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Symantec Gives Back

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Matching Gifts, Dollars for Doers, and Nonprofit Board Service. Symantec offers a generous Matching Gift Program — up to $1,000 per employee per year — and also rewards sustained volunteerism by making a contribution to organizations where employees volunteer their time through their Dollars for Doers Program. Many of us have worked at companies that offer a small form of gift matching, but Symantec's efforts to promote volunteerism push that to an even higher tier.

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Leadership Development in Nonprofits: Identifying Toxic Signs of Ego in Your Development Space

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This behavior can be identified by a person who says “yes”, but then undermines that statement with tongue-in-cheek comments or actions that can be described as sabotage. What happens between now and the completion of the project needs to ultimately build a team that trusts each other, and passive-aggressive statements and actions do the opposite. She was the license holder and head curator for TEDxMesa, has worked with gifted youth, youth in crisis and children with special needs.

How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?

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Reviewing how much a donor has given you, time of last gift, and how many times they have donated – also known as RFM history – is probably the first stop for any fundraiser to help decide which prospects to contact, with what message, and with which ask amount. She lives across town in a nice neighborhood and is married with two children. Her donation history seems fairly involved with two gifts over a five year span of $550 each to your main annual fund campaign.

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