Ancient Greece 2.0: Arts Participation before the Industrial Age

Museum 2.0

This week, I read a fabulous essay that made me feel a new kinship with the past in the quest to advocate for active audience engagement. From Conner's perspective, this construction has led us to a bifurcated cultural landscape, in which people seek out active audience experiences outside of the fine arts structure because the passive audience experience is not as satisfying or enjoyable as the alternatives.

Meet the EveryAction Team 2018


We strive to promote a healthy work life balance, that’s why our team hosts things like “social fridays”, team yoga classes, company-wide bake-offs, and other activities to de-stress. It's really great to walk into work every day and know that you have coworkers who are actively making the world a better place. A: My roommate and I are going on a backpacking trip through Greece next week!

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New on SSIR: Are we addicted to Slacktivism?

Amy Sample Ward

According to ABC news : According to the trend-tracking website Know Your Meme , the cartoon fad started with Facebook users in Greece and Cyprus in mid-November. What does this mean for the Child Abuse Awareness Month activities in April – when a specific organization or campaign tries to call on us “for real&# this time?

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Slacktivism: Can Cartoons Raise Awareness or Just Make Us Feel Good?


Whether it started on accident, was part of a specific campaign, or originated in Greece , this meme seemed to really have legs! Most slacktivism-esque activities involve a great deal of self-gratification – but this is common with most viral activities. Did you notice something toony about Facebook last weekend?

Sheroes You Should Know: Inspiring Stories for #WomensHistoryMonth


She took an active role in the independence movement aimed at relinquishing Ottoman rule over Greec e, investing her own fortune into securing arms, ships, and otherwise equipping the soldiers under her command. Olivia Bouler's environmental activism started early. she·ro (pl. sheroes) : a woman regarded as a hero.

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Tips on how to mobilize your supporters


“Recognize people who are active on your behalf,&# Andres urged the crowd. A Mashable meetup in Greece. They recruited an email list of 10,000 people, used data mining to determine which Facebook and Twitter users would be most the most active and created a funnel that let to five or six precinct captains who canvased door to door and organizing house meetings on behalf of a campaign.

Changing the World: TechSoup's Newest Global Partner

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In addition to Syria and Iraq, these are Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, and the Azerbaijani exclave: Nakhchivan. (If Interesting side note: In Turkey they actually refer to "civil society organizations" (CSOs) instead of "nonprofits" since there isn't a legal basis for regulating nonprofit activities. Are you sitting down?! We've got some exciting news.

NTC Boston: Brian Reich: Online Fundraising Strategy

Beth's Blog: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media

Unicef in Greece raised $6 million euros for tsunami. Get Active (best for advocacy, easiest to use email tool) Kintera (big program and lots of features are not necessarily used) Convio (fundraising) Blackbaud. Download brian.wmv. "It's the strategy, stupid." " Brian Reich of Mindshare Interactive Campaigns gave an excellent presentation on Internet/Online Strategies. The video clip of Brian repeating our mantra, "Think about the tools last!" " Here???s