nonprofit's mission, whether the goal is fundraising, marketing, or taking action. Those who are just beginning to incorporate social media into their strategic thinking struggle with: "How do we get to know and understand how a particular tool can help us meet our goals, but not let the tool drive our decisions?"

Want to Activate Public Space? We're Hiring. And Some Thoughts on Iteration and Temporary Positions

Museum 2.0

For the past two years, I''ve been working on a project to activate the concrete space adjacent to our museum as a vibrant, community plaza. We are hiring a temporary contract curator to activate the plaza this summer with 25+ cultural events. The goal is two-fold: to start engaging the plaza as a creative, event-filled, vibrant space. After years of community town halls, design, and prototyping, we''re finally starting to build our dream.

Twitter Promoted Products Engage, Inspire and Activate

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Representatives from these organizations spoke on a panel hosted by Twitter in DC to share their experience promoting engagement and activism through Twitter’s promoted products, an expanding group of products available for advertisers. Just like any “traditional” marketing campaign, it’s important to think about the goals of a Twitter campaign – what are you trying to accomplish?

Your Free, Fun Summer 2010 Big Vision Goal Worksheet

Have Fun - Do Good

After a little hiatus last month, the Big Vision Goal Worksheet is back! Tomorrow is the new moon, a time when I like to revise, or recommit to my goals, dreams, and intentions for the month, season, and year. What are goals you had at the beginning of the year that you need to let go of, and change? As always, I recommend that you start by filling out your 2010 goals first. Then, make your goals for the summer in relation to your 2010 goals.

Goal 50

E-Mediat: Social Media and Digital Activism in the Arab World

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

I got to introduce myself and my role in the project, but the most valuable part of the meeting was briefing on social media and activism. Mary Joyce , who is an expert on digital activism and will be delivering a training on that topic, gave us an overview of how social media is being used for activism around the world.

Conviction? Check. Money? Check. So What's Keeping the Arts Sector from Embracing Active, Diverse Audience Engagement?

Museum 2.0

If you asked me a month ago what the biggest barrier was to American arts organizations adopting practices that support active engagement in the arts by diverse participants, I would have said two: money and legitimacy. I've always assumed that slow-moving, big, traditional, white- and upper-class-serving arts organizations are buoyed in their practices by funders who tacitly approve of their activities with their donations.

Guest Post: Frank Barry: Nonprofit Blogging: Goals, Strategy and Tactics to Crush it

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

What are your goals? We all know that having goals. Without goals you have no idea if your efforts are producing the desired result, no way to know if changes are needed, no way to make the right adjustments and no way to know when to throw a party! Demonstrate progress and success of active projects. How to Create a Blogging Plan and Actually Reach Your Goals This Year by ProBlogger. How you will go about achieving your goals].

Goal 79

How Skills-Based Volunteerism Creates Transformational Experiences

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Then I showed the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and asked if anyone knew what they were, or if they had ever seen them. I explained why the UN created these goals, how they relate to everyone from individuals to large companies, organizations and governments, and why they matter to us. Then, when the UN makes their assessment of progress made toward these goals in 2030, they can know that they helped make a difference.

Skills 148

How Individual Change Agents Can Help Us Build a Stronger Social Economy

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Because if we really get that right, we have the potential not only to accomplish our own goals, but to strengthen the broader social economy. How to Respond to the Rise of the Open-Source Activism. They are active partners in pursuing social good. Social Good Change Agents corporate social responsibility csr Human social responsibility Open-Source Activism Social EconomyThe most radical force for change is the same thing today that it’s always been—a person.

Change 200

Social Actions: 9 Goals for 2009

Social Actions

Below are the 9 goals Social Actions has set for itself in 2009. Through 2008, the novelty of our project was sufficient to make friends in the philanthropy community and affect the conversation about where online social activism is headed. Goal: By the end of 2009, Social Actions will be collecting actions from 100+ sources and distributing them across 1000+ domains. We are looking forward to partnering with you, our community, in meeting and exceeding all nine goals.

Goal 35

Social Actions: 9 Goals for 2009

Social Actions

Below are the 9 goals Social Actions has set for itself in 2009. Through 2008, the novelty of our project was sufficient to make friends in the philanthropy community and affect the conversation about where online social activism is headed. Goal: By the end of 2009, Social Actions will be collecting actions from 100+ sources and distributing them across 1000+ domains. We are looking forward to partnering with you, our community, in meeting and exceeding all nine goals.

Goal 35